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  1. I think David Mitchell's most recent book, Slade House, might be a better place to start. It's got that interwoven narrative vibe that is typically present in his writing but is quicker to read and easier to engage with (and a little spooky!). Cloud Atlas was the first of his I'd read and I wish I had started with that or with Thousand Autumns instead. I've seen a bunch of copies of SH at Harold Washington, and I read it on Overdrive so it's there, too.

  2. Cloud Atlas is one of my favorite books, I read it years ago and still think about the stories! I have since only read The Bone Clocks which was good but I didn't enjoy it as much. Iirc I had to put in a bit more time on Cloud Alas than average but it was worth it ^^

  3. Cloud Atlas was my first David Mitchell, and I think it;'s a good starting point. Slade House is also good, but a lot of people have said it helps to read some of his other books before grabbing that one.

    I read Cloud Atlas more than 5 years ago and it is still a favorite.

  4. I'm getting ready to start The Bone Clocks, which will also be my first David Mitchell foray. Cloud Atlas and Slade House are on my radar too. Here's hoping we both enjoy David Mitchell!

  5. I just brought Linden Hills..can not wait to read it!! The book, Slade House by David Mitchell, is great to begin with. Then you can follow up with The Bone Clocks. Excellent books!! Can you do a review on The Library at Mount Char?

  6. I read Orphan Train early last year maybe or possibly the year before but I really loved it. It made me think about my grandmother and her life. She was born the same time as the one character in the book. I have a ridiculous collection of To Kill A Mockingbird editions, I don't feel so bad knowing i'm not the only one lol. I have found some cool editions though, I'll have to tweet you a picture or something. My husband found me a 1961 first edition (book club edition) at a thrift store for $1.99, I couldn't believe it. I'm still hunting for a first edition that isn't the book club version. I shall have that bugger some day lol. Ohh and I was able to find quite a few of the Agatha Christie books published by Black Dog & Leventhal so thank you for sharing that info in the other video. I got 5 of them already and have started reading her works from the beginning.

  7. blink is a good book to give to anyone who works in Law Enforcement..it talks about having to make quick decisions (in the blink of an eye) and being able to stand by those decisions

  8. i hate Cloud Atlas but i am definitely an outlier. so don't let that scare you off hah. but, if you don't like it, try The Bone Clocks! Mitchell is one of those authors that you might not like all of his books because he sort of tries something new with each one. i still love him even though i didn't like CA.

  9. Books paid for by other people are great! Haha… Cloud Atlas was my first Mitchell book, and it is a book that you will really need focus for… However, it is worth it! It's like Russian nesting dolls. The stories just continue to encompass each other and then come together at the end. This was a great haul! Happy Reading!

  10. I have to get to The Unseen World soon. Literally everyone who reads it seems to love it! I very recently read To Kill A Mockingbird for the first time and it was amazing. New instant fave!

  11. I also have that edition of how to be both! I've never seen another one like it, but that may just me being unobservant

  12. Awesome selections! I wish we had a place with the book box sale here… though really it's probably the library because once a year our main branch does a "whatever you can fit in the bag"/pay what you can sale… and I never buy anything from it. haha! So this is a "grass is always greener" situation? πŸ˜€

  13. So man authors and books I need to read!!! And impressive that you were able to keep your TBR where you wanted it too!! Happy reading Rincey!

  14. Linden Hills was really good. Def give that one a go. It's kinda based on the levels of hell in the Divine Comedy, which makes the story quite interesting.

  15. I've read a few of these and enjoyed them all. I think I remember you talking about Library at Mount Char, I need to add that one to my list!

  16. I've read the Orphan train last year and while I liked it, it haven't stuck with me for a long time, unfortunately. Iforget to mention it with my other read books even.. hm.

    Haven't read any Mitchell too, though I own a few of his books.. oops. Gotta change that.

    Library.. is on my priority reads list. I've started it last year, but haven't gone far. Will continue listening to it soon.

  17. Cloud Atlas was the first book I read by Mitchell and I think yes, it is. I didn't find it as confusing as others did, but then I loved the puzzle and mystery that it set forth.

  18. I've had Blindness on my shelf for quite awhile and I should just get to it already. It sounds really eerie and good!

    Also, I find that Ali Smith is sort of hard to find in the US. I bought the only one I've ever seen in person (and of course, haven't read it yet). Sometimes booktube popularity is disproportionate to IRL popularity, but I'm still surprised.

  19. The Orphan train was the first book I read in 2017. I didn't know a lot about the subject because I am from the Netherlands. I did really like it. Hope you enjoy it too.

  20. I can't wait to hear what you think of Blindness, that one has intrigued me for a long time, just haven't gotten around to reading it. I'm also curious to know what you think of Franny & Zooey, I read that last year and I didn't enjoy it at all lol. I never read any Salinger in school or anything though, so maybe that just wasn't a good first exposure to his writing.

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