100 thoughts on “Yellow Vests: Macron’s Assault on the French People

  1. Thank you so very much UKC to give a voice to french disaster… Merci Georgia Pouliquen pour votre courage !

  2. 01:25:00 je comprends mal ou elle sous entend qu'elle a perdu son emploi parce qu'elle est gilet jaune ? d'ailleurs, autant en français elle ne s'inclue pas dans le mouvement, elle dit toujours vous pour parler des gilets jaunes, autant en anglais, elle ne cesse de dire we we we. ça me fait vachement drôle cette différence

  3. The average person on the street here doesn’t even know why yellow vests protested let alone the brutality inflicted on them

  4. And until brexit goes through we are a part of this, the British government hasnt even reported it when we should be vehemently condemning macron

  5. Thanks !! Now it's worst. 8 reporters under arrest just to tell the truth. Care of you wherever you are.

  6. French online petition against the violence of the State and his massive repression on a social movement :
    Many thanks for your help + support !! Greetings from France

  7. This is the time to take back your country. Your government are not using fair tactics and abusing their powers. Any government that suppresses its populous with disproportional force deserves to be taken down. A civil uprising is being forced upon the people as the only way to oust these criminals in power. I pray for France and its people that the upcoming civil war will be swift and victorious. The world is watching!

  8. J'ai lancé un max de mes amis GJ sur la diff de cette vidéo rt fb etc. ! 😉 Bravo pour cette implication pour la cause commune ! Soutien Goergia ! Bravo !

  9. Coming to a city near you, all over Europe. They use police from the other side of Europe so they are not too concerned about harming the people. This is the agenda, total control. Just try going against the system and see how violent it gets, it's great whilst you are doing as you're told. Wake up, protest this violence against the people.

  10. People like Macron and Merkel think they will be accepted by their owners once they have done the dirty work for bosses, they won't. They are being used and they are too brainwashed to see it, they will be dealt with like their equivalents in the soviet union. These are not statesmen they are snivelling rats from the lower third of the banking system, who's day's are numbered by the way. Traitor's all and they will be dealt with accordingly by their bosses if they're lucky and by the people if they aren't. Viva La France.

  11. Very meagre on facts. Lots of complaining about injuries and police brutality, but I would have liked to find out what the speaker stands for.

  12. Texas watching you are not alone….we too have no rights fake news and have to take an oath to Israel to get flood assistance. I too wear a yellow vest now. Our governments lie too

  13. Thank you Georgia for your courage and your stubbornness. The French people are proud of you.
    Thank you to UK Column for your support. It’s comforting to see that we can rely on our British allies. We count on you to spread these dreadful information as much as you can.
    Long live Great Britain 🇬🇧
    Long live France 🇫🇷

  14. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DKvHU6b6twYg&ved=2ahUKEwj5tajUvbTiAhXCKlAKHc0KASEQtwIwAHoECAYQAQ&usg=AOvVaw0fQZpb9NwD3Xzz4xLalIrH

  15. Very informative and also scary. The level of violence is horrific. Well done to Georgia and all the 'Gilets Juanes', for their resourcefulness and determination to fight the injustice in France.
    I have said before, that I can see many parallels between Nazi Germany and what is currently going on in the UK,( and it seems, in France+other EU countries). Here in the UK, we have seen the targeting of vulnerable people,particularly, the very poor,sick and disabled, and subjecting them to severe extremes of poverty, sometimes to the point of starvation, as we have seen with the DWP deaths(murders), and also the Crimes /deaths committed in the 'Liverpool care pathway',- which was also a policy/tactic employed by the Nazis. What is needed is a Europe-wide fight back; a movement that stretches across all EU states, and a refusal to surrender to their authoritarianism. This needs real solidarity! We need to all stop squabbling amongst ourselves and join together to challenge our real enemy,the establishment, and we need to act fast. Thank you Georgia and Brian Gerrish for bringing this to our attention.

  16. The brave work of the yellow vest movement is changing the World!
    Their is a limited time only free download
    link. https://youtu.be/fMh8N5jyRDU The Philipines have banned George Soros & brought back the death penalty just as a special gift for him.
    Macron is going to get his just deserts in due time also?

  17. 30th May. 9 am Westminster Magistrates court. 181 Marylebone rd, – tube – Marylebone , Edgeware rd. Julian Assange. Second hearing. Lets save this mans life. https://youtu.be/Es6OT4VsQAo

  18. Quelle tarée, quelle mythomane, cette grosse Georgia !

    Allez, il va être grand temps de la ramener là d'où elle n'aurait jamais dû sortir, HP !

  19. Switzerland the root of all evil. The nazi bankers. Look at there schooling the leaders. Templars of Switzerland TS. EU showing its true colours a nazi police state. Brown shirts breaking up political protesters. Eu, evil union of the paedophile leaders

  20. Ce interview doit etre vu par tout l'Europe ! Trop the gents ne savent pas ce qu'il passe en France.

  21. Iv told people & shared since week 17 ( when I found out ) no media in England shows this. …. you are a wonderful brace lady as are others who don the yellow vests x

  22. les français ont mis un coup de pompe monumental dans ce tas le merde bancaire satano maçonnique . On
    en pouvait plus d'asphyxier à ce point dans ce pays avec cette vieille propagande , ces éléments de langage et le politiquement correct qui empêchent de penser. Les Gilets Jaunes ne le savent pas encore , mais rien ne sera plus jamais comme avant . le monde entier a suivi ce qui se passait en direct tous les Samedi à Paris Nantes Bordeaux Toulouse Marseille sur les réseaux . C'est Possible ! l'Avenue des Champs Elysées s'appellera un jour l'avenue des Gilets Jaunes. je mets mon billet sur la table

  23. Essayez de le dire en français, cette langue ne me convient pas, comme a beaucoup d autres personnes françaises, ou non

  24. I see and hear you Georgia! ❤💙❤
    America stands with the people of France! We support you and your FREEDOM! Down with Globalist and Macron tyrants!

  25. https://youtu.be/aOa_Ddg7Z00 Food banks for the poor :-(Amber Rudd is living in a gaslight cloud

  26. It's brave but this woman lives in a cultural-marxist illusion of constitutions, democracies, human rights etc etc.
    Probably she believes the masonic french revolution was a good thing.
    Illegal illegal illegal, Hitler Hitler Htler, nazi nazi nazi. She has no clue what a fool she really is.

  27. It's the same in the USA and Canada-
    90% of the media in France is in the hands of 9 oligarchs, friends of Macron.
    Monopoly media needs to be broken up.

  28. I would like to know from which country the police guard is coming from. She talked about coming from the east.

  29. When speaking about Macron disparaging his people and culture, the taxes imposed, it is a mirror image of what Trudeau is saying about Canadians. Our Prime Minister is very Liberal (far left) yet gives large corporations subsidies and tax breaks. Perhaps we should stop pinning these practices on the "Right"? These are Globalist policies and political lines and references are now blurred.

  30. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAiOilOFUV4 vidéo à savourer de toute urgence . Cela se passe en Amérique mais dans un monde mondialisé il est intéressant de savoir comment les choses bougent dans le bon sens : TRENTE pays sont concernés ::::

  31. Hello from a patriot libertarian in ( Demokratur Sweden ) ❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪👍🤠👍👍👍

  32. How the fuck did the French people vote for that prick macron? I would’ve looked into his background first. You can see he’s a slimy scumbag
    Vote for la Penn next time.

  33. Thank you for your bravery, zeal and testimony. I'll spread the word in Croatia. God bless you.

  34. Police Military units trained by Mossad. Having no* loyalty to the country they are hired to work in ??? 368,000 U.N. troops in the U.S.? because it is a U.N. caretaker property, under Rome ownership by usurpation. James 5:1-5 Soon U.S. will have its turn.

  35. CALIF watching and hearing you. We the people of ALL countries need to unite, there are more of us, but unfortunately too many people are brain washed and wont believe the TRUTH of where they are herding all populations old this world. ALL of better wake up and see what is store for ALL OF US! Bless the brave French People, Ipoh are great patriots!

  36. It's the "Globalists" … pushing for a World Government … governed by the Georgia Guidestones Protocols … chiseled led on a monument in the U.S.state of Georgia. WWW,News-Expose.org
    U.S. cities have been seduced into rubber stamping laws that favor a UN Tyranny. Soviets … Councils of Government … have severely injured self-government and the press is totally controlled by the "Multi-Nationals".

  37. Macron and Castaner and oligarch are war criminals, they kill french people, they mutilate french people, they wound french people nad since 7 months. And the world is watching without doing anything. Where are the help worldwide ? share this fucking video every fucking WHERE

  38. bravo et merci ! c'est ce genre de communication qu'il faut pour aider les gilets jaunes à devenir un mouvement mondial !

  39. Yes, the great manipulator and "smoker-in-chief" in France came to defend the "Social-Liberalism" 🤣 => 😉!
    No more restraint for the followers of Neoliberalism (Name of triumphant Capitalism!) – who with their language rhetoric, true language of wood [especially for this Macron] – believe delusion of their slaves. 1984 from Orwell, we are there !!! 😠 => 🤮

    EU Germany: (conquer Europe 🤫)

  41. Hi there, Hi Brian ! I'm a friend of Georgia POULIQUEN. Brian if you read this words i'm still waiting for your approval to make a french remix of this video on my chanel aminegociateur best regards 🙂

  42. In Australia it's illegal to gather in groups in public places. They slipped this law in when they evoked the bikie law about riding in groups etc

  43. If I had a political party. I would call it the “right party” this meaning it would be a party to put thing right. Also a party that would be far right. To stop and reverse immigration to all non Christians . Also to kick out the Jews and the Muslims

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