WW2 Japanese war crimes – Japanese Invasion of China 1937-1944 (World war II two -Asian Holocaust)

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    Because of the war, Chiang Kai-shek's army was destroyed in large numbers. Before the war, he believed that the Communists in China should first deal with the Japanese. Although the Japanese failed, the Communist army grew from 30,000 to 1 million. Eventually, China became what it is now. If there were no Japanese aggression, I think China would be better off

  2. Things have changed so much now that America have a trade war with China and they see them as a bigger threat than Russia , as a species we must learn from our history so that it doesn't repeat itself my heart goes out to the people of China and Asia .

  3. anyways  when will USA and South Korea apologize to Vietnam?The atrocities in Vietnam were  quite inhumain  .For example Mai Lai masscre. Since Japanese war criminals were hunged and punished , othere coutnries war criminals should be hunged as well.

  4. Mai Lai Massacre. kids and babys were slaughterd women and girls were gang raped, terrible.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osW9U36KkDs

  5. The United States backed Chiang Kai-shek at the outbreak of this war, but sold him out to Mao. One of the biggest mistakes ever made by U.S. foreign policy advisers/experts.

  6. 10:21 But Chiang started a military coup, broke up with the communists and literally became a fascistic and militarist dictator… He had his own personal militia called the Blue Shirts while cooperating with the Nazi Germany to train the army

  7. On September 18 that year, Japan killed more than 35 million of my compatriots.
    ​They held a killing game, using their compatriots to do living experiments, buried alive, rape, bad things done.

  8. 日本这个国家讲道理是没用的,必须血债血偿让他记忆在DNA里 It is useless to preach reason in Japan. It must be paid for by blood and let him remember in DNA.

  9. At least of the suffering of the Chinese was short lived compared to the suffering of indigenous communities endured at the hands of the Americans and Europeans.

  10. So in short, China's unbelievable comeback to defend their country even when they were blindsided by Japan helped favored the war to where we are now, to say the least. After many attempts, Japan couldn't completely overtake China and decided to go ahead with their initial plan and go for the US. Because Japan's army were split between China and the US they were soon over-numbered.

    The education of the US appreciation of the will of China (like in this video) to help split Japan's army is lost in today's US history books to teach young Americans. If Japan did completely took over China and used their land for resources during the war, history may look very different today.

  11. Noon China binully Ng Japan…at tinulungan Ng America Ang China..ngayon China Naman ang nambubully sa pilipinas…galing Ng China…bumabawi

  12. This probably explains depression and suicide rates in Japan. The people their grand fathers and great grand fathers wronged and killed during ww2 probably cursed them and their decendants before they died.

  13. Why is it there is such good video and imagery of the mass retreat West on here, a documentary from the 1940's, but it's so hard to find the same imagery online in 2019? Some of these images should be iconic.

  14. U know a nazi official that was in nanking was so shocked at what he saw he reported back to the gestapo and they told him to keep it quiet because they were allies

  15. the Japan is a very brutal and unhumane nation. they learned the traditional chinese politeness from confucious, yet they did not learned the ethics of confucious about how to be a humane being .

  16. 5:50 remindes me something, that Soviet Army did free Mongolia and northern China, forced Japan to surrender judged Japanese war criminals but did not destroy Japan, and in 1950s returned Japanese PAWs ( who survived)back to their home.
    But in March 1969 , Chinese killed 59 our boys border troops at Damanskiy Island,

  17. my grandpa was reading in a colleague in Shanghai the day the Japan bombed Shanghai and also bombed their school. after that, my grandpa went to the army. He was a doctor. China was facing disaster at that time.

  18. The japanese government must know this: until they first ADMIT the atrocities they committed, and then really apologize to China, Korea, the Philippines, and the other Asian countries they invaded and plundered, people in those countries will Neither forgive them Nor forget their brutality and savagery.

  19. The Americans might have been better off reading their own country’s history first.

  20. Mao Zedong killed/let die his own Chinese People, about 45 Million, 1958 – 1962. He was worse than what Japan ever did. Also, this 50s Propaganda Movie is just Bullshit.

  21. Fuck em'…just remember…we all suck, they just sucked more than most at that point in time…and we didn't just bomb them to "save American AND Japanese lives". Personally, I think everybody just wanted to see what the hell would happen…I don't feel sorry for them, nor do I pretend that we had purely "humanitarian" reasons for dropping those bombs…and some of you really need to learn more about grammar…jeez

  22. 40s propaganda, just ignore the US war crimes during and after WW2 and still they are raping Japanese woman near every US army base in OCCUPIED Japan. how would you like to have Russian, Chinese or Indian army bases in your country?

  23. Lol at all these patriotic punk ass whiteboys bashing japan. Read on what your ancestors did to Native Americans in the United States before you judge Japan.

  24. I am sorry for Japan’s history,it used to be so nice but when WWII struck out Japan was on the Axis side,committing war crimes and killing millions ,it is a history to look down upon.

  25. The best army was the Brazilian,whites and blacks and indians fight in a same side!!!!na época os exércitos discriminavam e criavam pelotões de negros e brancos, enquanto o exercito brasileiro colocou negros,brancos e índios lado a lado!!!!!isso sim é humanidade!!!!!!

  26. 41:49
    No mention from the American commentator that those Chinese Nationalist Soldiers are wearing German Stahlhelms and holding German Karabiner Rifles. Both the Weimar and Nazi governments supported and sent Officers to train the Chinese Nationalists against the Chinese Communists and Soviets.

    According to my source in the Wiki this cooperation only accelerated when the Nazis took power, its an interesting read I recommend.

    After WW2 The Soviets supported Mao and the Chinese Communists in the same way, its a shame the U.S. didnt do more to support the Chinese Nationalists after Japan. Understandably though since the American armies and industry must have been totally War exhausted.

  27. NOTE: This is an American World War 2 PROPAGANDA programme NOT a Factual Documentary. It therefore contains only what the US Authorities around 1941 wanted you to know, which is that China was ALL good, and Japan ALL Bad. It doesn't for example tell you about Mao Tse Tung the Chinese Communist leader who massacred Millions of his own people just like Josep Stalin in Russia or Hitler in Germany. Note: CTO appears to be the current Chinese Tourist Office, who must obviously think they can re-brainwash current viewers !!!!!!

  28. China has never actively invaded Japan for thousands of years (except in the Mongolian period), and has been communicating with Japan, being its teacher and bringing civilization to Japan.
    What a shame Japan invaded China when China was at its weakest in history and wanted to occupy China and destroy Chinese civilization.
    Japan has yet to apologize to China for its wartime crimes

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