#WoWatHellfest Day 2

Hail World of Warcrafters!
I’m Sam, this is my brother in metal Luis, and we are live at the Hellfire Tavern for
our second day of #WoWatHellfest! So today we’re gonna explore a little bit,
talk to fans, show you a little bit more of what we have in store here at the Hellfire Tavern. So stick around for video update number two
of #WoWatHellfest! Charlie Parra on lead guitar! Let’s hear it again! What race did you play?
Undead. Undead… very metal, very metal. Thank you for making the world more awesome, man. Awesome, my pleasure man. Before I came here, I didn’t expect that there would be some World of Warcraft, Blizzard gaming, the theme here. It is such a pleasure to meet our fans here and talk to you guys, and share our games with metal fans. We think there’s huge affinity between metal and Warcraft, so thank you so much, it was a pleasure meeting you. When you are in TeamSpeak, the introduction in TeamSpeak, there’s the murloc cry. It’s great.
Thank you! Thank you. For the Horde! Did you guys see that? On Jennifer’s forearm, it said “For the… something or other.” Might have been the Horde? Yes! We’re here with the legendary L7. I’m Donita. And I’m Jennifer. I play bass and Donita plays guitar and sings. We both sing.
Yeah I sing too. And so does Suzi. So just to start things off, I’m sure you
guys are gonna get sick of this question, but hopefully right now it’s okay to ask…
how does it feel… Yeah I am single, thank you for asking. So Jennifer, I understand that you’re into some of our games. I am. How did you get into World of Warcraft? I got sick a couple of years ago, and a lot of my friends rallied around me to start a D&D night, as most, you know, bringing back D&D. And it was so much fun. That is ridiculously awesome, not only that you play our games but that you play D&D. That is awesome. Duh, who do you think L7 are? You got into Hearthstone after World of Warcraft, so can you talk a little bit about that, what character you play, what sort of deck you play? I’m kind of down for dragon cards, they’re my favorite right now. I just got the Shadowboxer too, which is one of my favorite ambitions. But I don’t buy any, I don’t play legendary cards. No?
Nope. Why not?
Because I wanna… You wanna keep it real?
I like to keep it real and struggle. So what do you really do when you’re not working? Me?
Yeah. I play a little bit of guitar. I like to play games. You really didn’t have to do that, you know. I’m so sorry for this.
Nooooo! Can I high-five you for that move? Alright Blizzard fans, well there you have it. L7. That’s right. Thank you. Well played. We just came out from meeting Judas Priest. I got the honor of shaking Rob Halford’s hand. And the honor of seeing Sammy get a little bit teary-eyed. That’s why I’m wearing the glasses, I’m still a little… a little flustered. We got to hang out with Rob Halford of Judas Priest. The metal god! Dream fulfilled! We also got him to sign one of the best records in history, Screaming for Vengeance, for Blizzard. I’m heading for my 64th birthday on the 25th of August. I never dreamed that I would be such a lucky guy to be able to still be in metal, still be with this incredible band, Judas Priest. Well cool man, it’s fantastic to meet you.
I started working at Blizzard in ’91, and I believe Painkiller came out in 1990.
Right. So that album was constantly just fuelling the creativity. The lyrics from “One Shot at Glory,” with, you know, the power and the majesty amidst the blood and steel. Our games are all fantasy or sci-fi. We work really hard to make every aspect of Priest entertaining as well as musically strong, and I think if you close your eyes you can almost imagine some kind of video game movement to a song like the ones I’ve mentioned. Yeah, “Sentinel,” “Blood Red Skies,”
all have these landscapes. Well it’s been good seeing you man. Fantastic, thank you so much.
Good luck with everything. Excellent album.
It is, it’s a good one, isn’t it. Thanks everybody.
My pleasure. Alright, that’s gonna wrap up our second video for #WoWatHellfest. We got to meet with a ton of crazy metal heads, and all of our favorite World of Warcrafters
from across the world. We even got to meet the legendary metal god himself, Rob Halford from Judas Priest! And we made friends with L7, who by the way are awesome. we also got to play a game of Hearthstone with their bassist, Jennifer Finch. But that’s not all. We have in store a lot of stuff for you guys, so please join us tomorrow for more #WoWatHellfest! Let’s hear it! Nobody.

100 thoughts on “#WoWatHellfest Day 2

  1. blizzard come on change your marketing to someone who doesnt suck… Every IRL marketing of this type you do is so awkward, everything is awkward, the people are awkward.

  2. Guys, if you manage to have a moment with Korn, Jonathan Davis used to play a forsaken warrior so, to see him in this series would be amazing… and I'd have a major nerdgasm XD

  3. I don't understand the dislikes. Like Sam and Luis even have anything to do with raid content or balancing. Chill a little bit and enjoy the metal!

  4. guys what's the name of the song which was playing at the end when Sam screamed? btw really nice video, can't w8 for more! 😀

  5. Looks more like awckwardness at hellfest. Thank god im playing with wow token, wouldnt be paying these guys to run around festivals wasting my money.

  6. That chick with the hair has no clue what she's there for. "My friends got me into dnd when I was sick" LOL

  7. The only reason I ever had to quit WoW were the players, who sometimes seem so narrow-minded. Luckily, I found myself in a great raiding guild with metal fans and ever since I had no intention whatsoever to cancel my sub – I love the game, even with the actual content. And regularly attending metal festivals each summer. Life is so good! 🙂

  8. this is what they are spending our money on? instead of hiring new developers who are willing to take risks?…

  9. maan seeing sam didier being goofy with all this metal stuff and music in the background reminds me of the feeling i had when wc3 finished and all the characters were playing.. im glad Sam is the art director on hots. blizzard has been taking itself too seriously lately..

  10. Oh, how I envy them… About Rob Halford, i mean. He IS a legend, and it's sad that heavy metal have changed now. New metal is much much worse than it was before. And all those glorious bands are old now. Pity.

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