What No One Tells You About Being Assaulted

(soft music) – It happened to me,
even though I’m a guy. – It happened to me, even though I wasn’t
wearing revealing clothing. – I wasn’t drunk or inebriated. – I didn’t ask for these nightmares. – To be in a perpetual state of PTSD. – Constantly living in
fear of my own memories. – I didn’t ask to feel like a stranger in my own home. – I didn’t ask to be a statistic. – I didn’t ask to become a victim to your predatory bullshit. – And yet, – it still – happened – to me. – It happened to me and
it felt like drowning. I wanted to scream but
couldn’t catch my breath. – My ears will never forget the sound of his soft footsteps. Quiet like a deer’s but filled with volition
and carrying ammunition of the selfish kind. – My eyes will never be able to unsee what you did to me. You know they say that
the greatest visions are those cleansed by tears, but mine were through scratches as you threw the first blow and knocked off my glasses. – And they held me down
like a crashing wave. My neck and back thrashing. The icy chill on my ribs when my shirt flew over my head. My pants came undone and even when I thought it was over I soon realized that the real pain had not yet even begun. – It happened to me even though I thought I knew this person. – It happened to me even though I didn’t know the person. – Even though I cried for help. – Even though I am strong. – Nothing can protect you from what your eyes cannot see behind you. – Or sometimes what’s even
right in front of you. – I thought this was some
shit that only happens in the movies. – But never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that, – It could happen to me. – But it did. – And I remember feeling guilty. – I remember feeling embarassed. – I remember saying, “I’m
sorry,” to my friends before even sharing my story. – I remember the police consistently asking me to repeat it
over and over and over. – How could you not
hear me the first time? – I was assaulted. – Was I loud enough for you now? – And the first thing
I remember hearing was, “I don’t believe you.” – “It’s not that big of a deal.” – “Just stay out of his way.” – “That doesn’t happen to boys.” – “He just has a temper.” – Or silence. – I remember the silence. – Silence was easier for everyone. Easier for them, easier for me. – Easier for him. – But I refuse to stay
silent anymore because I am not a victim. – I am a survivor. – It happened to me, but I will not live in fear. – It happened to me, but I know that I am more
than just a statistic. – I am not damaged goods. – I am healing. – It happened to me but I am not alone. – It happened to us. – Hi! – Oh, hey guys! – Sarah!
– Over here. – We made a series. – It’s coming out November 18th. – Please watch it. – Get it here. – There.
– Over here. – [Girl with white shirt] You got it. I think they got it. Okay. – [Girl with glasses] Bye- bye. – Then you can see it. It will be released 2015, November. Okay.

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  1. It happened to me but I don't want to talk about it.. Its crazy how people say it's cause you wear reveling clothing

  2. You know it's a messed up society when sexual harassment is brushed off like the victim's fault, and never blamed on the person who actually did it, and I'm just so sick of it

  3. I remember reading the body language and facial expressions of the detective as if I was lying. I remember how much worse I felt after making police report because they made me feel like I brought it upon myself. Who do you call when someone in law enforcement sexual assaults you? There seems to be no way to find hope and justice.

  4. I’m 15 right now and almost 16 , I had been sexually Harassed a lot by older guys/men from 3 years to 20 years older than me , I’ve been harassed with filthy dirty sexually words, looks and touches from people I knew and didn’t know, I already have a lot of hate for my body but they made me hate it more .

  5. This happened to me when i was ONLY 13 I didn't tell my mom and my FAMILY FREIND/UNCLE
    He touched me and told me it would fine I told him I didn't wanna do it eventually I told my mom and she took me to the police they had to take photos of me naked he is now behind bars I felt violated and disgusted he did this I still feel that way…. PS I am now 17

  6. It happened to me and yet I'm a happy healthy person who was able to heal. It is possible, my heart goes out to all of you.

  7. I have been suffering from an experienxe for five months, and te worst thing is i consented to it. But inside i didnt, i only did it because eveyone who is ever with me leaves after a short time. So i thought if i forced myself to do these things they would stay. But they left anyway, they left me feeling horrible, embarrassed and disgusted in myself. And i still feel this way. And everyday i have to see them at college. Its all my failt because i consented to it which let them use me

  8. I am 12 years old and i have been sexually assaulted when I was at my friends house. I can stop thinking about it and even though it wasn't my fault i cant help but think it is. i just wish i could talk to somebody who is a victim as well.

  9. when my mom found out that her boy freind was sexually touching me she didint care and didint believe me and she still dated him but the memory still hunts me and i still cry over it almost every night and i know people say that it's not your fault but i still feel like its my fault i remember wanting to die i remember cutting i remember taking sleeping pills just so i wouldn't think of it 😢 and it happened when i was 11 this year in 2018

  10. I thought this was sexual assault. This is physical assault, and that I don't really care. I've been beat up, and it's not that scarring. It's a number thing, that will probably never happen to you again. Anyway good acting (I'm not sure if these people are speaking for themselves or others) I don't trust Buzzfeed

  11. My boyfriend kissed me without my consent and it was my first kiss, I didn’t want it to happen and tried to get away but he didn’t listen and did it anyway. This happened yesterday and I broke up with him today without telling him why. Was I assaulted?😔

  12. Im so glad my ex moved to a different state. Although, it happened a little over a year ago I feel safer knowing hes not near me anymore. He still hasnt admitted to what hes done. But Im learning to accept it.

  13. It happened to me.. even though it was my brother and I still sat and ate dinner with him and continued to live with him.

  14. When I was 12 I went to a girls house and her parents left and she sexually assaulted me I told my mom and we went to court and they did nothing they said that since it was girl on girl it never really happened I was exaggerating it

  15. February 13th, 2015….a day that will be burned into my brain forever. I trusted you. You did it in front of your daughters. You convinced your wife that it was my fault. You made me feel dirty. You should be in jail. I forgave you..not because you deserve it, but because I deserve to have peace…I am stronger than you ever could be.

  16. It happened to me even though I was 10. I am now 11 and told someone a month ago……and i feel guilty from all these dreams and i feel so scared!

  17. I was sexually assaulted when I was 12 and 13, my school did nothing. I was the one who had to move away to be away from him. I blame the school as much as him. He still haunts me

  18. No one will listen but I think my boyfriend sexually assaults me. He touches me places even when I say no or stop, he says I like it rough when I don't. He makes my lips bleed because I try to pull away when he bites me. Every time I get home I end up crying and I can tell no one and I can't break up with him.

  19. I don't really understand, but i feel bad for anyone who was assaulted!!
    I know a lot of people who were assaulted and they don't know how to deal with it.

  20. Shane was assaulted? I'm so sorry. I feel so bad. He always seems so happy and energetic in videos. I never knew

  21. if this wasn’t buzzfeed it would be a good video but this just makes me cringe especially bc i don’t like shane lmao

  22. Is so disgusting how in these comments I see people telling people it’s there fault listen I was 13 in jean and a sweatshirt so u can’t say it’s because of the way I dressed

  23. I was working at a pizza place,gay boss grabbed my penis,I'm 43year old man,afraid to work,then got a head injury from brother hitting me in the head with half full beer can,get meds for headache,also blacked out while urinating months before,and split forehead open,2head injuries in one year,can't work

  24. It happened to me countless times between the ages of 10 to 12 by a family member I feel like it's partly my fault. I'm 19 now and I still think vividly about it, i struggle a lot trusting people. It's the first time I opened up about this.

  25. I was assaulted by my older cousin who lives with me and is 16 but I’m afraid to tell my parents I’m 11

  26. that happened to me when I was 15 and when I was 16 and when I asked my brother why did you do that he said it's ok im your brother and when he first did that he Said don't tell mom beacuse he was scared even though he knew it was wrong and I wanna revenge I wanna ruin his life just like he did when I was young because he used to hit me and twist my arm because he thought that I was doing wrong things that I shouldn't do guys plz help me I need someone to talk to 😭😭😭😔

  27. assaulted by my own step-brothers when i was little, was ignored by my step-mum and dad, i couldn't even bring myself to tell my mum until this year. I buried those memories for years, then they came back out and crushed me, but finally i can stop thinking about it all the time. When something happens to you, tell people until someone listens.

  28. I’m afraid to report the harassment. I’m scared and worried of what would happen afterwards. I often blame myself for being a coward…

  29. i am a 14 year old girl and i know how it feels to get sexually assulted… i got bullied everyday at school bc of it…. but my heart goes out to the ones who were sexually assulted it wasn't your fault…. keep your head up and stay strong

  30. Im sad because I reported the man who sexually assaulted me and he didnt go to jail. He got away with it.
    I dont know what to do, I'm suffering from what he has done to me. Hes carrying on as if nothing has happened.

    I cant stop crying. He ruined me. He ruined my life. He took my body .

    Everything is going down hill. I'm failing all my classes, I lost my job all from depression and PTSD experienced by all of this. I hate the monster who did this to me.

    I was more hurt by the smile and him laughing when he was told hes not guilty. He looked right at me and once again too power over me. Hes living his life happy he got away with sexually assaulting me.

    I will never be the same person again

  31. So the entire cast of buzzfeed has been assualted hmmm oh well this is what happens when u collect all delusional under one roof

  32. Please someone help me. I need questions I think I was raped by my brother. I was 9 and he was 13. Please help me! 😞😞

  33. i was sexually assaulted twice, first time 2 years ago and the second a year ago. recently i had a friend who kept trying to touch me and kiss me when i kept repeating no , he wouldn’t listen to me and the minute i got home , all i was reminded of was the trauma. now i can’t eat or sleep , i dream of being sexually assaulted every night but different versions of the situation. i have lost my peace of mind once again and im struggling to find it back. i don’t know what to do or how to help my mind feel at ease.

  34. I'm fourteen and have been sexually assaulted it was actually in October and it was one of my rare good days. I was in Walmart with my mother wearing a pair of jeans and a crop top that showed less than a centimeter of skin my mom noticed a man was following us but said nothing of it not wanting to alarm me since I already have PTSD from previous events. We just got in the long checkout line and it was very crowded this man at least 60+ years old rubbed himself against me I thought nothing of it, I said excuse me and moved more towards my mom thinking it was just an accident since it was crowded. He continued staring at me watching me and my mom looked at me and I said he accidentally rubbed against me that's when she went full alarm I remember standing in that line while employees and the manager ask me questions and security look for the man while people around us listen in looking at me in shame I was so embarrassed. I was so thankful I wasn't alone but at the same time, I was upset because it still happened. Sitting in my car with my mom I looked at her and I was angry because no matter what I was wearing the way I walked or the way I talked I shouldn't have experienced that. I still haven't let myself take in what happened that day.

  35. I remember a sleepover with all of my friend and I, all female and I remember sitting there. After a long talk someone brought up sexual assault in which one by one of them confessed about being a victim. Never would I have imagined that a 1/2 of the girls in my class, not including that guys, that was exponential as well, would have been sexually assaulted by 13. When will this world change?

  36. When I first saw you I didn’t know. When I first felt you I didn’t know. Once you first told me I stayed quiet. When you first touched me I shut my mouth. When you told me it’s normal I believed you. And when you finally left me in pieces I could never put myself back together.

  37. It happened to me even though I was eleven. Even though I hadn't gone through puberty. Even though it was with someone I thought I could trust. Even though I wasnt wearing revealing clothing. Even though I prayed that it would stop. Even though I thought it would never happen to me.

  38. I was allowed to be sexually assaulted by a gay man in the Navy. I was not really aware of what had happened either. My cell phone was accessed by someone or somebodies who threatened personal harm to me if I did not comply. I wanted to press charges but was told by an unknown assailent, that if I did not one would believe me. They would violate my probation, and say I was a violent offender. Through my phone they told me they would say I used and sold drugs, they’d say I was a pedophile and could at any moment plant 800 files of kiddie porn in my phone, and they’d destroy my credit. I wanted to get rid of the phone but if I did, I’d have thrown away the only evidence that could save me. It was an incredibly terrify situation. It was like a conspiracy nightmare, the people who did it affiliated with Fox News station. During this attack because it was, they claimed there News station was hacked into. I complied with demands except for one. I had say I agreed to sexually acts with someone. Which I did not, I felt incredibly guilty because the truth is I did not concent but I feel I should have able to have stopped it before it got out of hand like it did. I did not concent, and because of this experience I lost everything. My phone screen was being manipulated like when you give the computer company permission to access your device to install software or fix a issue. It was like that but on my cell phone and I had not idea who they were, I have better understanding now. I’m sorry these people were victimized, it is a violating helpless feeling. Embarrassing and negative in all aspects. Good luck and God bless you.

  39. It happened to me when I was 11 by my uncle…. he even wanted a relationship with me even though hes so much older than me…… I now have PTSD, anxiety, and depression…. on top of all that…. my siblings bully me…. and my mom just tries to tell me I'm overreacting….. my dad is the only one who truly cares for me….. I have been hurting myself…. I also just feel like if I end myself…. life will be better for everyone…..

  40. It happened to me… even though he was my best friend. The case turned into a cold case, and now I have to see him at school.

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