When the words don’t come out right

Starcraft 2 requires way more skill than Dota 2 I mean in [Dota] you’re controlling one unit you got to think about getting Last hits so you’ve got enough gold to buy [better] items. I mean in Starcraft 2 you can control up to 200 units 200. I mean you’ve got to think about infrastructure [battle] plans harassment Defense positioning of units and buildings So while I respect your opinion, and I respect you as an individual. I’m going to have to disagree sir oh Alan You know how we were talking about Starcraft 2 and Dota 2 the other day? But yeah, I was thinking about I like so with with like dota 2 and so the basic Starcraft 2 okay So you know you’ve got that you’ve got to get the Fuck you. Dota 2 sucks! Oiy Oiy Rowan No, no, no no no No, no, no no Get some skill! NoNoNoNoNo Rowan! You can’t just keep running off. You’re the manager

70 thoughts on “When the words don’t come out right

  1. I want to believe that instead of remastering the video, the fine folks of VLDL painstakingly recreated this Bored episode scene for scene.

  2. It was great to have a bit of a throwback. It's a good thing to care so much about a video that you're willing to update it.

    Been a fan of you guys since the music videos. I would be super happy if you would put my name in Epic NPC Man. But if not I understand.

    Name is VOKE

  3. I always thought the managers wore the black shirts and everyone else wore the red? Are other videos following the manager in the black or am I just tripping?

  4. this happens to me way too much. I LITERALLY can make my arguement perfectly.but when I finally confront someone I become that damn mess LOL

  5. i jist realised i forgot to like most of your videos so thats what ill be doing now , cheers to you for making my day

  6. Question for dirt league! Did you change stores in this series or did they upgrade the store mid way? Because it's pretty cool how you can see the difference to the store at the start to the end!

  7. Shits funny classic vldl keep going strong guys an keep making berry clips I laughed so hard I cried the other day lol epic shit mates epic shits

  8. but wait… its episode 1 and rowan is the manager even without his black shirt? instaed its allan that wear it but he is not manager…

  9. In StarCraft, you can have 200 SUPPLY worth of units. Two Zerglings make up one supply. You can control up to 400 units in SC2

  10. It's funny how that works. Since in MOBAs you only have 1 unit, you can control it much more skillfully than you could if you were controlling 200 units. Basically it always evens out

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