What i’m about to tell you may be triggering Viewer discretion is advised. There are those who know and there are those who don’t. All over the internet I can see this question. A question I asked 3 years ago. A question I now know the answer to. What is happening y’all? This is Little-Jacob calling in and today I figured we will be taking a look at where you can buy your very own set of Stormtrooper armor. The First shop we will be taking a look at is RSpropmasters. Located just Outside Manchester, England, RSpropmasters offers a wide range of high quality props and costumes made to suit you. The store sells Stormtrooper, snowtrooper, boba fett, tie pilot, sandtrooper and Shadow trooper costumes all made to suit you. So if you’re on a high budget and looking for that little extra, this is the place. WARNING! If you ever see this picture on an ad for stormtrooper armor don’t fall for it. This sh** is expensive and not worth the money. Stay away from rubies. It will ruin you. Next on our list is Jedi-Robe.com. Located in London, jedi robe is the place for you who’re looking for a high quality Halloween/ Cosplay Stormtrooper armor. They also offer costumes for kids but not of the same quality as their Stormtrooper kit. Last on our list is OriginalStormtrooper.com aka Shepperton Design Studios. Located in Twickenham, England. Shepperton Design Studios offers a wide variety of props and movie memorabilia. Whether you are a costumer or a collector, you can be sure that SDS:s products are as close to the original items seen on screen in Star Wars ANH as it’s possible to get. Shepperton Design Studios also offers a Stormtrooper battle spec combo made for you on a lower budget but still wants that wear ability for conventions and collectability. That’s it for today. I hope you will now stop asking the same question all over the internet where a Stormtrooper is involved and I’ll see you next time. Little-Jacob signing off. (inaudible)

30 thoughts on “Where to buy STORMTROOPER ARMOR

  1. It should be mentioned that you cannot get armor from shepperton if you live in the United States due to copyright laws

  2. Warning!
    E-bay is the wrong answer because you may find an unconscious stormtrooper inside. Yeah stormtroopers don't die just get 3rd degree burns and knock out.

  3. Well i FINALY now know how to get a StormTooper armour, I've kinda wanted it for a while….But aww, MAN! They cost so much money 😧 well atleast i know how to buy them, Thanks 😉

  4. I got some question about the suit:
    1: Can you see in the helmet
    2: Can you Breathe good!
    3: Can you run in the suit
    4: Can you aim XD
    (You don't have to answear that last one, unless you want to of curse)

  5. another good site is RWA creations he is on Facebook he will build the armour for you he does storm troopers tie pilots and much more

  6. Just an update, the Battlespec Mega Combo Deal for 2018 is now Acrylic Capped ABS 2.0 & now cost £749.

    This is what I bought two weeks ago. 😁

  7. Maybe a dumb question so I'm looking at rsprops but I don't see American price can I still purchase with my debit with American Money?

  8. Any idea where to get one in Canada/North America? All these websites listed are in the UK and Canadian import fees are ridiculously high.

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