Yes or No – AUG A3 Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
Today’s weapon review is of the AUG A3, an assault rifle usable by the Assault class
in Battlefield 4. The AUG has gone through some changes in both real life and Battlefield
4 since it was introduced, but before I get any further, let’s cut to the chase:
So, should you use the AUG A3? Yes, or No? Yes.
It has some deficiencies, but for the most part this bullpup is a stable weapon that
is pretty handy in a ton of situations. Let’s look at the good aspects of the AUG A3:
This weapon has the fastest bullet velocity of any automatic weapon in the game. At 670
meters-per-second, is so fast that only the JNG-90 bolt action rifle and QBU-88 dedicated
marksman rifle are matches. This means that when you shoot a bullet at your target with
the AUG A3, it’s going to get there, meaning very little need to lead your targets unless
they are exceptionally far away. As a bullpup weapon, the AUG A3 has a great
hip-fire advantage over other similar assault rifles. The spread of bullets is roughly twenty
percent less while hip-firing than its counterparts. This advantage is particularly necessary when
using this weapon in a close quarters capacity because of its rate-of-fire which is more
appropriate to mid-range. The AUG A3 is exceptionally controllable,
thanks to its middling rate-of-fire and muted recoil pattern. This makes it nicely suited
to its medium-to-long range game at about thirty to eighty meters. With a little recoil
control on the part of the player’s firing habits, it’s quite good at long range.
The versatility of this gun is pretty extraordinary, and depending on what attachments you use,
it can be made to work in a variety of ranges and situations.
Overall, the AUG A3 has some very exceptional stats, and a lot of middle-of-the-road stats.
Its damage rate is not terribly impressive, but not a detraction either. But there are
some things about the AUG that are not that great:
The AUG’s primary weakness is its reload time. While it’s not the worst in the game, or even
of the bullpup assault rifles, at 2.5 seconds for a bullet-in-the-chamber time, and 3.1
seconds for empty, it’s going to be a relatively long time to reload this weapon and get it
back at your enemies. The aiming-down-sights recoil modifier of
the AUG A3 is higher than other comparable assault rifles. However, while you should
definitely still maintain good ADS habits, there is a slight advantage over other rifles
when moving and aiming down sights. So, this is a little bad and little good combined.
Because it’s not a damage powerhouse, this weapon will lose to just about every CQB weapon
there is. But you shouldn’t be using this weapon in exclusively close quarters situations,
so this point can be negated through strategy. Other than those few negatives, the AUG A3
is a very solid weapon in certain categories with average stats in others. Of the bullpup
Assault Rifles, it’s definitely one of the best among them and the most versatile. The
middling rate of fire, combined with decent accuracy at range makes it a nice all-around-weapon. The AUG A3 is probably one of the easiest
to control assault rifles in Battlefield 4. The recoil pattern is a very modest .26 up,
.235 left, and .185 right, with a first-shot-recoil multiplier of 2.1. Combined with the high
velocity and rate of fire, this puts the rifle in a pretty solid position as a mid-to-long
range assault rifle. So let’s talk about how to control it. Uncontrolled that recoil is
going to pull the weapon’s fire slightly up and to the left.
To counter this pattern, assuming you’re on PC, simply pull down and to the right slightly.
It’s not a strong recoil so it doesn’t need massive correction. Furthermore, because the
weapon has a low spread-per-shot increase of .091 degrees, you can squeeze off more
rounds in a burst to control the balloon. You’ll want to fire this weapon in bursts
of about five to seven rounds apiece, as this will guarantee a kill against most targets.
It’ll also give you the tightest spread possible with this weapon, particularly at range where
all the recoil factors come together and really matter. Now this is one of the weapons in the game
that, because of its bullpup design, lets you accomplish a wide range of tactics. The
extremely fast bullet velocity is a serious edge in longer-range engagements, and the
bullpup design of this weapon makes it no slouch in close-quarters battles. While it’s
not great in CQB, but it can certainly hold its own.
That being said, I found that this weapon was really the ultimate in post-up, stop,
and shoot assault rifles. Meaning if I advanced, found a defensive position, and used it to
pick off enemies it was the most effective means of using this rifle. This reminds me
a lot of the AR160, and while I don’t think it’s quite as laser-accurate as that weapon,
the AUG A3 is a very powerful mid-to-long range assault rifle for when a DMR will just
not do. But don’t get me wrong, this weapon is no
replacement at long range for DMRs and bolt actions; the AUG A3 is just very versatile
and very strong at longer assault rifle engagements. While the weapon is most effective at holding
a position and then advancing, I found that it was actually quite versatile at many situations,
unlike some of the other assault rifles. While I would very much prefer to stop and shoot
with this weapon at mid-to-long range, the on-the-move accuracy bonus of the bullpup
makes this weapon surprisingly effective when strafing and shooting at closer range. With
the right attachments, you can really make this weapon do pretty much anything you’d
ever want. But I’ll get to that in the next section.
One thing you’ll want to have mastered for the AUG A3 is knowing when to aim-down-sights,
and when to hip-fire. Because the weapon is not that great in close quarters engagements,
you’ll need that extra time in CQB to come out on top. I’ve mentioned this before, but
if the target is closer than about ten to fifteen meters, you should be going for hip-fire
kills instead of ADS kills. Especially on a bullpup weapon like the AUG A3 that gets
added bonuses for hip-fire. Finally, keep in mind that the reload time
on this weapon is particularly dangerous, especially if you’re a compulsive reloader
like me. While it’s not atrocious, at 2.5 seconds the reload time of the AUG A3 means
you may need to consider when to reload. Specifically, I found myself in trouble when trying to advance
while reloading, or reloading too frequently because I always felt like I was not going
to win in situations where two (or more) enemies are in close proximity.
At the very least, I recommend you bring some serious close-range firepower as your secondary,
and I found myself running with the Deagle and 93R most of the time. Because the AUG
A3 is excellent at ranged engagements, you can leave the magnums at home. I’ve said already that the AUG A3 is a very
versatile weapon, and its attachments make it even more so. You can very nearly turn
this weapon into anything you want, and I have one loadout that worked best for me.
But first, I did some research and took a look at what the top Battlefield players were
using on I found that the red dot sights were easily the most popular sights,
most players ran with no accessory, the heavy barrel and flash hider tended to be near even
in popularity, and the potato and stubby grips were the most popular grips. My setup is similar,
and I did end up running a number of other loadouts for evaluation purposes.
For my optic, I ran with a 1x Holo sight. This is a bit of personal preference on this
weapon, but I felt like this sight worked best for the mid-to-long range engagements
of this weapon. You might be able to get away with a 3.4x or even 4x scope, but I think
the versatile nature of the AUG A3 makes those sights weight the weapon just a bit too much
towards the long range, and severely guts the close-to-mid range capability. The Holo
gave just the right amount of reach and close range capability, especially when combined
with my accessory. My accessory of choice should be a no-brainer
at this point: it’s the laser sight. You really just can’t go wrong with a bullpup that’s
great at hip-fire when paired with a laser. It gives the AUG A3 just a little bit more
edge in close range fights. I did try out a magnifier here as well, but I just don’t
feel like it gives enough benefit to not use the laser. If you can’t remember to turn your
laser off when you’re not in close quarters, running with no attachment is a reasonable
option, if a bit wasteful. For the barrel, I ended up going with the
heavy barrel. The low upwards recoil modified to modestly increased upwards recoil is easily
countered by more downwards pull. The tighter spread that you gain when aiming-down-sights
is totally worth it with the AUG A3, especially considering that it works best at mid-to-long
range. The heavy barrel is a pretty natural pairing with the AUG because of the 700 RPM
and its fast bullet velocity. It turns the weapon into a laser rifle, especially when
paired with an appropriate grip. Because the weapon has a relatively low first-shot-recoil
multiplier and a low spread-per-shot increase, my underbarrel attachment of choice was the
stubby grip. The bonus to accuracy with prolonged fire pairs well with the ranges that this
weapon operates. At maximum range, it’s going to take six to seven bullets to down your
opponent, and the spread can increase somewhat substantially over range. The stubby grip
helps temper that, and gives you a nice advantage during prolonged firefights. It also is a
nice pairing with a weapon that is already running the heavy barrel because you’ll want
to get the most advantage out of that tightened spread.
Now, this isn’t the only setup I ran with, and the AUG A3 is a very versatile weapon.
I also ended up using two other combinations that I found to be relatively useful in the
right situations. For maps where I thought I would have more close quarters encounters,
I would run with a vertical grip and a suppressor. This drastically decreases the weapon’s ability
at long range, but amps up its on-the-move killing power.
Slightly less impressive was the flash hider and angled grip combination. It helped to
make the weapon particularly deadly at mid-range, but just didn’t work quite as well as my other
combinations. I found myself trying to use this setup like the M416 to no good effect.
The AUG A3 is not quite good enough at close-range run-and-gun to outshoot the weapons that are
best in ranges closer than 25 meters. So choose your setup appropriately depending
on your playstyle, but I recommend picking up attachments that help the gun where it
works best: at the medium-to-long range engagements. The AUG A3 is a versatile weapon that’s particularly
good at medium-to-long range, and it can hold its own in close-up battles. If you want a
weapon to nicely compliment this range in your playstyle, the AUG A3 is a definite winner,
and a definite Yes. It’s not alone out there though, as I found
that the AR160 is also a great long-range assault rifle, and it may actually be better
in a number of situations. If you want something that works better at
mid-range, and definitely a lot better at close range, I’d recommend picking up the
M416. And if you find yourself missing the bullpup weapons, the L85A2 is also a serious
contender. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If
you found this video helpful or insightful, please leave it a like. If there’s something
you think I missed, or if you have a different weapon you prefer in long range situations,
please leave a comment below. Be sure to leave a comment if you have a weapon you’d like
to see in a future episode of Yes or No. If you’re new around here, check out my channel,
and please consider subscribing. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next
time, YouTube.

59 thoughts on “Yes or No – AUG A3 Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

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