When a sniper is baiting you out

*pew pew* *pew pew* Rowan! Rowan! Rowan! Please help us! Rowan! revive us! I can’t come and revive you, I can’t! Rowan we’re gonna die! The reason he hasn’t killed you, is to try and bait me out! Honestly, honestly, he might have been watching us for a while but would be bored now! Please! You’re too exposed! Stop being so selfish, and come help us! No i’m not being selfish, because if I come out and revive you, we all die Stop being so selfish Rowan, you just want to take all our stuff I’m not being selfish! Rowan we’re gonna die! we’re gonna die Rowan! I guarantee you if I come out and try to revive you, then he’ll kill me Rowan stop being such a pussy! GOD DAMMIT! GOD DAMMIT ROWAN *Multiple calls for help/anger* FINE! Fine! here we go! Fine! I’m gonna walk over to you Quick i’m nearly dead! come to me first! Quick Revive you, here we go like this! and im starting and now that i’m nice and still, he’s going to shoot me! See it’s fine, he’s gone! *BANG* One more Game? One more game ok, yeah, i’m ready i’m ready lets do it! Ready up! *PUBG music*

100 thoughts on “When a sniper is baiting you out

  1. See if I get down i won't just stand still I try to get to my living team mate and if I know I wont make it I make them fire and shoot as much as they can so they get shot by another player

  2. When you realize Rowan is holding an MP5 which hadn't been introduced by PUBG at the time that this video was made…

  3. Make it 1 million fast can't wait anymore,
    have watched almost your every pubg logic videos and found most of them awesome
    Keep up the good work!!!!

  4. It's my 2nd time watching this after many months, i watched it when it wad uploaded but i just realized they predicted the mp5 lmao

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