Why Are Gamers Upset With Battlefield 5?

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  1. Yes, people! I will be doing a video on Halo Infinite and perhaps talk about some of the other games I'm most excited about from E3. It'll be two separate videos so hold onto your butts!

  2. I might have already said this, but I find it ironic that the dice developer said he wants to be on the right side of history when he could've looked up when and where women fought in both era's. A good example would be the Night Witches, which was a female stealth bomber regiment who fought on the Soviet front and the few women from France who fought to free France from the hold of the German Reich

  3. Women WERE APART OF THIS WAR!!!! Just in a different fucking way…it doesnt make it any less important…and i am a black man..we were apart of this war also…JUST IN A DIFFERENT WAY…instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole…GET SOME BETTER WRITERS

  4. 400k women fought in ww2 and 542 died and there were prosthetics it was just like that girl in the reveal trailer y’all are just idiots and even if it wasn’t accurate it’s just 1 mistake just because the whole franchise was great and almost accurate and a game is meant for FUN!!!!

  5. I really wanna see our soldiers being completely disrespected!!!!! 😁

    👏👏👏👏👏👏 thanks dice you ruined it, you just had to go there

  6. Subtlety is one of the best ways to introduce new ideas. It's also a great way to create character development.

  7. A year later…

    Still a disappointment. the historical inaccuracy is off the fucking charts
    Britain always fighting Germans when they didn’t have the manpower to Match Germany I’m not saying they didn’t fight them it just feels their fighting them all the time
    Women in ww2
    Americans fighting Germans in 1940 when they didn’t enter the war yet
    Soldiers with face pant or no helmets

  8. I'm half Hispanic and middle eastern but if a game has a character customization option you best know I'm going to look like an old Japanese man. Looking like yourself is overrated

  9. Dude BF should be excelling at WW2, they are one of the few game series that do it so well- or well enough! This game is so boring now, it's the same damn levels and maps and gameplay over and over and over…I am tired of the drip feeding of content over the few months as we wait for the Pacific. Huge disappointment, along with the steampunk costumes and women spawning in in the middle of the battle saying "allo love" like there's something funny going on.

  10. How does this man get over a million views on videos but still hasn't reached a million subs? This is sum sorcery bullshit

  11. "Why can't I make a character that looks like meeeeee????"

    Fuck in BFV the only time you can see your characters is in the menu

  12. 9:22 I have to commend you on this part, because you looked like an actual guy raiding the trenches. Awesome gameplay!

  13. I have no idea why everybody is getting so triggered about females in this game, I am a huge ww2 fan and just saw it as a fun silly ww2 game and not "sjw propaganda". It's not like battlefield is a very serious game.

  14. Battlefield 1 was fkn beautiful it was chaotic and immersive feels like ur actully fighting in ww1 but battlefield 5 feels dull, underwealming and mediocre doesnt even feel like ww2

  15. With the game out now, it let's you pick if you want to be a female in multiplayer or not, not trying to argue but I agree forced diversity is not good, in 2019 the game is good if you want to play as a female go for it but if you dont just don't it's a game play it how you want to play it.

  16. The reason we hate it is because it's dating back too 1800000000bc this game is trash I'm not tryna feel like I'm in history class

  17. When they call us sexist again remember That’s not even a woman that’s a female presenting cyborg

  18. Female soldier with a prosthetic arm in a "realistic" WWII game.

    'either accept it or don't buy the game'

    '…on the right side of history'

    'These are people who are uneducated…'

    These were reason enough for me to not buy the game.

  19. I think it’s kinda fucked up to do these kind of things, like its disrespectful to the people that died and fought in ww2, not saying that there should be no women but it shouldn’t be over the top.

  20. Even Though Everyone Thinks Loot Boxes Were Bad It Allowed More Diversity And No, I'm Not Encouraging Battlefront Type Loot Boxes More Like Battlefield 4 Lootboxes Where You Could Buy Them If You Wanted To But Either Way You Would Gradually Unlock Them After Every 1-2 Levels.

  21. The people defending this horsecrap videogame spew accusations of sexism in EVERY direction, and claim this game is SO HISTORICALLY ACCURATE that your history books pale by comparison – even as it literally performs historical revisionism on the destruction of a norwegian heavy water treatment plant.

    Meanwhile, they are 100% mum on the existence of games like Planetside, the pointing out that women even with cybernetics would be right at home in a remake of Battlefield 2142, or even when people toss references around to the Night Witches or other small but real women groups on the soviet front…

    This, above all else, needs to be reiterated over and over and over again. These people do NOT care about women, they only care about tearing down anything and everything they can that is typically popular among men.

  22. Why is this even a problem in the first place. Why is it so hard to simply respect fucking WW2 veterans and the conflict itself.

  23. Loved bf3, loved bf4, loved bf1. Regret buying 5. Dice please don't fuck up bad company 3(next speculated battlefield)

  24. If they really wanted to include women on the forefront of the game, theres an easy, historically accurate way: lots of Soviet women fought in the Red Army, just have a campaign with that.

  25. It’s funny to me that there aren’t very many Great American battles like d-day Pearl Harbor especially considering we ended the war. I guess that falls back not being historically accurate. The stories they did have were cool of course but why not have the best battles ones that I’d enjoy playing for the history and the fun of it

  26. I liked battlefield V the story and more but i feel like because most men are stronger then woman i feel lime a bad ass fighting as a girl shooting tf out of solders

  27. And they couldve implemented a character like that historically pretty easily. They could've had a medic or a female russian sniper or something, they could've even touched on the contribution women made to the war effort on the supply side. They made food vehicles clothes etc. Just flat out lazy writing.

  28. 9:10

    Wait a minute, is that BF1 footage? Is that some Lawrence of Arabia bullocks? Did they actually feature in their campaign a story about one of the most overrated parts of WWI, that had literally no effect on either the Ottoman Empire nor the war as a whole? Seriously, you could utterly remove Lawrence and all that jazz from WWI, and nothing would've changed. Their raids did no lasting damage, not inconveniencing the Ottomans in the slightest, and in fact achieved about as much as the regular Bedouin raids prior to the war.

    Sorry, the importance and significance placed on Lawrence and his entourage is a pet-peeve of mine.

  29. If DICE and EA wanted women to have a spotlight in their game or have a way to push their agenda of equal representation, they should’ve told a story that includes the 588th Night Bomber Regiment, or the Night Witches, who were some of the most dangerous bombers the Soviets had at their disposal. If they didn’t want to make a mission about the Night Witches, they could’ve told a story about Lyudmila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko, a female Soviet sniper credited with 309 kills.

  30. They included women in bf1 and no one cared because it worked and made sense. They could have done something similar here, but I think they intentionally did it this way in order to aggravate people and start controversy

  31. For me it was 100% the ww2 setting honestly it fucking sucks for a game like battlefield where vehicles are such key parts of the game.

  32. Women in WW2 were drivers, nurses, pilots, mechanics, soldiers, scouts, snipers and rebels to fight for their country. At least show the Women's Army Corps, Navy Women's Reserves, Women's Reserves Marine Corps, Royal Air Force operators and Soviet Night Witches for peep sake. Do you know or remember about Rosie the Riveter. Jesus Christ!

  33. wtf. what in the fuck reason is that. "because youre a girl??" pfttt what the fuck….
    i tell you why little daughter. it because in ww2 theres no woman fighting became soldier kill german soldier in ww2

  34. There was loads of women in ww2, in the soviet army, French resistance… It's putting them where they weren't, like in the British army with stupid claw arms that gets people mad

  35. He couldn't pick up a book and maybe tEach his little girl the role woman did play…you could take what you said and apply it to the democratic candidates…it comes off as not authentic, it pisses ppl off

  36. Developers are ¨politicizing¨ video games because gamers like you dont seem care about politics outside of video games unless you only care about video games then you must not care about politics at all. People like you say that you dont care about politics in your games yet get upset about censoring symbols like swastikas and not having historical accuracy (And By The Way Your Textbooks Are Created And Organized By the Government Which Makes These Arguments Political) while 100 percent of history is about politics since everything about history is about countries and wars which are started by politicians. Jesus Christ, You types of gamers are hypocritical. God Have Discipline And Enlightenment On Your Soul. Shut up and care about something important and useful for once and stop being so ignorant and careless

  37. 1. Y'all would be so mad if they made a game about the Night Witches.
    2. It's a game. It's not going to be 100% historically accurate because things have happened that we don't know about and there are things that are, for lack of a better term, overly embellished.

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