Yeongja’s food should be in an art museum [Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2020.01.13]

(It’s time to finish making toast) I had the pork sliced thinly because this way, I don’t need a knife. (One layer) I don’t need to cut it. It looks like bacon. – It’s thin. / – That looks good. That looks delicious. You stacked layers and layers of pork, not just a few. I wanted it to be like pastry. Instead of a thick piece of pork… – Many layers of thin pieces. / – Right. The pork is served on bread? Yes, it is. How is it? That’s really… That’s nice. Its name is “Picasso’s lunch.” – Nice. / – That name is so nice. And when this takes off… She always comes up with great names. “Da Vinci’s snack,” or something along that line. (Trying Picasso’s lunch) This is how you eat this. It’s so good. It’s like brunch, French brunch. I didn’t make this. I painted this. She didn’t make it, She painted it. – Picasso. / – Painting food. It’s not for sale. It’s a painting. How pretty. (That is Picasso’s lunch) (By Lee Yeongja / Cream cheese on bread) Where is the rest of the pork? I’ll grill it for you. You and I haven’t eaten lunch yet. Pork belly. Are you making a new dish? What is that? We’re eating the rest of the pork. I grilled the rest of the pork together. My friend and I had to eat. Oh, it’s for your lunch. You’re making lunch? Lunch for us. Let’s marinate it and eat it inside. Chop that up. We’re making this for ourselves. (Raw crab in soy sauce) (It’s meaty) (With rice) Oh, wow, look at that. Oh, I want that. (It’s breathtaking) I really want some. Just get the meat out. (Amazing savory flavor) Thank you. (Put the crab meat on top of rice) (Sprinkle some sesame seeds) That’s for me and my friend. That looks amazing. That has six different pork cuts, thinly sliced. Why are you filming that when it’s for us? It’s my lunchbox. (Pork and raw crabs in soy sauce weren’t enough?) Oh, no. Aged kimchi, wow. Is that kimchi stew? Aged kimchi. (The winter side dish everyone loves) Aged kimchi? That’s nice. (Chop up cooked aged kimchi) (Add to the simple lunchbox) One for you, one for me. Lunchbox. That one would be a huge hit. I think that one’s nice. Sometimes you coincidentally get an idea like that. That’s true. Oh, no! That looks incredible. That looks so good. My mouth is watering. (Aged kimchi, pork and raw crabs in soy sauce) (Should we launch this? / A luxurious dish is born) You should’ve made that. I know. – I think that is a great idea. / – Yes. You should’ve made that. Why don’t you make that? You could’ve called it Yeongja’s lunchbox. It’s too good to sell. (It’s only for me) Bon appetit. Bon appetit. (Lunch you don’t want to share with anyone) Look. – When it comes to safe flavors, / – Look at the meat. nothing can beat that. You should eat that. Neck, cheek, pork belly, this has everything. Look. (In love) (She won’t share this with anyone) (To prevent rice from spilling) – Pork cuts are delicious individually, / – So good. but it was just as good eating them mixed together, thinly sliced. Put it on top. – With aged kimchi? / – Aged kimchi, wow. That looks so good. That is the best combination. This is Mother Teresa. It brings light to all the dark places. (This spoonful of food shall give you salvation) That looks delicious. Taste familiar to everyone is the taste to be feared. Lee Yeongja’s lunchbox should be extra-large. It’s over. – Picasso’s lunch. / – Lunch. Aged kimchi and grilled pork on rice. (Which dish will Muk-Yuna bring?) Lee Yeongja who’s always the favorite to win. What kind of dish did she bring? Please bring Lee Yeongja’s dish for the judges. (Curious) Oh! That looks like… I can’t wait to find out what Yeongja brought. I brought something everyone is familiar with. It’s aged kimchi and grilled pork on rice. Aged kimchi and grilled pork on rice. I want that. That one would be a huge hit. I think that one is great. (She gathered all the precious ingredients!) (Aged kimchi and grilled pork on rice) (Hello, I am Lee Yeongja) That’s the kind of meal chefs eat. It’s grilled pork. It has various cuts. Yeongja’s dish is… (It’s too strong) It’s neck and neck again. Judges, please begin. You stacked them together like this. – With the aged kimchi. / – Yes, so I made the sauce with the marinade from raw crabs in soy sauce. Pork and aged kimchi are… (They create perfect harmony) (They are not having dinner here) That can’t be bad. It’s a perfect combination. It helps with digestion, and as for the Korean chives… The Korean chives… (Huh?) (What does that laughter mean?) Are you sneering at me? I’ve been belittled before. (Second laughter) I wonder what that laughter means. I don’t know why he keeps laughing. (He keeps laughing but no one knows why) (Chortling) Lee Seungchul lost his mind after eating this. (She is about to lose her mind now) He keeps laughing. The reason why I laughed while eating this is… (What does that laugh mean?) It’s one or the other. Either it’s so good or… Right. Or he felt dumbfounded. (Ultra nervous) This is not fair. (Huh? Why? For what reason?) This isn’t fair. This is the taste everyone wants from Lee Yeongja. This is the taste we want from Lee Yeongja. Wow, you found it. This is, there’s really nothing… I mean, it’s like saying, “Seungchul, shut up.” (That’s right) That was what I thought when I tasted this. And that was why I laughed. (I’m in trouble) If it’s launched, it’ll fly off the shelves. It’s amazing. If you end up picking Jin Seyun after saying all of that, Yeongja might not come back next week. Nobody knows that. I think I could say this. If this were a movie, it’s a blockbuster. It’s a blockbuster. The most delicious port cuts, belly, neck, picnic and skirt… The combination of the flavors was great. (Different pork cuts creating a perfect harmony) This is something no Korean could refuse. No Korean could refuse. The aged kimchi is amazing. It was boiled to perfection in dried anchovy broth, so it was tender and really savory. The kimchi and pork together tasted amazing. (It’s the familiar taste that is the toughest to beat) This was what we wanted. From me? Something that tastes home-cooked. (What we wanted was a warm home-cooked meal) Yeongja might win today. (Yeongja is 200% satisfied) Five different dishes competed today.

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  1. I adore watching her in anything… Yeongja is kindness and sheer joy to watch …. And now she cooks like a dream …

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