Yes or No – Bulldog Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s weapon is the Bulldog — introduced
in the Naval Strike DLC, it was almost immediately labeled overpowered because of its very fast
killing potential. And then people actually started playing with
it. It’s definitely one of the coolest weapons
in the game, and one that packs some serious punch. I got a ton of requests for it, which is why
I’m reviewing it today. But is the Bulldog a weapon you should be
using: Yes or No? Yes. But just barely. This is more like a meh. I very nearly said no to the Bulldog, because
beyond extreme close range, its major detractions take over completely. I can see why people like it: it’s a very
unique bullpup with a high damage model and a great time to kill. But I’ll talk about that and more as I list
off the good features of the Bulldog. At 33 maximum and 24.5 minimum, the Bulldog
uses the 7.62mm assault rifle damage model, which means that it is fatal in two to five
shots. Make no mistake, the effect on the weapon’s
time to kill is only further multiplied by its rate of fire. Speaking of the rate of fire and time to kill,
the Bulldog is blazing fast at a second-in-class 259 milliseconds. The Bulldog achieves this amazing kill speed
by fusing the 7.62mm damage model with the faster-than-usual 700 round-per-minute rate
of fire. I say “faster than usual” because the
other automatic 7.62mm weapons fire at a much slower rate. The other advantage of the Bulldog is that
it is a Bullpup weapon. This means enhanced on-the-move and hip-fire
capability. Drawing on an opponent faster than usual with
this weapon by hip-firing means that you’ll have some pretty substantially firepower already
aimed at them when they can do nothing about it. Pretty much only the shotguns are going to
beat the Bulldog in this circumstance in CQB. Those are the primary benefits of the Bulldog. It offers very good damage in CQB and not
much else. I’ll talk more about the ranged problems
later on. In general, the detractions on the Bulldog
are really, really bad. So let’s talk about those. With only 20 bullets per magazine, you’re
going to be carrying at most 21 rounds to get the job done with the Bulldog. Normally I wouldn’t consider this as much
of a problem with the 7.62 weapons, but the Bulldog’s accuracy becomes pretty atrocious
beyond 15 meters. And there’s a lot more Battlefield beyond
that range. Add in the fact that you’ll be emptying
this magazine at a pretty good rate, and you’ll be reloading pretty often with the Bulldog. Frequent reloading is why I actually list
the reload speed as a negative on this weapon. On CQB weapons, spending time in a reload
is a major achilles heel. Particularly if they can’t reload very quickly. Unfortunately, the Bulldog pulls of its fast
reload at 2.5 seconds, and the empty reload at a longer 3.2 seconds. This isn’t the worst-in-class reload, but
you’ll be frequently reloading because of the magazine size. And you’ll find it getting in the way pretty
often if you’re in CQB with lots of enemies nearby. The reload disadvantage is one of those aspects
of the Bulldog that looks okay on paper, but when you actually play with the weapon becomes
a major detraction. The bullet velocity of the Bulldog is only
450 meters-per-second. This is the worst of the assault rifles, and
only moderately better than engineer PDWs. This translates into extremely poor performance
attempting to hit moving targets at range. Which really just pushes this weapon further
into a CQB-exclusive role. The accuracy stats on the Bulldog are just
awful. The total combined recoil is among the highest,
the left/right at .37 degrees-per-shot is the second worst in class, the upwards recoil
is .5, and it has the second worst spread increase per shot at .121 degrees. The only bright spot is the first shot recoil
multiplier is only 1.75. This all means that the weapon performs very
poorly even at mid-range. So the Bulldog has some major drawbacks. Most of which are its limited accuracy at
range and questionable staying power in long fights in CQB. From a gameplay perspective, I think it’s
a relatively adequate weapon once you get used to its shortcomings. But even if you train yourself to be perfectly
accurate with this weapon, it still falls apart pretty quickly beyond 15 meters. I did some analysis between the likelihood
of hits and time to kill on the Bulldog, and pitted the weapon against two other plausible
choices, the SCAR-H and the FAMAS. What I found is that while the Bulldog is
a viable choice at ranges closer than 10 meters, beyond 15 meters the SCAR-H takes over entirely. Also, the FAMAS will almost certainly outperform
the Bulldog at ranges of less than 10 meters. So that’s what you really need to figure
out with the proposition that the Bulldog offers. If you absolutely must have the best 7.62
automatic at extreme close range, the Bulldog is okay. Without an edge, the FAMAS is still better,
and so is any shotgun. So the only role that the Bulldog does well
is giving you the power of a shotgun with the ability to suppress your fire. Which is something of a novelty. The bulldog is a mad dog of sorts, it has
a pretty wide left/right deviation that makes it relatively inaccurate in a short amount
of time. The recoil pattern is .5 up, and .37 left,
and an identical .37 right. With a first shot recoil multiplier of only
1.75 times, it’s going to jump on that first shot, and travel up and outwards pretty quickly
thanks to that .121 degree spread increase per shot. Essentially it’s going to make a long and
wide V-shape. To counter this recoil, thankfully you’ll
just be pulling straight down. That’ll only get you so far, as the weapon
will continue to bloom the longer you burst. Courtesy of its high damage, you’ll only
need to fire four-to-five round bursts to kill your target. The first shot recoil multiplier is pretty
decent, but the recovery is slow, so don’t try to go lower than four shots per burst. Controlling your shots will generally give
you the best chance of downing your target beyond 15 meters. Now, I think the first thing that should be
on your mind whenever you use the Bulldog is to make sure you’re using it in appropriate
circumstances. If there’s a strong likelihood that you’re
going to be engaging targets beyond 20 meters, you’re probably bringing the wrong weapon
to the fight. The Bulldog is going to do best on close quarters
maps, and CQB modes like TDM and Domination where the ranges are a bit shorter. If you insist on playing with the Bulldog
on maps where that have a mix of both CQB and longer ranges, you’ll want to try and
stick to those CQB areas. Keeping close to cover when you’re lining
up long range shots is going to be a good idea, simply because you’re going to want
to keep your options available to you if you’re not lucky with the spread and the target has
a better ranged weapon than you. The next thing you’ll need to master is
when to hip-fire. Usually I stick to hip-fire at distances closer
than 10 to 15 meters, but in the case of the Bulldog you’ll probably want to keep it
somewhat closer than that. Paired with a laser, the bullpup Bulldog does
pretty well at hip-fire and this will be how you engage close-range targets. Finally, when you run out of ammo with your
magazine in CQB, you’ll want to have your secondary on speed-dial. The bulldog can handily take care of two enemies,
and sometimes you’ll need to secondary swap for that third enemy. So the G18 or shorty does pretty nicely. You will, however, want to be careful not
to push while reloading as the Bulldog’s reload is pretty lengthy, especially when
empty. There are definitely attachments you can go
for to try and improve the accuracy of the Bulldog, and then there are attachments you
can use to actually improve the strengths of the Bulldog. From, I checked out what the
top killing Bulldog players used — and they’re all over the place. So we’re going to ignore them since I don’t
think they know what they are doing. Instead I’m going to talk about what I preferred
and what worked for me. For the sight, I usually went with the Kobra. You could probably make a case for the Coyote,
but my personal favorite for this weapon was the Kobra. It’s just a hair easier to pick out the
center when I have three bars directing me towards it. Plus I’m not a headshot aficionado so I
mostly go for the upper torso, which works pretty well on the 7.62mm weapons as the recoil
generally pulls into the head anyways. I also ran with the Holo sight on occasion
but I wouldn’t recommend it. Next, my accessory of choice was the laser
sight. Green or red, whichever you prefer, but given
that the Bulldog performs best in under 15 meters, you should definitely be running a
laser as much as possible. You’ll want that increased accuracy in hipfire,
particularly because the Bulldog is somewhat unruly in the left/right deviation. Now for the barrel attachment, I decided to
exploit the Bulldog’s strength. It’s best in close quarters, and it’s
already a slow velocity weapon, so I threw on a suppressor. The suppressor keeps me off the minimap to
help cover those long reloads, and I found it helped me to keep the killstreaks going
much longer than I would have been able to otherwise. I think the strength of the suppressed Bulldog
is that it brings the killing speed of a shotgun without exposing you on the minimap. To play to those strengths some more, I put
the ergo grip on for maximum benefit. It gives a pretty sizeable boost to on-the-move
aimed fire and hip-fire. Of which I want as much as I can get to keep
the Bulldog good in the short game. Now if you want to make the Bulldog a more
accurate weapon, you could try the comp/stubby combo, but I found that to be pretty woeful
for playing to the Bulldog’s close-range strengths. So I’m really not impressed with the Bulldog,
but I think it has enough of a role as a suppressed close quarter-only weapon. Outside of that very, very narrow band, the
Bulldog is outclassed by everything. I’m giving the Bulldog the very slimmest
of Yes votes, but for the most part I think that the Bulldog is a novelty. If you want a better option, you should definitely
use the SCAR-H. It’s better in every way that the Bulldog is lacking for a fractional
cost at extreme close distance. If you need to go CQB, the semi-automatic
DBV-12 has more than enough power. It’ll easily put down any competitors and
then it just keeps on going. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the Bulldog, please let me know in the
comments below. If there’s a weapon you’d like to see
reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

61 thoughts on “Yes or No – Bulldog Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. Hi Darth! I have been torn between the L85A2, the M416, and the SCAR-H. I really can't decide which one to stick with, I have watched your yes/no's on the Scar and the L85A2 and I've cross compared all of them on Symthic. They all seem to fit my play style very well and I could really use some input from my favorite Youtuber.

  2. I dont know why Dice keeps making awesome CQB weapons with long reloads. IK that they follow the golden rule of the bullpup stats but it really makes for some questioning gameplay bc these weapons shred 1-2 enemies but end up killing you when you need to reload. Even more evident bc i play consoles and bursting is more difficult.

  3. I like the Bulldog, but is so hard to control for me, i get killed by SARs and AR160s all the time at medium range 🙁
    Good video Darth

  4. Damn, the quality of this video is just mind boggling. Lvlcap does similar videos with his load out series, but you sir, you make everything so much more clear in my eyes! Thanks!

  5. Can u please review the Ace 21 cqb!!
    We all know about the Ace 23 already and it would be sweet if we could get your ideas about the Ace 21 cqb. Either way, keep up the good videos 🙂

  6. Well… when the Bulldog came out, in true DICE fashion it was overpowered as all hell, even if it had a lengthy reload. It's literally had everything imaginable nerfed, from recoil, to damage all the way to magazine size. Everything. So while I agree that it definitely felt more powerful on the receiving end than using, people had the right idea from the get-go, now having been reduced to a novelty weapon.

    Sweet video as always, sorry I'm so late to the party this time!

  7. The upwards recoils feels almost too heavy to control on the console, so muzzle brake seems like an ideal attachment with a stubby to counter its negatives. The 1st shot recoil is low enough, so I find angled grip isn't really needed. Usually only run this in Locker for the reasons stated in this video. But despite its hefty negatives it's one of the coolest sounding and badassest reloading weapons in the game.

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  9. i did my mastery dog tag with it and that was it…. i mean i really love the sound this gun make and his look but that above average reload with low bullet count is killing it for me, great vid btw 🙂

  10. A very well thought out and high quality video. Good job! I'm afraid to use this weapon because I'll get labeled a scrub.

  11. I run the bulldog with stubby/hbar and get solid performance up close and with range. bursted right, it can get kills out to ranges that seemed to be the medium range on your vid.

  12. arguably the best gun in the game. like the scar and famas had a baby. only four guns can reliably beat it at close range. shotguns, cz, famas, and asval. the bulldog does better at long range imo. making it more versatile then the guns mentioned above.

  13. It's crazy how smaller you tubers put in so much more effort than bigger tubers and aren't getting recognized, love your vids darth keep it up

  14. I hold darths opinion in the highest regard.I believe he's one of them most underrated you tubers when it comes to battlefield his videos are extremely informative and have helped me a bunch.thanks Darth

  15. You miss the fact that it is select fire, due to the high damage per round it performs decently at long range in semi auto, it's not DMR tier, but it's far from bad when compared to other ARs or anything with a remotely similar TTK.

  16. This gun was amazing till they nerfed it, but it's still a good gun which kills well at every range up to like 40m imo, you see what your saying about the recoil means that you don't know what you're doing controlling guns, now you might go on about accuracy but it's not so bad when the bullets still do a lot of damage when they hit at medium range and enough still hit. I think you were quite off with this review.

  17. Love your vids but why a yes to this and a no to the famas? You even said the famas is outright better

  18. You aren't microbursting at range like you should. That's why you're not getting those kills..and you're playing on normal setting ❌❌❌
    Personally, I use semi auto at range and use my ar like a DMR✔️

  19. This is some utter bullshit, the bulldog is a full auto DMR. Slam on a JGM 4X scope, heavy barrel, canted ironsights and a bipod, and you will have the most versatile weapon of the game. Just use full auto with the canted sights and semi auto with scope on mid range and for extreme long range sniping, use the bipod to get +300M headshots no problem. The reload speeed is not an issue in CQB after simply getting used to it. If you dont want to use the bipod, replace it with the potato grip for even better accuracy while running and gunning in semi auto.

  20. Coming from someone who’s favourite weapon is the Scar H, this is an amazing weapon. It is made for CQB, and if you’re skilled with recoil control, even on console you can just slap a compensator on it (vertical recoil is really easy to control) and an angled grip. Tap fire among 30m, and you can go up to 70m. Which is where most of your engagements should be. In close range, what you should really carry is M67 Frags, with the offensive perk. Even M320 LVGs if you want, this gun is perfectly made for controlling corridors, with the right equipment. I’ve gotten 12 kills in the space of 30 seconds on the corridor south of A (from the US side) where the ladder is. I zou zou jumped around the corner, got 2 kills, reloaded it, got two kills again, needed to reload, threw a grenade to keep them at bay, reloaded, caught them off guard, 3 kills. And the process was repeated. At the range I was at, I could’ve one hit them with a 870 MCS, but if we got pushed back to B, then C, I’d start to flank (as that is my playstyle) and to flank, I’d be engaging the enemies at ranges consisting of 20-100m. This is also why I use a
    .44 magnum with a 3x. If you’re not a BF veteran, you could just use the Unica instead.

  21. The Bulldog is a living example of an oxymoron. All aspects of the gun works against each other. High damage, but crap spread and MV, so unlike the SCAR, it's not efficient at dishing it out. Low RoF and long reload, so unlike the FAMAS, you get both higher effective ttk AND longer vulnerable time on reloads.
    Not trash tier, but pretty outclassed.

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