What to Expect in Battlefield V’s War Stories

[Julian]: Hello and
welcome to GeForce, we are up EA’s headquarters
here in Redwood City and we are going to
talk about Battlefield V. So I have with me Eric,
and we are going to talk single player today,
and this is all your territory. What did you do
for Battlefield V? [Eric]: Well, I get to work with
a team on the War Stories. So we conceive of them. We work with those
specialists to realize from everything from original concept through final level design
and realization engining. [Julian]: This was
something that was also in your previous game Battlefield 1. [Julian]: Which you worked on those as well right?
[Eric]: That’s right. [Julian]: And I, for one,
enjoy single player a lot. The first set of War Stories
have theses fascinating tales of heroism, and people
put in difficult positions. What was your approach to
stories here in Battlefield V? [Eric]: We created
a new format with Battlefield 1, it’s what we call an Anthology
format, so multiple short stories. And what that did is that it let us
really free up the creative approach for world building. World War I is not a well worn
subject in the modern media. We were going to teach people
about what World War I was. With Battlefield V it’s
different, and a lot of people have a lot of fixed ideas
of what World War II is. They’ve played a lot of games
there and seen a lot of movies. Our challenge was, we wanted to
take them to places that were new, and new parts of the war
that they hadn’t seen before. So, for example, the very first war story we went out there with
was one called Nordlys. Which is about
the Norwegian resistance. It feels like not a lot of
people outside of Europe know about that,
so it’s a really big opportunity to take people somewhere
they haven’t been before. The events are new to them,
and also the whole story for example is told in Norwegian,
so that’s new as well. We are not dubbing
the stuff into local languages, we are going to play
these stories in the original language. [Julian]: Our first war
story that I’ve been playing today as a matter of fact
takes place in Norway. What’s the story you’ve
built here in Norway? [Eric]: We have a
mystery story tying into some of the feels you get
from a lot of Nordic Noir mystery TV that’s out there. We have a tale set in the north
of Norway where there is a power plant with something
sinister going on inside of it. We are drawn into it at first
because a member of our family has been taken by the
German Occupation Forces, but we get sucked into
something much bigger. And that’s part of the story
you’ll experience in the game. [Julian]: We’re going
back to North Africa in this tale as well. What’s going on in North Africa
that we get to be a part of? [Eric]: In North Africa we join one of the very earliest recruits
of the British SPS. What these guys do is they
insert behind enemy lines, gernerally in these
two man canoes. Then they go and create
havoc behind enemy lines destroying material, destroying
resources, destroying vehicles. And then they get back into their
canoe and bugger off. [Julian]: The thing that’s
so fascinating and great about Battlefield V is that there
may be these more niche areas and conflicts that to us we don’t
think about very much, but to these people that lived
them they are very important, and they were life
and death situations for all of them. It ended up helping
in the war effort in their own way. Tell me how many War Stories can
people play when the game launches? [Eric]: We are launching
with three War Stories. We have Nordlys,
our Norwegian noir story. We have Under no Flag,
our British SPS commando story. We have Tirailleur,
a French Colonel all out infantry epic. Finally the Prologue
to the whole game. You’ll get this intense introduction to
our vision of World War II. [Julian]: You guys can
check out all of Eric’s work when Battlefield V launches. Until then,
stay tuned here to GeForce because we are going
to be covering that and lots more. We’ll see you next time
here on GeForce.

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