Why Do Republicans Keep Defending Sexual Assault?


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  1. This is what I expect for TYT, but Hasan is not being toxic as usual. The other guy seemed toned down as well. I think they got some focus group data and were driving people away.

  2. A woman accusing Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison (Minnesota) of abuse says the party abandoned her – a far cry from top Democrats’ public show of support for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser.

    Karen Monahan said that she was “smeared, threatened, (and) isolated” by the Democratic party when she came forward with allegations of physical and emotional abuse against Rep. Ellison, the Democratic National Committee deputy chair and Minnesota attorney general candidate.
    “I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party,” Monahan tweeted Monday. “I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse.”


  3. They do so because "they don't know any better". Republicans don't cry themselves to sleep over the unfairness of the world, do they?

  4. Conservatives? Behind closed doors the most pervert persons , in public pretenders for defending family values , morality ….in others words , Why do republicans keep defending sexual assault? Because they are hypocrits .

  5. Why is it ok for Trump to hem-haw around about meeting with Mueller, but they want to rush Dr. Ford to meet with them in days?

    Just remember people this is the way they treat women, minorities, and people who don't agree with them. It's one thing to hear about the downtrodden, but an entirely different matter to being a participant in helping the powerful do it.

    They claim other people are untrustworthy even though they have some of the most questionable behaviors ever recorded. smh

  6. She wanted to remain anonymous because she's a coward. I know all stick with other women but if your brother or son was accussed who do you is owed an apology

  7. How does he know 65 women from high school ? Ignoring the fact that they got affidavits for 65 women, they all knew him from HighSchool? Even 35 years ago, i would say he knew 10 maybe 20.. but 65?

  8. There is a thing called "presumption of innocence" which is the very basis of your fuckin justice system.
    Especially when someone OBVIOUSLY wants to use sexual assault allegation in order to slandering someone.
    Because, if someone suddenly comes out with baseless allegation about incident, that allegedly happened several decades ago against someone who rises in his career, I smell bullshit from miles away.

  9. Her lawyer is a clinton worshiper, This is nothing but a fake story. Kavanaugh will be confirmed and socialist will cry again.

  10. That's why either it's a Russian bot, or an ignorant fool spouting hate. You don't get to block the last presidents nominee, then rush to slip in TWO of them. At the very least cry about holding this one up, but it's clear they're not trying to play fair.

    They'd rather make vicious claims against a fellow American they've never met, before they rather concede the truth … which is they are the ones not playing by the book. They'd rather trash an alleged victim, instead of at least pausing to reflect on the matter before moving on with something so major.

    These are the kind of people that will turn on you in a heartbeat, and that's why you find them in all sorts of shapes and colors, pushing to slant the court.

    It's more about greed and power than it is about race or gender, but hey it's what keeps them in power. They make money in destroying and building … think about that for a min. Where do we get to win?

  11. Is this a joke? Man for a channel with 4 million subs TYT's quality control sure isn't all that great. Dianne Fienstein sat on this for 8 months without doing anything and is just rolling this out to try to delay the nomination. Its pretty damn obvious. Even if Kavanaugh did in fact do this, which I highly doubt, there is absolutely no case here.

  12. Another disgusting democrat ploy to try and win at all cost. They won't succeed in the devious despicable plot to tarnish Brett Kavanaugh. Back in your holes you despicable losers…he's getting confirmed…say bye bye to the Supreme Court for the rest of your sad lives!

  13. It’s just most people won’t believe a claim without proof, especially as something as serious as this. But the left doesn’t care about that, they will take the “victims” word for it. If you can’t prove it, it didn’t happen.

  14. Compassionate Liberal Democrat's are of course still supporting Keith Ellison who Beat the Hell out of his girlfriend. In fact this violent abuser is the nominee of their party in Minnesota for Attorney General. I would say it is surprising but Liberals obviously DON'T GIVE ONE DAMN ! about this poor abused woman. She has documentation of the abuse that just happened last year from a Doctor and therapist. But again.. Democrat's DON'T GIVE ONE DAMN ! and the special part is that she is being attacked by Democrat's. Even though there is a video of him screaming obscenities and verbally abusing this innocent woman. Yet Liberals continue to lie about caring. Shameful but typical

  15. So she has an opportunity to testify her lawyer said she was willing but now she wants an investigation into what she didn't get raped whatever evidence is gone and even the FBI said they can't investigate cause no federal crime has been committed this is an obvious delay tactic that's not going to work all the Republicans that were saying wait is now going to vote yes cause they see this as what it is Kavanaugh is getting confirmed she has an absolute right to testify why she choosing not to is beyond me

  16. That easy cause its a crime privilaged white males have gotten away with impunity for centuries. They have been raised that women are tools for their pleasure. End of story. And woman agree if you look at how they vote.

  17. Liberal here, a woman shouldn't be able to ruin anyone's life over a nebulous, unsubstantiated rape accusation. Prove it or it didn't happen.

    If a woman falsely accused you of rape, wouldn't you deny it? Would you want the media to immediately side with the woman?

  18. Well, it's the cult of the tie.. Ties obfuscate blood flow to the brain. Ties point to the most important organ for the rape culture that lives in our country.
    Respect women don't use them.
    You were born with two hands., Stop burdening women with your sexual desires.
    We don't come forward because of how we are treated. Hell, I waited for fifty years till my abusers were dead.. Still, got bashed.
    No more abuse of our right to not have your hands on us

  19. I'll admit, didn't waste time watching the vid, just responding to the title. Why do Democrats have to keep resorting to False sexual assault charges to get their way? How many is this now? And how many at the last possible moment, how convenient for you that they all happen in the past, with no witnesses. Complete lies that are easy to see through from any reasonable person. Wait a moment, I just remembered Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi both Raped me when I was just 11. I've never told anyone because they are so powerful and I've been afraid. Should I report them to the FBI?

  20. Thank you for your video break down.
    It was concise and logical. I hope logic will move people to see how things unfold.

    You are far more persuasive than others whose videos are up are.
    Thank you

  21. “Has a sexual harassment problem” is a dubious distinction that the Democratic Party shares with Hollywood, Fox News, prestige television shows and networks, the restaurant industry, America’s most successful massage chain — and, of course, the Republican Party, which is currently running a Senate candidate who stands accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl.
    But if the Democratic Party chooses to continue to protect its members against harassment allegations, it needs to be honest about the choice it’s not making: the choice to be an institution that actually reflects the better world it says it wants to create.

  22. It's okay. He'll get pardoned by Trump. Of course, a pardon by definition means you're guilty. Can't be pardoned for a crime you did not commit.

  23. If feinstein had this letter since July , why didn't she ask Kavanaugh about this when he was under oath a week ago? oh that's right, because Dems dont care about the victim, just stopping a Trump nominee at the 11th hour.

  24. Republican Senators need to understand this. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski need to understand this. This is not OK. If this accusation is a lie, we need to know. If this accusation is true, we need to know. Either way, we need to get to the bottom of this before there's a vote.

  25. Because they do it and then it gets in their way. Easy answer to that question.
    They don't care. Republicans have zero morality at this point. Their voters don't care, and their politicians care less.

  26. Kavanaugh is not only a rapist but also a pedophile and into his own daughter. Why am I saying this? – Look at his out of work activities, training an underaged female basketball team. What are his motives behind that?

  27. Seems to me that lefties are the ones defending hordes of rapefugess who are up to 10x more likely to commit violent crimes (actual statistic) and run pedo child grooming/rape gangs.. hmmm

  28. Any chance we will get to see that 1 bearded fella from those CRTV commercials battle Hasan here in a "for fun" MMA bout for charity? Come on TYT + CRTV! Think about the flood victims and set that up!

  29. Conservatives love rape because that is they only way they can get sex unless they pay for it. And everyone knows how cheap conservatives are.

  30. Liberals: I ACCUSE YOU OF RAPISM!!
    normal people: you got any actual proof of that besides just saying it happened?

  31. I wish the American people could vote for the Supreme Judges. I would vote for the guy just to piss TYT, Hasan, and everyone else off.

  32. Most republicans will never admit it but misogyny IS acceptable to the modern day GOP voters and the wannabe theocrats who think willful ignorance, choosing beliefs and faith are virtue.

  33. Did I miss the part where Kavanaugh was found guilty of sexual assault by a jury of his peers? Or are we supposed to just believe every person who says they were raped without giving due process to the accused? Seriously, I’m asking.

  34. People believed every single women when it was bill cosby…..all of the accusers where believed intierly. Why is it this women might be lying or of questionable standing? Double standard isn't even accurate enough. This country is so bias tword white crazy.

  35. Because they have no EMPATHY not even for other women, you should have heard those whyte broads talking about Roy Moore s victims who were children…A SHAME AND A SIN. these demon woman put trump in office more than half voted for trump

  36. I don't think they're defending sexual assault since they're only allegations. Plus it's pretty weird how she can't remember where or when it happened so….

  37. I’m amazed by the whataboutisms and the “and the leftist do it toos.” Each case of ALLEGED inappropriate conduct should stand on its own!!! In this case, we are looking at Kavanaugh…. Just because “someone on the left” also has been accused of similar actions, makes this one somehow excusable, not valid “enough” for serious concern or not “important enough” for an investigation by the FBI or some other INDEPENDENT government body. People… this guy may be sitting on the Supreme Court and could influence major legislation… for decades to come. If he’s not guilty, he should welcome and insist on an investigation, himself. During the Thomas/Hill situation, the GOP asked for such an investigation. Now their “not interested “?! Makes you wonder why… doesn’t it?! Could it be that they know or suspect something… and fear that will finally become public and therefore needs to be seriously responded to?! The initial issue with the “classified documents” situation was already kind of shady. None of those documents NEEDED to be classified “for national security reasons”. I suspect the only reason they were classified was because he was probably already a possible candidate for a “respectable” position in the government… and his government supporters wanted to make sure none of his “not so honorable” activities and opinions were known to the Dems and the public. (They finally did declassify and release them…. at… wait for it…. the 11th hour!!!)

  38. Defending sexual assault? Or defending the idea that there needs to be some kind of evidence to totally derail a guys entire career?
    Yeah I get confused between those as well Hasan.

  39. For anyone who still does not get it: this is not about "believing her or not." The standard procedure in a situation like this is an investigation, and the GOP is trying to prevent that. That is the point.

  40. Thank you. I'm a survivor myself, and I've been through court twice, both done by the time I was 16. It's hell. People act like she's going to gain something from this, it boils my blood. I applaud you so so much and I appreciate you sincerely.

  41. She said she thinks he tried to rape and yet he did not, She said she thinks he tried to remove her clothes and yet he did not, She says she felt he would kill her and yet he did not. So the only question here is what she thought he was trying to do and you can not accuse someone based on what you thought or felt someone wanted to do if they did none of the above.

  42. Why are they so hell bent on rushing through this .. its allmost like they already know that if people start uncovering rocks they will find more crimes and plus we know why trump picked this guy hes a corporate boot licker that will always protect the powerful

  43. How about ALL the democrats the past year who have been involved in sexual assaults? As usual, Hasan's brain is dormant and he needs to shave….he looks filthy….looks almost like a real Turk! He would do well in Iran.

  44. All that would be done is investigate his character, what they should be doing during the process to approve/deny him. The statute of limitations to prosecute him for any sort of crime is likely long over and he faces no risk of being imprisoned or anything like that.

    It seems like the defenders seem to ask the equivalent of asking was she wearing a short skirt and asking for it? They asked what her reputation was I suppose she had a reputation of being held down, have her clothes torn off and had her mouth covered by someone while another nearby accomplice turns up music so that any muffled cries for help couldn't be heard over the music. I suppose that's her reputation.

    That is the allegation, now they can either allow this investigation to happen or they can just be complicit in letting an alleged rapist into position in the highest court in our land.


  46. Piker are you that stupid? The accusation could have been investigated and kept her identity long before Feinstein brought it out… Think sometime

  47. Fast Forward two months…..Hey Hasan, does this also work for Neal Degrass Tyson now? Of course not because he’s on your “team”. Hypocrite smarmy dbag.

  48. Why do dumb asses like you believe obvious liars. She couldn't remember the year, how she got to the house, or how she got home. She told no one at the time, she told her therapist 4 boys were involved but congress just 2. She did real she had 1 beer though. She couldn't name anyone at the party.
    Judy Munro-Leighton through creepy porn lawyer made allegations and then admitted she made it all.
    Julie Swetnick made up a story with creepy porn lawyer that was not corroborated by any of her supposed witnesses.

  49. Do not drink and drive do not drink and assault

    Men do not drink any events where there are women it could lead to sexual assault don't be the problem be the solution

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