Witcher 3: Tell Emhyr he was a Bad Father

it’s big Siri is dead how did it happen the white cold they’re familiar with the prophecy Siri tried to stop it she did but paid the ultimate price word was the body I doubt it will ever be found who else knows Avila elven sage but I doubt you’ll find him either on your honor foot she’s decided to stay in the north provided you don’t object I don’t unto you that’s not your business not anymore mmm did Sevilla say did she ask you to convey anything you weren’t a good father sir II saw you as a threat even if she’d asked me to tell you something I doubt you’d have liked to hear those words understood if there’s nothing else there is but you may go which are I do not wish to see you ever again

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  1. Emhyr: "watch your manners, my army are outside"
    Me: MUTHAFKER, your soldiers are all level 14, they do 2.5 damage to me, SIT TF DOWN

  2. “I do not wish to see you ever again”

    And if it were Radovid, he would’ve tried to have Geralt killed there, I’m pretty certain. That’s how I know he’s the bigger of two evils and he had to go.

  3. This holds weight if you actually took her to Emhyr and she met him, then he probably believes it.

  4. Honestly I think the cruelties thing to say to him is that ciri never even mentioned him. I dunno, that just strikes me as a much colder choice (and of course I picked it)

  5. After first play through I felt sorry for the guy. But after reading the books. I feel nothing but revolution looking at him. A miserable, despicable, vomit inducing pile of putrefaction not worth to spit on. I very thought of having to converse with this piece of garbage is revolting.

  6. Love this interaction. Geralt totally shaming the most powerful man in the continent for his neglectful and selfish attitude. Really seething bitterness between these two.

  7. Emhyr :I don't wish to see you ever again. Gerald : you're not going to see me pulls out crossbow and shots him .Emhyr : Damn it that's the second time that happened you're worse than my bloody dwarf son.

  8. Even though Emhyr wasn't a good father, this was too harsh. He thinks his daughter is dead and dropping that bomb on him as well is just cruel. Emhyr still, looks, sounds and acts like a bad ass.

  9. I am so confused with that line now.
    I have read the books almost complete, and first of all he is not her father and second of all in the books it seems like he's not trying to adopt her, he's trying to marry her.

  10. Ahh not the Emo Geralt!!. So ugly… this is the ugliest haircut of the game ..exept the Scoya’tel one which is the top of abomination

  11. Im currently reading the books and i just found out that emyhr owes his life to geralt when he was still an urcheon

  12. Say what you want about Emhyr, but you can hear the amount of regret and shame he feels when told how bad of a father he was

  13. Charles Dance shows sorrow in his voice exactly in the way a very composed and powerful man would do when not solitary.

  14. I'm almost a little disappointed that they cast Charles Dance as Emhyr. Charles is such a brilliant actor and brings so much charisma to the role. I start to feel something for Emhyr because of Charles' performance. I don't want to. I want to hate Emhry and it's hard because of Charles Dance. I had the exact same problem when he played Tywin Lannister.

  15. Emhyr: "Witcher, I do not wish to see you. Ever again."
    Geralt: exit conversation enter conversation Care for a round of gwent?

  16. This game really humanized Emhyr in a way I wouldn't have expected. In my first playthrough, I played Geralt as quietly rebelling against Emhyr and his "plans." But after awhile, you do see that he does care about Ciri and just isn't allowed to show it.

  17. I feel like it is better to tell him she wanted to say good bye, better for the peasants to have a tyrant emperor that is happy than to have a tyrant emperor that is bitter.

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