What words are related to Japanese seniors?

The three… generations was it? G: The three stages of life
K: Stages! When we were making this topic… “Teenage years, middle age years, senior citizen” lol It just had a weird feeling to it. I’m not judging, I was just saying the proper Japanese. Yes. Right? I wonder? I think you’ll have a good old age. Okay, we’re starting with me. K: But in this case, I wonder if it would’ve been better to write “yakudatsu” That’s why I feel like, will I be of use? I also… My job is, if I had to say something, writing textbooks isn’t it? I don’t wanna hear it! K: Thank you✨ Huh, what did you say just now? A, B, C? You could probably say I’m weird, but… You had piercings from a long time ago… But “unique” doesn’t really mean “weird.” I know I know K: Like you have distinct features. Almost all Japanese have this uniformity, Right.
everyone is the same, like, they don’t want to stand out. Right, it’s incredible isn’t it. My personality is like the average Japanese person. Right right right. K: I don’t think I’ve heard of it. *the same thing, but in Japanese* (You can’t judge a person by their appearance). Social justice is kind of like, that thing isn’t it? It’s a little like PC isn’t it? Because obviously you had this hair, and when you pierced your ears, I’m thinking that maybe a lot of people judged you by your appearance. When you were young and were judged like that, how did you handle it? I didn’t really have that kind of situation. You didn’t? Did you feel oppressed? Maybe just the “if you do this, it’s bad” kind of oppression. Like “if you do this, you’re not normal.” “As for ME 💪” Just, because you have that style, it’s not your personality, it’s your style that’s like this. That’s why, that style is… atte, n, sek… What do you say? K: My personality doesn’t match the style? There’s a lot of people who think “if they have this style, their personality will surely be this way” but, You, how do you call that… You don’t fit that stereotype. Yeah, it might be like that. It’s like, That’s horrible! THIS IS AMERICA! 🎆🦅🇺🇸🦅🎆 You were the nicest, so I thought you would be good, but Mari’s… Right, she was a cute airhead. Yeah, we did my card. You can say like
“maemuki na shisei” (a positive attitude). I just said it, but that… When you “intai” You already… it wasn’t “intai,” what was it… “intai” is like “give up” right? K: For example when athletes retire you can say “intai” I get that I do the same thing! You almost said Korean again lol Yeah really So- You start to reminisce a lot, right. I don’t want to do this. When you get older, you start to dwell on the past… “ushiromuki” is a word, right? Did I create this? “ushiromuki” is a word, but, I wonder if it has the same meaning. It’s the antonym for “maemuki”… I wonder… I wonder if “koukai” isn’t a little different? Right… That was a difficult word, wasn’t it. Sorry. This one is a little… not interesting. No it’s interesting. This is George’s comment desu That’s right. That’s right. There’s two kinds of- Ahh… then, It’s probably thanks to Japan Rail I don’t think you get THAT much. But the people getting it now, So there’s that thing… Um… Now, people who have babies are quite… There’s none! (few) There’s (few), but they’re getting assistance from the government aren’t they? Ah, yeah. K: Right, it wasn’t there before! If this is 100 yen, it’s 100 yen at the register. Yeah, that’s right. But even if they do that it basically balances out in the end. *sound of Kaori deflating* It’s kind of like that. America has the same problem. It’s a pretty relaxed feeling today isn’t it. It’s like… we’re having fun and chatting a lot. Why do you have that?! He has “iranai” written! Ah, yeah that’s right… If you say it like that it might be the case. He told me “Since you’re a man, don’t say “kodomo wo unda”, you need to say “kodomo ga umareta.” Why?! That’s scary… There are people who say “dankon sedai”, but “dankai sedai” is correct. Oh, this wasn’t the ground radical? Ah, right, it should be the ground radical. This is right. “dankon” Eh… was it “dankon”? I wonder if it’s “dankai”? So on my cheatsheet, this “babyboomers generation” had the biggest baby boom. After that I don’t really know, but, after that was shirake generation (1970s) shinjinrui (younger generation who have different ideals) K: bubble generation, this was when you were in Japan.
G: Yeah I was in the Bubble Generation After that is “dankai junior” Which is this generation’s younger generation. “hyougaki” generation (Ice Age generation), after the bubble economy collapsed. Yeah you won’t use these. “What generation are you? From what year to what year…” G: yutori generation VS baby boomers
K: Right! Nooo, “daikon” is awful… It’s that sad? It’s sad. If I really think about it, my grandmother passed at 62, but she had a boyfriend. Until she died, she had an apartment she took care of, she was driving, she was going to Bingo every Friday, G: Conversely, you want him to die first, right? K: But we don’t really say it. K: But maybe “shi” 死 is more like “dead” in English (very delicious) I was waiting the whole time. Seriously. I’d just go home. What’s wrong? Did something get in your eye?

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  1. A couple of years ago I tried to translate my name into Japanese from Turkish literally and thought those words would represent my name best. My surname means steel in Turkish, that's why I used Hagane there, It is not from an anime, sadly.

    By the way, an episode on Japanese surnames would be great. Thanks!

  2. I totally dig the smart/casually outfit you're wearing! What's written on your t-shirt? Also the subs "Same thing, but in Japanese" were funny 😀 Talking about "corporate jobs in Japan", I read an article like two weeks back that Japanese women are forced to wear high heels in the office and are not allowed to wear flat shoes that would still be considered appropriate in the west. George, you're still in your forties, i. e. not that old. If you turn 70 you can start asking yourself whether your good days are over. "Radish generation" xDD Great video!! <3

  3. Just asking because this is the newest video xD
    Im currently working with japanese from zero 1 and I wanna know what your recommendation is. Like how fast should I finish each book?

  4. George realized murica is full of SJWs hahahaha. Probably the worst movement in existance, not because it isnt just but because it makes a lot of stuff way more complicated than it should be.

  5. Hey George,
    could you make a video where you analyze a video of the channel „Watercolor by Shibasaki“. It‘s a lovely old Japanese man who draws paintings. The videos have also premade Japanese subtitles!

  6. Abortion in Japan is typically 11 weeks and less. It is "restricted" for health, rape, poverty, ECT… Contrast the USA which is unrestricted for any reason and in some states now abortion can be performed up to 40 weeks gestational period… basically a baby being born. If it has not passed through the birth canal, it can still be terminated/killed. Each state in the US, however, has its own laws governing abortion. And as far as reasourees for pregnant women and women with babies, there are many resources. Some from the federal government such as unlimited free health care for children aka Medicaid. Free childcare …but there is always a wait list, free clothing, food and housing assistance from public and private organizations. Not sure where you got the idea that there is not assistance for new parents. Typically there is an income bracket… perhaps there is where the misconception came from?

  7. So having muh weapon (矛) and a shield (盾) in June makes a contradiction? (むじゅん) Whoa!
    Thanks for another Topics Mania!

  8. I'm glad kaoris the one that stuck around. The others were pretty funny but I like the extra little observations and stuff she throws in

  9. This series gets better every episode, so don't worry about having the best days left behind. And as always I will be waiting for the next video.

  10. 28:54 Well actually Kaori and George, you should not use ひひまご. Perhaps most people can understand what you want to say though 😏.
    Please use やしゃご(玄孫) instead of it.

  11. Hey george, Ive recently started learning japanese and I stumbled upon your book series and want to purchase them. Sadly shipment of your physical books from amazon is super expensive and Im having to buy the digital ones. One problem is that book 3 and 4 are not available on kindle. Is this intentional or a problem with amazon, because it would be unfortunate if I cant buy those ones. Thanks and looking forward to your response.

  12. Dude my Japanese is AMAZING and anybody who doesn't know Japanese, also doesn't understand this joke. Feel welcomed.

  13. George, you should just own that your old, and express it. No one can tear you down, because your more respected as an old polyglot that's done a lot, than a young person.

  14. George, I've watch your videos throughout the years and I am used to you sometimes having a rude, yet comical personality. However, in this video, you show some very heartless moments which you seemed not to be joking around. First, you talk about Mari, who co-hosted with you many, many tines and who I thought was nice and you here described her as an "airhead". What if Mari was watching this video? Then you talk about how you and John won't even visit your fathers who live in the same city. Really? You that big and famous and busy for you to take a moment and visit your father for lunch or something? No, you're not. Hard to continue trying to learn from someone so heartless. 非人情

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