Will an asteroid hit Earth? | Natural History Museum

Asteroids were created when our solar system formed
4.6 billion years ago Today there are around
800,000 orbiting the Sun, and a few are potentially hazardous to Earth Just how difficult is it to predict their movements? Just like the Earth, asteroids rotate
as they orbit the Sun. When one side is facing the Sun, the surface heats up
and absorbs that heat. As it rotates away from the Sun, the surface cools
and radiates that heat outwards. This gives the asteroid
a small kick in the opposite direction. This is known as the
Yarkovsky effect. The effect is tiny,
but because asteroids have spent billions of years
in the solar system, it can add up
to notable changes. Although we can’t
perfectly predict the orbits of asteroids and whether one will
impact the Earth at some point in the future, it’s incredibly unlikely, and not worth
losing sleep over just yet.

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  2. So Yesterday I was hanging out with a friend outside and we heard a big boom it was a meteor that blew up it was a meteor in Syracuse I’m scared

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