Yes or No: AR160 Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Today I’m going to be starting a new series of weapon reviews, called simply Yes or No.
You’ll see why in a second. Today I’ll be reviewing the AR160, the newest assault
rifle, added in the Naval Strike expansion pack. Chances are that a number of you have
already used it or unlocked it. So today’s big question, is should you use
the AR160: yes, or no? YES – And here’s why.
The AR160 is the new king of mid-range. * It has very predictable recoil
* It’s time-to-kill is competitive with other assault rifles in this category
* It has the second-best first-shot recoil multiplier, tied with the SCAR-H
* The rifle is top-tier in bullet muzzle velocity Some things that detract from its performance
* The spread increase is the third worst * The vertical recoil is tied for the worst
assault rifle in the game, again with the SCAR-H
* At 700 rounds per minute, it’s going to lose to every close quarters weapon in the
game But in its favor, all of these detractions
can be countered. When the weapon was first announced a few
weeks ago, I wasn’t really sure where it was going to fit. Its real life counter-part,
the Beretta ARX-160, delivers 700 rounds per minute, and chambers the NATO-standard 556
round. It seemed at the time that the weapon would
get lost between the M416 and L85 at 750RPM, and the CZ805 at 700 RPM. I didn’t know
how it was going to find its identity. The real life counterpart also is capable of chambering
different rounds, so I was wondering if we were going to see something like the ACW-R
from Battlefield 3, with a very unusual damage model.
Ultimately what we got was a carbon copy of the SCAR-H with increased bullet velocity,
rounds per minute, magazine size, and a standard 556 assault rifle doing 25 to 18 damage.
So since it’s so similar, let’s look at the direct damage comparison between the AR160
and its closest relative, the SCAR-H. The SCAR-H does better damage at every range,
except between very specific ranges on hardcore. So why would you want to use the AR160 over
the SCAR-H, magazine size not withstanding? It comes down to the likelihood you’re going
to put a bullet on a moving target. At 31 rounds, you have a lot more leniency to miss
a few rounds and keep on killing. Additionally, the biggest advantage the AR160 has over the
SCAR-H is the bullet velocity. You’re much more likely to hit a moving
target with the bullet velocity of the AR160 vs. the SCAR-H. The simple fact being that
your bullet traveling faster will mean it’s more likely they’ll meet your target before
your target has moved. Probably the most difficult thing to master
about the AR160 are the two most detracting statistics: its extremely high vertical recoil
and its very high bullet spread. Let’s look at the recoil pattern for the
AR160. It has a .5 upwards recoil and a .2 left and .2 right. This means that it’s
pretty much going to pull straight up as you lay on the trigger.
Now this is a very simple recoil to counter, as you just pull down on your mouse while
firing. However, the second not-so-great part of this gun starts to become obvious as the
trigger continues to be held down: that very high bullet spread.
Ultimately, you have to master countering the recoil (downward), and burst-firing the
weapon to get the maximum accuracy and precision from your shots. Depending on how you are
faring with this will influence your attachments, which I’ll get to later in this video. So the best way to use the AR160 is to play
mid-range and try to not be the one charging in. This was a bit of a switch in gameplay
style for me. I had started playing with this weapon at the start of Naval Strike, only
to put it down later, as it was not a good match for my preferred playstyle.
I usually like to really get into the thick of the enemy, but this weapon requires a bit
of a different approach. So back off and let your enemies either come to you, or put yourself
in a good position to get them into your sweet spots.
I had the most success when I could find positions at mid-range, and had the opportunity to stop
moving, and burst my shots against my opponents. I was actually really surprised how quickly
and accurately I could down opponents when I took this cautious approach.
Even in close quarters, I ended up winning some engagements because I focused on the
accuracy of my weapon, and went for those headshots. But for the most part, you do not
want to be caught in close quarters with the AR160 So after reviewing what many of the top players
were using, I found several common attachments for this weapon. Most players tended to focus
on one of the main detractions of the weapon. Some looked for ways to reduce the first shot
recoil, others on the bullet spread, and still others on the ADS accuracy.
What worked best for me was the following combination:
* For the sight, I went with a red dot sight, and eventually unlocked the Coyote. I prefer
the open-ness of the Coyote, but you may prefer something else. Run with what you like, but
I think the weapon works best with the RDS. Reason being is that the high vertical recoil
becomes difficult to control with more magnification. * For secondary, I would either run with a
laser, a 2x, or nothing. It’s personal preference here, and you have to ask yourself whether
you want a slightly better long-range weapon or a slightly better close range one.
* For barrel attachment, I chose the flash hider. So this was the attachment that seemed
to have the most variation in choices among the top players. I saw a lot of folks get
the heavy barrel or muzzle break. However, I still chose the flash hider over these options.
Here’s why: I feel like the muzzle break is a waste and degrades the performance of
the weapon. You really should only be using it if you’re having a hard time controlling
recoil, or if you’re using this weapon in a long-range capacity, in which case I think
there are better weapons out there. As for the heavy barrel, I feel like while it gives
better ADS accuracy, I think that comes at the cost of some of the further mid-range
kills, and particularly a heavy cost the further out the target gets.
I’d play with the weapon and see which of these combos feel better for you. You might
end up liking the Muzzle Break more than the flash hider. Personally, I think the aiming
performance of the gun is amazing enough to not warrant any changes, and picking up the
flash hider is a nice perk. Again, should you use this weapon: yes or
no? A definite yes, especially if you’re a mid-range player. If you like weapons like
the AK5C, M416, L85, and M16, then this weapon is for you. While there are some detractions
to the weapon, they are easily countered. And when you treat it right, the gun is a
very accurate mid-range player. I had a lot of fun playing with it these last few days
and getting my last unlocks and my mastery dog-tag.
So give the AR160 a try, and let me know how you did in the comments below. Please like
this video if you found it helpful or insightful. If you’d like to see more Battlefield 4
videos, please subscribe to my channel. And I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

36 thoughts on “Yes or No: AR160 Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. You're very good at BF videos. Most of the YouTube crowd has gotten lost in fluff, and while all content from a video game contains fluff yours is very minimal. 

    You make strong points, based on data, and direct your videos accordingly. I wouldn't have know these things about the AR-160 if it wasn't for you. Now because of this video I'll give it another chance. After you mentioned players that are fans of the M416, L85A2 and one other gun I knew automatically this would fit under my arsenal. 

    Sub'd, liked

  2. Good video man, we agree in our reviews that it's a very good weapon. Most detractors try to force this into a cqb/aggro role when it should be played mediu/passively. Right tool for the job type of thing.

    Our load outs differ. I use the MB as the penalty only really starts on bullet 4-5 in full auto, if tap firing you won't see much penalty and it helps curb that big vert recoil. Though for me that vert recoil leads to many head shots on my 2-3 bullet.

    I Aldo use the angled grip and I think you neglected to mention under barrel?

    Really liking your stuff man, keep it up and the subs will follow.

  3. Silencer + Ergo Grip was my approach to this gun, i dont know why, but that's how i ended up having the best performance with it.
    Otherwise i have to second the Flash hider, because of the spread increase which is abysmal otherwise with a muzzle brake and having to burst, at ranges at which you wouldn't have to, just sucks 😀
    Overall i favor the Ergo/Vertical grip on this gun. Good video though, keep it up!

  4. Still unlocking stuff for this gun, but since I've unlocked the muzzle break, i have fallen in love with it. Stubby grip and heavy barrel felt really off.

    Adding the muzzle break i have been able to beast my way out of some real sticky situations. Taking out up to 3 guys in close quarters. I'm not very good but that feels bad ass watching them shake then fall.

  5. Darth, you should try this weapon again. They have completely changed it with CTE patch. 

    It used to be a SCAR-H copy/paste without the damage. Literally. Symthic would tell you the same thing. Pre-patch AR160 was a copy/paste of SCARH recoil patterns. 

    Which is why I initially disagreed with your review, as it was a lazy addition to the game, and a pointless gun overall. 

    Now it has equal recoil left/right, but it still somehow kept the FSM of SCARH (1.6). 

    With HB/Stubby it is an absolute monster at med-long range. Up close, of course, it will lose fights to faster-firing weapons since every weapon does max damage up close. HB/Stubby works well because even with HB, the upwards recoil on the NEW AR160 is still only 0.299 which is ridiculously small. I don't like angled grip on it as 1.6 FSM is very small to begin with, and thus you get very small benefit from Angled grips 33% reduction. 

    Stubby provides a flat 15% to your every shot. 

    With HB/Stubby your preferred firing style should be longer 4 – 5 bullet bursts. 

    If you find yourself using shorter bursts, maybe Angled grip will be a better choice, but I feel like longer bursts, even full auto, really really benefit from this weapon's  new legendary accuracy. 

    I was a SCAR-H primary user with 11,000 kills on it, but AR160 has quickly become my favorite gun, with 3.00+ KPM, 20%+ accuracy and over 5000 kills in less than 30 hours. 

    Overall, I find that this is the best 700 RPM rifle out there. It is better than AUG, better than 805, better than AK-12 etc etc. It can even go toe-to-toe with likes of M416 and ACE23 at medium to long range, where their fast rate of fire has less of an impact. 


    [BIA] Three 60 Mafia on Xbox One. 

  6. Darth, i rock a strong famas game but am thinking about switching to an AN-94.. just suggesting.. thanks man.. happy gaming

  7. I was looking through my guns trying to find something that I didn't have a lot of shit unlocked for and I came across this. NOTHING unlocked… had to run into a match with the gun completely naked. lol

    Found out I actually love this thing. Hell, even the irons aren't that bad.

    The AN-94 is another one of those guns that I don't have a lot unlocked for… tried using it for a few rounds and it just doesn't feel right. :

  8. I agree with BIA, I just took the rifle out to try it. Of course I had no attachments and this included iron sights.  Aiming at a wall 30 meters away, I was amazed the extremely tight pattern left on the wall. There was virtually no recoil – laser accurate. So, like BIA says,  take the gun out again and see how you like it now.

  9. hey darth im late as hell but navel strike is free and i just got this gun and love it but would you recommend this setup still

  10. I use this AR with an 4x scope, HB, vertical grip and laser sight. It's great for medium and long range engagements, in fact its strenght is that it can take out targets before they start shooting you cause you've got a better range accuracy than the other assault rifles, imo. HB is worth it, the recoil is really easy to control even on console, once that you get used to shoot enemies at more than 20-25 meters, you are going to blast yhem before they can even see you.

  11. I know I have said it on other videos you have done, but it is worth saying again. Far too many other You Tubers bitch and complain about a gun, not because it is no good, but based on their play style. We, the viewers don't give a shit about your play style, we want to know how the gun performs. This is where you excel. You admit it is or is against you style of play and adopt accordingly. This way, we get to know how the gun really performs without all the drama queen crap of other You Tubers. The other You Tubers, should take a lesson from you. Just because the gun does not fit your play style does not mean the gun is no good. This is why people prefer your videos – they are objective, not subjective. Thank you very much.

  12. Best ARX160 load out now. With the most recent patches this gun is an absolute death laser I use either silencer or nothing on the barrel. If I add anything it would be a heavy barrel. I love the angled grip on most ARs but the ARX160 has an already low first shot I find it does very little for the gun. I rather have a stubby or potato grip makes hosing it crazy good at range. For an accessory either tac light, a laser or the magnified zoom 2x. For sights you have option red dot or an eotech holo 1x sight.

  13. I currently use the AR160 w/ACOG, Canted Sights, Heavy Barrel, and Stubby Grip. If you can control the recoil with short small bursts at long range, you'll discover that bullets definitely go where you shoot them. Currently in the top 4% with the gun, and I pity anyone who prefers to use the L85 in a manner like the 160.

  14. The fucking model annoys me, the gun itself looks nice but it‘s way too small, look like a toy in the soldiers hands

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