Win the Ultimate Dinosaur Treasure Bag!

– All right, so we often do
these gift shop scavenger hunts, but I was told that today I
could actually pick something from the museum itself,
and purchase it, I guess. So, let’s see, I think I want a T-Rex. Do you guys want a T-Rex? (upbeat music) – What’s going on Coyote Pack? Right now, we are on location at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. We just spent the past week
exploring their dig sites and found some amazing fossils. But the last thing we’re gonna do is explore their gift shop. – Did you say gifts? – I did say gifts Mario, and who are we gonna get gifts for? – The Coyote Pack. – That’s right. So, you guys need to watch
the rest of this video, as we go on a gift shop adventure, and at the end, we’re gonna tell you how to win these amazing prizes. Sound good? – Yep, is this for sale? – No, I don’t think this giant Utahraptor is one of the gifts that we can pick out, although I might ask inside, because if they will sell it
to us, I’ll probably buy it. All right, let’s head on to the gift shop, and see we can find. This is going to be awesome. ♪ Oh, it’s the gift shop ♪ ♪ Look at all of these wonderful prizes ♪ ♪ Wyoming Dinosaur Center at its finest ♪ ♪ Do we want t-shirts ♪ ♪ Do we want hats ♪ ♪ Do we want dinosaur toys. ♪ All right, Coyote Pack, the
adventure begins right now. There are some amazing things. Now, I’ve waited all week
to enter into the gift shop. I have no idea what’s in here, so I’m going to take a generalized scan, determine what’s here, and then make a second round to figure out what exactly does everybody
out there watching really think they need
in their collection. – So, how much is that Raptor outside? I’m willing to pay for it. – Are you sure? That’s gonna be a pretty penny. – Yeah, I mean Coyote’s gonna pay for it. (laughs) So, it looks like the Raptor
outside is not for sale. Is the popcorn for sale? – It is for sale. Would you like some? – Yeah, I’ll take a popcorn.
– Yep, absolutely. – Look at this. That’s a pretty good
looking T-Rex right there. I kinda want that. Okay, that’s a possible, ooh. T-Rex is a possibility, but look at this. That is Allosaurus. That may be the perfect
gift for this adventure because we focused so
strongly on Allosaurus within this trip. Now look at this guy. I know who that is. That’s pretty cool. Ceratosaurus, another one of my favorites. – Hey Coyote. – [Coyote] Yeah. – Look what I got. – Whoa, what is that? – I got some popcorn. – [Coyote] He’s got popcorn. Yeah, I’ll eat some of that. – I figured, you know, a little
snack as we look at gifts, and this is something
that you need to read. – If you break it, you buy it. I wonder if that counts
for the Utahraptor outside. I could just, you know,
break it’s big sickle claw, and be like, “Oops I broke
it, now I gotta buy it” and I could glue it back on. – That’s a good idea. – And it’s actually not a bad idea. Let me stew on that one for a little bit while I look for some other gifts. – All right, I’m going this way. – Okay, I’m going this way. – Hello fossils, 50% off. That’s a bargain. Check this out. All sorts of geodes, Amber, Crick-ettes. Here we go, books. Hmm, what should I get
for the Coyote Pack? Wyoming Dinosaur water bottles. It’s important to stay hydrated. I got really dehydrated this week, so having a water bottle
with you out in the field is always a good idea. This is gonna be one
of my things, I think. (upbeat music) These are replica dinosaur teeth. – Any Coyote Pack members named Jim? – Ooh, look at this, Brontosaurus. An ostrich egg with an elk carved on it. I feel like that would be really tough for us to ship to you
guys without breaking it. To be honest, I’d probably break it before I got it back to the
wilderness productions office. – What’s this, paleontology kit. So you get all the tools
of a paleontologist, and then you get like some
type of skeleton in a matrix. You dig it out, and you get
yourself a Tyrannosaurus Rex. – Mario how’s it going? Find any winning items yet? – There’s a lot of stuff. – There’s a lot of stuff. It is much more expansive
than you would think. I have given the gift shop, a full walk around at this point, so, I think I’m ready to make my decision. Let’s meet up front in
the next 30 seconds. – 30 seconds? – [Coyote] Gotta decide at this point. – [Mario] Okay, 30 seconds. – 30 seconds, here we go. – 30 seconds for me to pick something out. I’m not ready at all. – Posters, now I’ve done posters before. T-shirts, we know that
we’ve gone past T-shirts. – I don’t know what to get. I don’t know what to get. – I am gonna go with, check this out. Oh, actually can’t show you yet. Not until I get to the front. – I’ve got like 15
seconds to pick something, and I don’t know what to pick. – Okay, got my two items. – Okay, I think I got something. – He can’t make up his mind. He never can. – So much pressure. – So much pressure. Okay, so have you made up your mind? Have you picked out an awesome
gift for the Coyote Pack? – Yes. – Okay, I think I have as well. – So, when are we gonna reveal it? – [Coyote] You go first. – I go first.
– You go first. – Okay, I got you guys Moose Pops. – [Coyote] That says moose Moose Poop. – Moose Poops. – [Coyote] I had one of those earlier, they’re like chocolate mints. They’re pretty good. – Yeah, but now you’re very gassy. – [Coyote] Wow, that’s because
you’re eating moose poop. – Okay, ready? So I think this is very appropriate, Tyrannosaurus Paleontology Kit. – [Coyote] Whoa. – So, it’s basically this matrix, right? In the matrix, there is a
Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, and you’ve got the whole
kit to actually dig it out. I think it was appropriate,
because we’re here to dig out Allosaurus teeth, right? – [Coyote] Right. – So you might get the
same experience, but with. – [Coyote] Is that you as a little kid? – That might be me. – Are those safety glasses? – Yeah, that’s– – [Coyote] That looks just like you. – That’s me when I was a little kid. So not only do you get
this really cool kit, but you get a picture
of me as a little kid digging up dinosaur bones (chuckles). That’s awesome. – All right, well, I would
say that is a good choice. – There are tools in this,
so don’t use your tools to go hurt your sister
or something like that, or your little brother. These tools are are designed to basically dig up dinosaur bones. – [Coyote] All right, switch out. – Ring it up. – Good choice, good choice. Now, the first thing that I picked was a Wyoming Dinosaur
Center water bottle, because the big thing
that I learned this week is that when you’re in Wyoming, you have to drink a ton of
water, so this is for safety. I just thought this was a good
throw-in on top of things, so that’s not the most
exciting item I got. – Wait.
– What? – [Mario] You’re doing it again. – Doing what? – [Mario] you said pick one item. – I might have picked three, but I combine it all together,
’cause it’s one package. – Three. – Technically, yeah. – [Mario] So I’m definitely
getting this Moose Poop. – Yeah, everybody wants Moose Poop anyway, so we’ll throw in Moose Poop. We’ll just get two Moose
Poops to top it off. Okay, here we go. So, since we do so much comparison between T-Rex and Allosaurus
in our main episode, and we featured some
pretty cool figurines, I figured why not get a T-Rex
and Allosaurus figurine, because if I watched that
episode, and I said myself, “Where did those guys
get those sweet toys? “I want those toys.” Now you can get those toys. How cool are those? – They’re really cool. They’re so cool that I
actually own both of these. They’re in my collection as well. So even though you’ve cheated,
and you picked three items, these are two really cool items for sure. – I wouldn’t necessarily call it cheating. I would call it just upping
the ante a little bit, because you can’t have Allosaurus without Tyrannosaurus Rex, and you can’t have T-Rex
from the Cretaceous, without having Allosaurus
from the Jurassic. So now you have both time
periods top predators in one amazing gift package. – [Mario] Nice. – Pretty cool, right?
– Right. – All right, well let’s
pay for all these goodies. Let’s see what we’ve got. We’ve got the Paleontology Kit, we’ve got the water bottle, of course with the Wyoming
Dinosaur Center logo on there, and of course, T-Rex and Allosaurus. Last but not least, a
couple cases of Moose Poop. One for you, and maybe one
for your younger sibling, or your mom, or your
dad, or your best friend. You can never go wrong with Moose Poop. – [Mario] And don’t forget the popcorn. – Yes. – Why do we have to pay for the popcorn? Always gotta pay for your popcorn kids. Thank you very much. All right, we’re gonna head outside, and give you guys an official outro, and that’s gonna wrap up our visit here to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. All right guys, well that wraps
up our gift shop adventure here at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. Now, to win this ultimate
dinosaur package, all you need to do is write
in the comment section below and tell us why this paleontology kit, and these amazing figurines belong in your dinosaur collection. Sound good to you Mario? – Yep. – All right, I’m Coyote Peterson. – I’m Mario Aldecoa. – Be brave. – Stay wild. – We’ll see on the next location. All right, we’re gonna
have to take this back from you Mr. Utahraptor. Does that sound okay? – Good boy.
– See you. – Mark, Mario, Trent, the three of you are going to be given
the chance to compete in the greatest competition of all time. (bouncy, energetic music) What fun is making s’mores, unless you’re gonna be brave about it, and yes, a little wild. Coyote is, he’s an outdoor guide. So, we’re gonna try to do
an adventure theme s’mores. (upbeat music)

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