Will Overwatch Get An EXPANSION?

Hello, everybody! Disciple here with Overwatch Curios! So Overwatch is now a couple of months into
it’s second year since release, but closer to three years in age if you look back to
it’s original release as a beta back in October of 2015. At this point in time Blizzard has clearly
defined what the game is to the studio, how they plan to update the game and continue
to provide players with fun and fresh gameplay, and what exactly they hope to bring to the
game in the future. But it’s also normal for gaming studios
to start considering the option of expansions and new content as time goes on. After release, games typically require fewer
members on the team to program, create, craft, or test the world that they’ve released,
so it’s a logical step in the process. Developers start to ask, “what is it that
we can do next to continue adding to this world that we’ve created?” So in this video we’ll discuss whether or
not Overwatch could get an expansion in the future, and if it were to happen, what exactly
an expansion could mean for the game. Now a lot of today’s video will be discussion
related to a Q&A session with Jeff Kaplan recently. When asked specifically about the possibility
of an expansion, Jeff had quite a bit to stay. He starts off the response by saying “I
think an expansion pack or a sequel could be cool, I don’t know what that is today. We don’t have an idea where it’s like
“Oh okay, I totally know what it is”. So while they’re definitely interested in
the concept, it doesn’t seem that it’s received much thought so far. The main focus at the moment is probably still
on producing new maps and polishing the current heroes, maps, and core gameplay systems within
the game. He goes on to explain how he doesn’t like
the concept of ever adding heroes or maps as a sort of DLC pack for players. “ I don’t like the idea that some of us
can play on this map or that some of us can’t or some of us can play with these heroes and
some of us can’t.” Since Overwatch has always been a game about
switching heroes on the fly, we can safely rule out the idea of adding heroes as future
content behind any sort of paywall, whether in-game currency or real world currency. It’s a sure thing that all future heroes
will be free for everyone. However many games in the past have pushed
DLC map packs. The problem with these is that they gate players
from specific content though. If you have a certain piece of content but
your friend doesn’t, suddenly you’re limited from playing the content you have, and your
friend is flat-out barred from that content until they unlock it. Not only that, but it creates a higher barrier
to entry for new players who are just getting into a game months or even years after it’s
original release. Gating maps also creates a problem of segregating
matchmaking systems, as Jeff goes on to explain. “I’ve seen other games do the map thing,
but then it creates the two matchmaking pools. It’s hard enough to get matchmaking feel
good, it’s hard enough to get people to play with their friends when you start to
introduce that stuff.” So while that certainly writes DLC off of
the list, Jeff doesn’t rule out any sort of expansion or even sequel to the game. Also in this QA session, Jeff goes on to talk
about the story-driven Overwatch experience, and in-game events such as Junkenstein’s
Revenge and the Uprising. He begins by explaining that since it’s
a new game engine, there was no core material to work with in terms of simply pathing in
AI for an event. Essentially Junkenstein’s Revenge was a
test round for exploring PvE encounters for the game, but he also says that the team loves
working on these types of events and that community reception as a whole as positive. On the flip side though, Jeff expresses concerns
in releasing these modes as permanent content, saying that player interest with Uprising
in particular had diminished significantly by the third week. While in-game leaderboards help to provide
prolonged player interest, imagine if these events actually had real progression tied
to them, with meaningful or important unlocks behind them. The possibility of a well-scripted, never
ending horde mode would definitely make for a mode that many players could enjoy for months
to come, and could even encourage people who haven’t played Overwatch previously to check
out the game simply for the challenge of well-designed PvE gameplay. And that would definitely make for a reasonable
expansion for the game. Competitive players wouldn’t be barred from
anything in play, but those interested in learning more about the world of Overwatch
or even just having new and challenging experiences in a PvE environment could have something
to work towards, maybe even with exclusive unlocks like skins, or even story-related
journal entries or video clips. Jeff also mentions the experience the team
has with this type of content as well: “our Lead Gameplay Programmer Tim Ford worked
on the Medal of Honor series, so he made a lot of that type of PVE campaign content. Then you have a bunch of guys who either came
from World of Warcraft, Diablo, Starcraft. Geoff Goodman, our Lead Hero Designer was
one of the main Encounter Designers for World of Warcraft. Scott Mercer [Principal Designer], was the
Lead Encounter Designer on World of Warcraft. So those guys made tons of that PVE, Co-op,
highly replayable type of content. It’s something the team really knows and
loves, so I think we’d like to do more of it – in a way, we’re just trying to figure
out how to do it. With these monthly updates, it’s very difficult
– our dev cycles are very fast for something like that, and I think our players deserve
a lot more than just a Junkenstein or an Uprising, and trying to figure out how to deliver that
to them is a much bigger challenge.” Essentially Jeff ensures us that more is on
the way, but that the team wants to make sure the experience is fine-tuned, rewarding, and
replayable. If you consider things like World of Warcraft,
players grind raids daily for the sake of progression, but Overwatch would need something
to fill the void of gear in that instance. Continual grinding of any game mode without
reward would be very taxing on players, and is a big part of why things like Uprising
aren’t permanent modes in the game today. But Jeff certainly opens the door to speculation,
and it definitely seems possible that down the road the game could release a very thorough
PvE experience as an expansion, whether free or paid content. So while it seems possible for future PvE
content to be released as an expansion, it’s unlikely we would ever see maps or heroes
released as such. Furthermore, game modes or modding systems
seem out of the question for now as well. Jeff says that he’s currently happy with
the arcade mode and it’s ability to provide new experiences, and that the options allowed
in custom games provide a ton of variance for players to experiment with. However outside of that, currently he feels
like new game modes would detract from the core experience of Overwatch. “ I don’t believe that many new gamemodes
belong in Quickplay or Competitive. I really think you want the core of the game
to feel like the core of the game, and not like a circus.” And on the topic of modding, Jeff cuts straight
to the point. Blizzard isn’t opposed to releasing tools
like this in the future, but would want them to be well done. He’d rather release something that 99% of
the fanbase couldn’t use because it was so in-depth than to have everybody spewing
out, in his own words, “crap”. He likes the idea of professionals or up-and-coming
modders being able to create something truly amazing and unique, but doesn’t want the
internet overflowing with mediocre content. And with Overwatch being a completely new
engine, it’s highly likely that any in-depth modding tools would be in the near horizon,
as Blizzard is likely still working on that engine internally as well. So there it is, straight from Jeff. Currently it seems unlikely we’ll see any
sort of expansion in the near future. On the bright side, players can take comfort
in knowing no content would ever be paywalled or otherwise cut off from the player base
in any way. They’ll keep looking to expand upon the
current roster of events, while also improving them. Additional features in the current events
aren’t off the table, but it’s unlikely we’d see many more added to the selection
we currently have because then events would start to lose their impact. Personally, I’m looking forward to the option
have more in-depth PvE experiences down the road and I’m interested to see what exactly
such an experienced and diverse development team could come up with for a future expansion
if we were to get one. What do you all think though? Is the lack of an expansion disheartening
as a player, or is the team’s dedication to the current game and it’s polish enough
to keep you coming back day in and day out? And if we were to see any sort of expansion
in the future, what exactly would you like to see added? While you’re here, why not consider subscribing
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content. Thanks for watching, peace.

42 thoughts on “Will Overwatch Get An EXPANSION?

  1. Honestly there are only 3 things that can make Overwatch better than it already is:

    Better servers
    A movie based on its lore
    Or fuckin story mode

  2. If Jeff wanted the core of the game to feel like the core of the game, he'd add No Limits back into the arcade.

    Overwatch was built around the principles of No Limits and it's been non existent for MONTHS. It's the absolute core of what Overwatch was and should be.

  3. The only way i can see Overwatch getting an expansion is If they have a team co-op story mode, similar to left 4 dead going through point A to point B1 and having an insane boss or survival mission at the end. 1 of the scenarios being a prequel (Torb, 76, Ana, Reaper, Rein, and "liao"), 2nd overwatch strike team (Winston, Tracer, Genji, Mercy), Blackwatch secret missions (Genji, Reaper, McCree), Talon missions (Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Doomfist), or even Adventures of Junkrat & Roadhog (2 players). For rewards, have some progression exclusive emotes, winning poses, highlight vid, animated sprays & player profiles to add replay value and grind.

  4. I wouldn't mind if they did an episodic style setup like tell tale games, life is strange, minecraft storymode, etc.

    This would allow them to have each character have multiple episodes.

  5. A smart move from blizzard would be make a free expansion people would love them for it also let's be honest a sequel will happen and let's hope they don't do some extended media crap that destroys the lore because that's exactly what happened with Final Fantasy XV and PVE or a story mode or even an offline mode would be great because I know a ton of people who were turned off from the game because those 3 things were missing

  6. I LOVED junkensteins revenge and Uprising. I played them whenever I got the chance! Besides, I played those more than quick play and competitive combined.

  7. I prefer the dedication to the current game. Only thing I can think of that I might want from an expansion is forge mode like in Halo 3 or 4.

  8. I'm perfectly fine with what they are doing right now. And financing hero additions and event or arcade modes by selling loot boxes seems a fair way to keep the current game interesting.

  9. I think you meant to upload to Gaming Curios instead of Overwatch Curios eventhough this is a video about Overwatch.

    He had a Gaming Curios outro and mentioned it was Gaming Curios.

  10. It would be amazing to have unlockable Weaponskins, maybe as random Drops on a PvE Mode, or as a reward for Progression.
    Maybe even both in different Styles.
    You unlock 'em only for the Hero you are playing right now, so you gain experience in Every hero, nobody wants to grind a Hero when he has the Skin so there is a natural Rotation.
    Also it would increase the Replay-ability.

    Man.. Blizzard should employ me. ._.

  11. The could have a "season pass". It would work by each event you would get around 10-20 loot boxes and maybe an exclusive skin

  12. Just saying. I have been a fan of Destiny since 2014 of september. And i'm super hyped for D2! For a few months i have just been playing Overwatch for a few months beacuse Destiny is a little dry but i'm happy that Bungie and Blizzard are teaming up!

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