Who is Maraad? – World of Warcraft Lore Lesson

Hello guys this is Doronsmovies and welcome
to yet another World of Warcraft lore lesson. In this video I will be giving you the lore
of Maraad, or Vindicator Maraad who is one hell of a confusing character and until recently
he was pretty much a nobody in the game, don’t get me wrong he was still kind of important
in the lore, he had some minor roles in the comics and all of that but in the game he
was just kind of a regular npc who didn’t really have all that much of a story to him
and most people remember him as the guy from the burning crusade cinematic, but there wasn’t
really all that much important stuff about him. And now in Warlords of Draenor he is
developed a lot more until his death which happens kind of surprisingly fast. So let’s
not waste any more time and let’s get into his actual story.
So as we knew before and now from the lords of war video, Maraad was on Draenor before
it was destroyed and he played an important role in the entire thing. When the orcs were
corrupted by the Burning Legion and they made a massive assault on Shattarath city, Maraad
was there, on top of the wall. He witnessed terrible acts of brutality as his people were
slain like it was nothing at the hands of the orcish horde. Meanwhile he recieved the
order to take the last refugees to safety so that the same thing doesn’t happen to them,
and of course he obeyed the order and was leading them until he ran into a couple of
orcs. He went emotional and the anger inside him got the better of him and he told the
refugees to take the path alone as it is safe and that he will be right there. Meanwhile
he ran rampant as he slaughtered the orcs, although the one he saw below him before while
he was on the wall, made a dent in his hammer that is still there today. Now once he was
finished with killing the orcs he ran to the refugees only to realize that the path wasn’t
safe and that the Light wasn’t with them, and thus he fell into a great depression and
kind of forsaken the Light. Another thing that also happened on Draenor
is that his sister was captured by Gul’Dan in order to be used as an experiment. He used
her and an orc warrior in order to make Garona Halforcen, whom he later enhanced in order
to become older. She was a mix between a draenei and an orc but surprisingly enough resembled
a human, and thus the orcs thought she was gross and all of that. She was also obedient
to the Shadow Council through magic as well. Maraad didn’t really know anything about Garona
until he met Khadgar who filled him in with all of the information of what happened to
her from the moment she passed through the Dark Portal to the end of the Second war.
Now on the completely other side as explained in the comic, she was corrupted by Cho’Gall
who used the same spell that Gul’Dan used on her before to force her to do things against
her will. He ordered her to go to the peace summit that was happening in Theramore with
Rehgar, Thrall and Garrosh and Varian and he told her to kill Varian Wrynn and also
Anduin and Thrall as well, but Varian was like the main target, so she had to get him.
She was captured in the end by Jaina Proudmoore but Maraad secretly freed her and thus explained
to her that he is her uncle and he also told her what happened to her mother, or his sister.
Later on he became the founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal, even though that
kind of didn’t last that long as people just went their separate ways and he also
began to teach Med’an the ways of the Light, because after all he is the son of his sisters
daughter. Now those events kind of happend a bit before
the Scourge attack and once the entire Arthas thing happened he assisted the alliance in
Wrath of the Lich King expansion in the fight against Lich King as he was stationed aboard
the Skybreaker, the alliance gunship and he also served as a Vindicator in the Valliance
Expedition. He only came back to Azeroth once the Cataclysm
began and he was kind of surprised to see the human refugees in Exodar who came there
because the Shattering, like the entire world being destroyed and he was also surprised
to realize that Velen refused to meet with anyone in weeks. The situation was dire, because
Exodar their city is actually a spaceship, and they crashed there before The Burning
Crusade and pretty much their original plan was to fix it and get out of there, but the
things were a bit different as they joined the Alliance and they were involved in a lot
of things and they helped the Alliance. They had a few choices, either travel the universe
and find other worlds, go back to Outland and repair it and help the lost souls who
are still there, or they can help the Alliance and stay on Azeroth. Now they finally decided
to go back to Outland and just as they were about to go the human refugees started to riot
and just as it got pretty bad Velen finally came in, stopped the fight and said his final
decision. His decision was that they are going to stay on Azeorth, no one would actually defy him
except Maraad who stepped in and said that he wanted to go back to Outland as that is
where their actual fight is and they have no place in Azeorth. And then after that Velen
explained him that their fight is pretty much everywhere and that they have an important
role in Azeorth and that Azeroth needs them now more than ever because he needs to prepare
them for the final battle against the shadow, and that final army of the light and all of
that. In a sense it’s pretty much a hint for the final burning legion invasion that is
going to happen probably sometime in the future, no one really knows what it’s about, but its
been mentioned for quite some time now, probably for 4,5 years and I feel like it will be the
final Burning Legion invasion. Later Maraad made an apperance in the short
story called the Untamed Valley which happens after the Siege of Orgrimmar as he is transporting
an orc war criminal. The story in my opinion isn’t really all that interesting, I mean
after all it’s a short story and it doesn’t have all that much lore or significance but
I will link in it in the description below if you want to read it and see what is going
on as it’s free on the official world of warcraft website.
Now after that the Iron Horde began it’s march on Azeroth as Garrosh escaped and all of that,
and as explained in the Lords of War mini series, Maraad met with King Varian Wrynn
who was not exactly certain that he could stand against a threat that killed his father
and pretty much completely obliterated Storwind in the past. And then Maraad pretty much told
him his story and told him that he knows all of these Warlords and that they are not invincible
and that he needs to sign the declaration of war on the Iron horde and that he will
be the first one to stand with him and gladly give his life. After that Varian agreed and
they went to war with the Iron Horde. Now their first destination was the Blasted
lands as the Iron Horde was pushing and after defating their defenses Maraad together with
Khadgar and many heroes of Azeroth, which pretty much includes the players pushes through
the portal in order to stop the invasion. And that is pretty much when the Tanaan Jungle
starting zone events happen. Through unified efforts the inital Iron Horde attack is defeated
or at least stopped and the portal is destroyed in Tanaan Jungle and thus the entire Iron
Horde invasion is stopped or at least paused for the moment. They escape in the last moment
as the Iron Horde was chasing them and reach the Shadowmoon Valley where Maraad works with
Akama in order to combat the Shadowmoon Clan. Now this is where it kind of gets a bit confusing
as a lot of people such as Velen or Drek’thar or even Akama are the alternate universe ones
and the ones we know are actually still on Azeroth, while Maraad is a bit of a different
story as he is from our universe and there is like no alternate universe Maraad and that’s
where it gets a bit confusing, but hopefully it shouldn’t be too confusing. Later on when
Ner’Zhul called upon the powers of the Dark Star and broke the ancient laws, Velen sacrificed
himself in order to purify it, leading to his death. Although keep in mind that this
is alternate universe Velen and that our Velen is still alive. This sacrifice gives Maraad
and Yrel a chance to lead the defense of Karabor and they succeed in it.
Later on Maraad helps the expedition in Gorgrond and later on in Talador which kind of brings
back dark memories of what happened before and how his people were pretty much slaughtered.
And in the end he dies during the first battle for Shattarath, by defending Yrel with the
last remnants of his powers. Now this is where it gets a bit confusing and where it’s not
even clear what’s going on and there are a lot speculations going around, like the tin
foil hat speculations. It is confirmed that Blizzard originally planned for Yrel and Maraad
to be in a romantic relationship, but due to Yrel being like a strong character and
people like protesting about it they kind of stepped back from it, but it turns out
they still have a close bond and are kind of together
And that is the end of Maraads story. It is a bit sad about what actually happened and
that Maraad actual died not the alternate universe one, but actualy Maraad died. But
in the he kind of fullfiled his wish as he saved the city he failed to save before, which
haunted him for years. Alright that is all I have for this lore lesson.
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  2. Great quality video, I love it! I'm just kinda disappointed Orgrim and Maraad died, since both of them are my favorite characters. Love your Lore Lessons, keep them up 🙂 

    P.S : What are your thoughts on Orgrims part? I think they kinda did bad job with him, they just wanted to get easy way out with him. Kinda expected more since from our timeline during the first/second war he was a legend.

  3. hey @Doronsmovies you make great video im glad to have found you, i started making my own short films and would like some constructive criticism on them if you dont mind =) i roll play as well.

  4. 'When you look at me, what do you see?' 

    Varian didn't seem to get the t.A.T.u. reference, he's not Eastern European like Maraad.

  5. I think the reason they killed Maraad is so that they can use that as an excuse to bring Yrel with us to Azeroth, to take his place. This since many liked her.

  6. I don't want to spoil this but… There is a garrison mission which extends the marram and yrel story line explaining what happens after his death.

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    Sherlock Holmes gets to be brilliant, solitary, abrasive, Bohemian, whimsical, brave, sad, manipulative, neurotic, vain, untidy, fastidious, artistic, courteous, rude, a polymath genius. Female characters get to be Strong.

    If you wrote down Maraad's entire personality trait list, and did the same for Yrel, put them both side by side, and then SWAPPED THEIR NAMES… it would make literally no difference.  Both are utter cliche, flat and devoid of depth.  No quirks.  No failings.  No personality… just generic "draenei paladin/believers in The Light."  Now Maraad is dead, and we're stuck with a literal female genderswap of him.  But hey; "she's a strong female character", so we must celebrate… right?

  8. i sort of feel like (or at least hope) theres a way to bring him back. i dont see him being truly dead. also, the velen thing THANK YOU for clearing that up! there have been many a debate within my circle of friends about whether the real velen died or not! yrel needs to come to our world after this. i sort of feel like her mind would be blown. anyway, great vid!

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  11. You forgot the Alliance garrison campaign where Yrel is given trials to become an Exarch. Her final trial is to bring the ashes of Maraad to Achindoun and there, his spirit fights Yrel and the player. Once Maraad's spirit was defeated, the two say their final goodbyes. And THAT is where his story ends.

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  13. I think there is something more between Yrel and Maraad. Because there is no Yrel in our universe and no Maraad in WoD one and because of his line "In the light we are one" like they are same person in perspective of light or something like that

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