Why I like audiobooks

so this is just going to be a really
quick video I’m talking about why I love audiobooks and I know that people have
some really strong feelings about it that audiobooks are inferior to the
original written word and all I could say is really people are different man
like everybody likes different things I love audiobooks and there’s a reason
why I love numerous reasons why I love audiobooks I love them because I’m an
audio learner so I am dyslexic and that one of the ways that affects me is I
could sit down and read an entire book and unless I was super engaged in that
book I could walk away knowing absolutely nothing about what was in
that book even though I’ve read it so a perfect example is the Harry Potter
books no idea what they were about when I read them obviously I knew they were
about magic but you know I didn’t really see what the appeal was when I tried to
read them but then you listen to the audio books and I was in so something
look some of that is Stephen Fry is just amazing and I love that the characters
then actually actually have different voices and because I learned via an
audio medium best I then engage with the story better I hear it better I retain
it better and it just goes into my brain but literally every time I tried to sit
down and read the Harry Potter books I fell asleep and that has been a lifelong
problem I fall asleep reading things all the time because I think because I learn
by hour an audio medium and when you sit down to read something it’s silent I
feel more like I am doing nothing then if I’m sitting watching TV even though
if I’m sitting watching TV I’m actually doing less than if I was reading I think
it’s just because there’s no noise so my brain just goes to sleep and I think I
also get bored reading because like I said I can read the same page a thousand
times sometimes and take absolutely nothing from it and obviously some days
are better than others some days I can like physically sit down and read it and
take away everything and it just depends on lots of things like how tired I am
how stressed I am I generally work a 50-plus hour week not necessarily all in
the clinic but I do a lot of work from high
and generally at the end of the week I’m pretty tired so my brain doesn’t
necessarily want to sit down and read again the really lovely thing about
audiobooks is I can listen to them while I clean the house I can listen to them
why I’m doing the gardening and I still take in heaps so I can kind of multitask
especially if it’s doing something like laundry that doesn’t require a lot of
thought I can listen to it in the car on the way to work I just I really
appreciate audiobooks I think they’re fantastic on the down side of things if
the narrator has a really irritating voice it can ruin the books I remember
listening to the Hunger Games series and because I hadn’t actually physically
read the book I thought the narrator was stupid and I felt like such an asshole
when I realized I was stupid because she kept saying Mattei shion’s and I was
like it’s mutations like learn to say it promptly and it just drove me crazy and
then I realized that it actually was supposed to be imitations but that
actually drove me insane whereas if I was reading the book it wouldn’t bother
me because you could clearly see that it’s a different word but in an audio
medium it really drove me crazy there have been audiobooks where I
couldn’t finish listening to that narrator
let’s try and find one I can’t find one so I must have deleted it because it was
so irritating but there have been plenty of audiobooks
before that have driven me insane with the narrator’s voice or their
pronunciation of certain things it’s kind of like the equivalent of yoghurt
versus yogurt and vitamins versus vitamins it depends how you say it but
if an entire book was full of that you wouldn’t want to rip your hair out so
there have been some books that have been like that bad for me that I just
couldn’t do it because of the narrator and people have gone what are you
talking about that book’s amazing I was like that book made me want to hurl my
ipod out the window but obviously they denied me to the point where I deleted
it at the moment I’m listening to into the wild by Jon Krakauer sorry but it’s
really interesting so far I’m really enjoying that book but I would never get
to read half the books if I actually had to sit down and read them and I would
never take away half as much Meishan and sometimes for me the story
really comes alive with the narration like I said with the Harry Potter series
for example one I think I probably wouldn’t have liked as much in the
original format that I liked better in audio is I think I wouldn’t have liked
Amy Poehler’s yes please as much if I had sat down and read it I think the Amy
Poehler nurse needed to be read by Amy Poehler so I really enjoyed her voice
being attached to that story but I mean I’m just scrolling through and yeah I
mean I started listening to the final Empire Mistborn series by oops by
Brandon Sanderson and I couldn’t really get into it because there’s a lot
happening in the beginning and I feel like that might be one I’d better sit
down and read but it could also be that I find that I can’t really read books in
the same genre I’m writing in at the time so maybe that has more to do with
it I don’t know I’ll have to try again with it but yeah
that being said audiobooks are awesome I love the accessibility of them I used to
love listening to the muddle-headed wombat as a kid when I was falling
asleep I’ve recently downloaded the muddle-headed wombat for my niece but
she’s a little bit too little for it but a couple of nights I couldn’t save I put
it on straight to sleep so I just I think audiobooks are amazing I think it
really depends on how you learn I think for tactile learners it’s a lot better
to potentially have the actual physical book but audio is the way for me to
learn so I love audiobooks let me know below in the comments what you think of
audiobooks I know a lot of people don’t like them if you don’t like them let me
know why you don’t like them if it’s just a narrator has an irritating voice
I mean I feel you that can destroy an entire book but I’d be really interested
to know if you have strong feelings either way why you like audiobooks or
why you don’t like audiobooks so definitely let me know in the comments
below what you think and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel

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  1. Do you prefer reading a hardcopy/ebook or do you prefer listening to audiobooks? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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