Year of the Mammoth – Standard Format Progression

Welcome, to the Year of the Mammoth. With the first new expansion of 2017, a new Hearthstone year begins and hearlds
a refreshed “Standard Format.” The sets released in 2015,
“Blackrock Mountain”, “The Grand Tournament”,
and “League of Explorers” will become part of “Wild”… …and the updated standard will include the “Basic
and “Classic” sets, along with “Whispers of the Old Gods”, “One Night in Karazhan” ,
“Mean Streets of Gadgetzan” and all the new expansions planned for release in 2017. We hope you’ll join us
in celebrating the Year of the Mammoth, and we willl see you in the tavern.

100 thoughts on “Year of the Mammoth – Standard Format Progression

  1. So … instead of alternating packed expansions and adventures , they are gonna go full greed and release only packs from now on … This is getting way too expensive for me to play …

  2. SO when you pay for an adnventure, After a while, the rewards can barely be used. great so i just wasted money now? Why even bother buying anything other than the classic packs.

  3. There should be like a week of full dust refund on the cards rotating out or maybe something less radical like giving you a good amount of packs based on the cards and the expansions that are being rotated out. Since they introduced wild I have never touched the format and it's like all of the packs I grinded and the expansionss I bought are just gone (at least for me).

  4. Guys, leave this small indie studio alone! They're too busy balancing the game and keeping the meta fresh to worry about stuff like mic quality.

  5. it unfair for league of explorers doesn't have enough screen time in standard if you compare it to black rock mountain which came out earlier but they are going out the same time.
    i actually hate the idea of wild and standard. I know blizz is doing so the game is more new player freindly , how about just fixing the rank system.

  6. I would love to see being able to play the different standard formats, like Year of The Kraken and Year of The Mammoth seperately, being able to experience the old metas and such. I think it would keep the game alive much longer and give you much more use of your cards

  7. Why are so many people saying they're going to wild now? standard is awesome, we got pirates, and pirates, and even some jades, and then some pirates are the too, you guys are missing out!.

  8. guys so cards from the 2015's set will convert to wild ? does that mean the cards I HAVE from 2015, cannot be used in standard mode? And if i CAN keep them, isn't it a little unbalanced that the old players get to keep POWEFRFUL cards, while the new once cant have them ?

  9. you guys really need to stop this madness ! nerfing cards or taking few cards out of neutral set, its won't help your game !!! if you take out (azure drake ragnaros the firelord sylvanas ) you make standard neutral cards be a weakest set !
    you wanna make game feel better ? just rotate out neutral cards and create new set as neutral cards .

  10. Waaah I don't like changes. Time for me to go back to le reddit and flame on Blizzard sum moar xd.
    Even if the changes will overall be beneficial in every aspect of the game.


  11. You have screwed the game. It is in its worst state ever! You had better save it with this expansion.

    Your customer

  12. Go Blizzard! Milk our wallets good! 3 expansions? what a great idea 3
    times the profit. Don't worry it will only cost $200-1000 per expansion
    to get the necessary cards to play this game! Meanwhile more cards like
    small time buccaneer and pirates will be created to crush every other
    deck type yay! :). Profit over quality is definitely way to go great job

  13. Blizzard is a Jewish company so….not much thought needed why it is so simple/dumb/yet kids imagine skill in it = only reason to explain to themselfs why they play in the first place LOL..flip of a coin game…not for any gamers…more for very young kids…if you want to make your kids "dumb"…lol

  14. is curse of naxxramas and the other dungeons going to return in the future along the old packs event and other event packs?

  15. FAIL! They just want more money! Not playing anymore. Instead of guaranteed cards from buying an adventure they are going to do these "hybrid" narrative expansion that require you to buy packs for all 3 new sets. NO THANKS!

  16. i have a question, whisper of the old gods will be playable during all 2017? or when the second 2017 expansion hits, WoTG cards will go wild? also if i craft Fandral Staghelm and then by the time WoTG goes to wild i will get my dust refunded or not?

  17. When will new players be allowed to buy Curse of Naxxramas and have the same cards of the elder players? I don't get why Blizzard wants to give new players a handicap.

  18. does anyone know if I get full dust back from the classic cards that are rotating out? Because honestly I had to dust my way up to Rag and Sylvannas and is f'ing bs that they just decided to remove classic cards

  19. I know we get full refunds of dust for the cards going to the hall of fame but what about cards from black rock mountain, loe, and the grand tournament? Do we get full refunds for those cards too or should I just dust them since I only plan on playing standard.

  20. At least let us have the full dust cost back from the wild cards. Or else this is just another desperate cry for even more money …

  21. I personally will appreciate when One Night in Karazhan rotates out and Standard will contain cards obtainable with dust or packs and not a gimmicky adventure mode.

  22. I spent $180 on GVG and $180 on TGT. I am thrilled that those cards are now irrelevant… I stopped buying packs when they announced the whole rotation system. I get that they wanna make tons of money by releasing 3 expansions per year, but some of us thought cards would be relevant for the lifetime of the game when we spent money in the first few years of HS. I really feel betrayed as a customer. 80% of the legendaries I own are now retired. They will be retiring Ragnaros and Sylvanas too. At least give us a partial dust refund to craft new cards. What a scam.

  23. I bet the Hall of Fame cards will be kinda re-made in the newer sets. Magic would put older cards into the newer sets.

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