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I’m Chandra from Mysteries of Writing if you’re new to this channel don’t forget
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process and all things writerly and bookish So today I’m talking about chapter one clichés
and as with all things cliché you can always twist them into your own thing and make it
work Number 1 The Jokester Technique now for this
one as the title of it may suggest this technique cheats the reader into believing one thing
is going to happen and then something else happens for example a dream is explained in
the first chapter or some kind of other event takes place and this person that you’ve
been following around dies in the first chapter now this one is a cliché as you may have
come across it multiple times but basically the reason it’s not so good is your readers
can feel a little bit misled and disconnected from your story after that first chapter but
now sometimes it can work so just ask yourself why are you starting it this way? Is it the best way to start your story? And if so then just continue. The 6 O’Clock Time Bomb yeah what I’m
trying to say is the alarm clock you know that wonderful sentence about the alarm clock
going off well nine times out of ten it’s not very interesting unless something interesting
is going to happen right afterwards that’s going to make you want to know what’s happening
at the beginning of the day but most of the time you don’t really want to hear about
your hero getting ready for whatever they’re getting ready for in the Hunger Games the
author did it really well by saying “when I wake up the other side of the bed is cold”
this really brings in some sort of intrigue to the story so like I said it can work and
there’s always a twist for every cliché out there
Number 3 The Mirror, Mirror on the Wall Technique *sigh* this one’s just so lovely isn’t
it? When you describe your character through a
mirror Guys! come on it’s not Snow White wait it might
be I don’t know what you’re writing about that was awkward anyways point is do you look
at yourself in the morning every day and go oh look at those blue, blue eyes, and that
sleek blonde hair and my poufy big lips oh I’m blushing hehe no I’m sure you don’t
but if you do congratulations because you have more time than a 15 year old getting
ready for school no seriously they wake up late but like I’ve been saying the whole
way through there’s always something you can do with a cliché that makes it different
so if you can come up with a unique twist on it and create mystery or something else
behind the whole mirror then of course you can use a mirror to describe your character
Number 4 The Blah Blah Blah Brain Fart now this one is simple you’re giving me too
much information it’s like that first date you know when you’re sitting there and this
person’s just going on and on and on and on and on and on about their life I mean this
is just too much for a first date you know I mean book book first chapter book chapter yes first
chapter pshh I don’t date books I mean I mean I have a life *nervous laugh* anyways
this technique involves the mastery of throwing in an unbelievable amount of backstory going
on and on setting descriptions and on and on history on and on and everything you can
possibly think of about the story that has nothing to do with what’s happening right
now but basically I don’t really have any ideas on how to curb this one but I’m sure
you guys do so if you do leave it in the comments down below I’d love to know
Number 5 The Intense Action Technique now this one as the title may have also suggested
involves an intense scene with a lot of action your hero is in a fight or your hero is in
some kind of very extreme predicament like they’re on a cliff and they’re about to
fall into some really heavy strong rocky waters look in real life you’re probably going
to freak out if you see something like this happen and I’m sure you’re going to care
a little bit about the person even though you don’t really know them your conscience
will probably get the better of you and you’ll want to try and help this person I’m hoping
but let’s take this fight scene for instance one you’re either going to run away from
them or two you’re going to be like who’s the good guy three you’re going to be like
why are they fighting why should I care so basically you get my point your reader
is going to have a lot of questions about what’s going on and they’re probably going
to feel very disconnected and they’re not going to really understand what’s going
on and this is going to make them not care now obviously some genres work with this but
sometimes it doesn’t work with some genres so just be careful of it and finally for the
last time I know I sound like a broken record but if you can twist it around go for it
Well that’s it for now I’d love to know some of the clichés for chapter one that
you guys come up with and let me know in the comments down below I hope you enjoyed this
video if you did please give it a like share it with your friends and don’t forget to

10 thoughts on “Writing a Strong First Chapter: Clichés 📖🤪 | by Mysteries of Writing

  1. uhg the intense action techniques gets so old! I work on films and about 60% of films do this too and it drives me nuts now.

  2. Who does't spend an hour describing them self in the mirror in the morning? That's not weird…
    But seriously nice video. Those were some good points.

  3. Nice video! 🙂 This makes me want to write a book of short stories where I specifically take overused clichés and turn them upside down x)

  4. Cheese wedge, cheese wedge in my plate… how delightful you look in the mirror?
    I've got no idea what I'm talking about… bahaha
    – Tyler

  5. About your last cliche, I think that happen because of the "hook" ? I've read a web-comic that alternated between two scenes, one for exposition/introduction of main characters, and the other for the hook/villain intro, then the two scenes were revealed to happen on the same place, and the characters from both scenes met each other culminating in a bloody fight, really cool 🙂

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