Xbox Battlefield V Supply Drop

[Xbox Sound] [Radio Chatter] JEFF: Video games have been a big
part of my journey of recovery. By using Xbox and video games,
it allowed me a road to recovery. [Radio Chatter] TRAVIS: I’m about to do a supply
drop to someone really special. This limited edition
black and gold console, is specially designed for the
release of Battlefield V. [Music] You and your squad are going to be some
of the first to ever play Battlefield V. I wanna thank you for your service. It’s been a pleasure Xbox it allowed me to
connect with other veterans, I found they had the same issues, and so were able to heal and
bond together playing video games. TRAVIS: Such an epic day today,
just huge thanks to Xbox, OSD Be sure to check out
#GiveWithXbox this holiday season. [Xbox Sound]

100 thoughts on “Xbox Battlefield V Supply Drop

  1. The power of games, truly it unites so many of us. @xbox great job in helping this man along his journey and the journeys so many of us take everyday.

  2. Whiterun guard: you committed crime against skyrim and her people what's you're say in defence
    Dice: I pay my crime (1 gold)
    Whiterun guard: smart man

  3. Why don't you focus more in Xbox Scarlett instead of losing time creating skins (those exclusive editions, not game skins) for the One X?

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