Yes or No – FAMAS Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here:
This time around on Yes or No I’m reviewing the FAMAS, an assault rifle in Battlefield
4. It’s probably one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and one I don’t see a
whole lot of. So today I’m going to give you a simple Yes or No answer on whether or not
you should be using the FAMAS. So, should you use the FAMAS? Yes, or No?
No. That might sound strange if you’re a fan of
this weapon. I have to say that over the last two weeks while I’ve been thinking about this
weapon, it’s gone both ways. This weapon is both simultaneously one of the most amazing
weapons in the game and also one of the most terrible. But I will justify that grade. So
let’s look at its positive aspects first: First is the extremely low time-to-kill. It’s
the second fastest automatic killer in the game, right behind the AS VAL. Unlike the
AS VAL, it maintains its killing potential at further distances. But its true killing
potential is in its ability to saw enemies in half at close range.
All that killing power is derived from its extreme rate of fire. At one thousand rounds
per minute, this monster is the fastest firing assault rifle in the game and is tied with
the CZ3A1 as the fastest firing weapon in the game.
It’s a bullpup weapon, which means it gets bonuses across the board to firing on the
move and hip-fire as compared to other assault rifles. This comes in handy at close range
to give it another tick against the instant CQB killers like shotguns.
That’s pretty much it for the positives about the FAMAS. It knows what it wants and what
it wants is pure firepower. For the most bang in the game, it sure gives up a whole lot
of buck, and that leads us to the negatives: Speaking of buck, this weapon bucks like a
bull in a rodeo driven by a rider that just ate some bad five-star chili. If that doesn’t
paint an image in your head, then know this: the FAMAS has the worst recoil in Battlefield
4 by a landslide. Only the M240B has worse combined recoil, and that’s a slow-firing
belt-fed machine gun. With the FAMAS, you have to fight against an RPM that is nearly
twice that of the machine gun. That firing rate gets this weapon in trouble
quick, as the FAMAS has the smallest magazine capacity of the five-five-six millimeter weapons.
It goes from full to empty in about one and a half seconds. If you’re not ready for it,
it’s extremely easy to empty your entire ammo capacity into just a few enemies.
But that’s not all, as easily the worst feature of this gun is its extreme reloading times.
You can counter the other problems, but it’s hard to escape the 2.8 second minimum reload
time, and 3.55 second maximum reload time. For a weapon that dominates in close quarters,
and runs out of ammo with surprising rapidity, this kind of reload time is almost certainly
a death sentence. This plays into the weapons controllability,
but the spread of this weapon is also the second highest among the assault rifles. Per-shot,
those bullets spread quickly, and uncontrolled the weapon turns into an inaccurate mess,
especially the further out your target. Other than those extreme positives and negatives,
the FAMAS is a pretty typical assault rifle. It’s bullet velocity is an unremarkable 630
meters-per-second, the first shot recoil multiplier is only 2.5, and it does damage out to a respectable
975 meters; if you’re lucky enough to hit a target that far away.
For what it is, it’s an extremely effective close-quarters killing machine. Based on your
ability to control the weapon, it can be good at medium range, too. This is probably the most important aspect
of the FAMAS, as beyond close quarters, it requires an absolute mastery of recoil to
use effectively. The recoil pattern is the harshest among the assault rifles, at .4 up,
.4 left, and .6 right. Uncontrolled, and with its extreme rate of fire, it’s going to pull
up and to the right at lightning speed. You’ll also notice that the weapon balloons extremely
quickly thanks to that spread-per-shot increase. This weapon is a monster for recoil, but it’s
not impossible to control. First, to counter this pattern you’re going to need to pull
hard down and to the left. That’s still going to leave a pretty wide spread.
To counter the spread, bursting the weapon is going to be critical. You can try for longer
bursts of five-to-six shots at close range, but at mid-to-long range, you’re going to
have to microburst the FAMAS. That means firing in two-to-three round bursts. This will give
you a bit more accuracy at range by controlling that spread-per-shot increase.
If you can master controlling the FAMAS, that’s a good part of the negative points I mentioned
on this gun. So the FAMAS has incredible strength, but
that strength is at close range, and the primary tactic you have to concern yourself with is
getting into close quarters and staying there. This is easier to come by on Team Deathmatch
and Domination, but much more difficult on Conquest and other, more open game modes.
This means sticking to cover and avoiding exposure in long lanes of fire, because you
aren’t going to win engagements at that range. When you get to that one-on-one in close quarters,
you’re going to win every time. But that’s also where the great Achilles heel of the
FAMAS kicks into play. You can easily kill one enemy in close quarters every time, killing
that second enemy also comes by pretty simply in most situations.
When a third enemy rounds the corner, unless you’ve carefully rationed your ammunition,
you’re going to either run out of ammo before finishing the job, or you’re going to have
to switch to whatever secondary suits you. If you’re already engaged when the switch
happens, you’re toast. So ultimately you have to control your engagements.
This is easier said than done. Because of the close quarter nature of this weapon, if
you’re using this weapon right, you’re going to be in immediate proximity to danger all
of the time. Mistakes aren’t an option for the FAMAS. “Controlling your engagements”
for the FAMAS means: having perfect minimap awareness, perfect ammo control, perfect recoil
control, and knowing when to keep yourself safe when reloading.
That might sound a bit intimidating, and it should be. And when you do all this even 80%
right, you’re going to absolutely tear through everybody else on the Battlefield. But unfortunately
for the FAMAS, very little goes right all the time, and its weaknesses make themselves
apparent time and again. Get caught out of position – time to aim and
test that recoil control. Miss out on recoil control – bam. You’re already
out of ammo when it counts. Run out of ammo prematurely – uhoh. Now you
can’t deal with additional targets and you’re out of the fight.
Can’t get out of the fight – and you’re now dead.
So I’d classify the FAMAS as the highest risk assault rifle, and maybe the highest risk
automatic weapon, in the game. But there are a few more tricks you can use to make this
weapon work for you. First, I’d highly recommend running the offensive
field upgrade with this weapon. The sprint will give you the ability to get to where
you need to be faster. The ammo upgrade, which is pretty easy to get, will make sure you’re
not bleeding your ammo supply dry. Otherwise the fast rate of fire on this weapon will
cut your runs short pretty quick. Just make sure you’re in a squad earning points.
In that line of thinking, and if you’re having a particularly successful run, you’re going
to run out of ammo on this weapon. Definitely be ready to play a sudden game of scavenger
when you start running low on overall ammo. You’ll need to start thinking about picking
up somebody’s weapon when it’s time to drop the FAMAS.
Next, if you’re objective minded, be sure to plan your approach to objectives. Keep
cover close, and your secondary on speed dial if you need to reload. If trouble comes calling,
you need to be able to put them down fast, as they have a rifle full of ammo coming for
you. However, if you’re playing TDM, where it comes
down to K/D, think more about using the weapon as a quick-strike tool. You can get in, get
a few kills, and back out fast enough to cover your reload. You’re the objective here, so
the pressure to continue pushing is up to you for setting the pace.
If you find yourself at range, microbursting is going to be your best friend. The weapon’s
spread-per-shot increase is going to make longer bursts pointless at range. You may
even want to switch the weapon to burst fire mode at these ranges if you have trouble controlling
it otherwise. Burst fire mode is also not a bad idea for ammo control. But leaving burst
on all the time removes the biggest strength of this weapon at close quarters. So don’t
do that. Ultimately, the tactics for the FAMAS come
down to control. Controlling the weapon, and controlling your engagements. When I think about attachments for a weapon,
I generally consult the statistics on The results for the FAMAS were pretty interesting.
So your first instinct might be with the incredible recoil of the FAMAS to try and counter it
with a muzzle break. Literally nobody in the top fifteen PC players
did this. Instead, it was a near even split between the compensator, which would dial
in that left-right recoil, and more surprisingly, the heavy barrel. That last one might seem
like madness, but I’m going to get to that in a moment. Finally, the top players nigh-universally
chose red dot sights, lasers, and the angled grip.
So what did I go with? For my sight, I chose the Coyote red dot sight.
Its wide view is well suited to close quarters combat, and it’s probably the red dot sight
you’ll want to use on most short-to-mid range weapons. I probably aimed down sight a bit
too often in close quarters when I should have been using hip-fire, but pretty much
as long as you get your gun lined up and pull the trigger first, the target is going to
flop over pretty quick. As an accessory, the laser sight is pretty
much a no brainer here. The FAMAS is a close quarters beast, and hip-firing this weapon
makes it kill that much quicker in close-quarters situations. Sometimes beating your enemy to
the draw is the most important aspect of the fight, especially if they are wielding shotguns
or similar time-to-kill weapons. Be sure you practice up on your close-quarters decisions
between hip-fire and aiming down sights. Now this might seem weird, but I went with
the heavy barrel on the FAMAS. Countering upwards recoil is really not much of a challenge
on the PC – you just pull down more. Giving the weapon a little tighter burst in the per-shot-spread
is well worth the added upwards punishment. This is especially helpful at range, where
this weapon is the weakest. Even if you don’t land every bullet, you send so many “down
range” that by the time the target turns to respond, they’re already dead.
For the barrel, I also used the suppressor from time to time. The suppressor on the FAMAS
would probably be a better pick for maps where you know all of your engagements are going
to be close quarters, or especially in close quarters TDM. Keep in mind though, that you
penalize your time-to-kill because your bullets travel slower, which introduces more chances
for the enemy to trade with you. Finally, because this weapon relies on microburst
at medium and longer ranges, I used the angled grip. The 33% reduction in first shot recoil
helps the following shots land on target, and with just a little help, the heavy barrel
spread reduction combined with the angled grip is a powerful combination for the FAMAS.
The combination of the two helps to make this rifle quite a bit more accurate at medium
range, and with good control, it’s quite viable. In a head-to-head fight though, I’d probably
pick a different weapon for medium and longer ranges, but the FAMAS can certainly hold its
own. The FAMAS is the highest risk weapon in the
game, but also the one with the highest reward. If you can handle that risk, maybe this weapon
is for you. But for most people – myself included – this weapon’s a no.
But the difference is razor thin. The FAMAS is a wrecking ball when everything goes right.
When things don’t go right, it can quickly become a nightmare.
If find the FAMAS is not for you, for CQB, I’d almost always suggest picking a semi-automatic
shotgun over the FAMAS every time. Either the Saiga 12K or the DBV-12 are my top choices
for close range killing power. These weapons have just as much killing potential, and you
can worry less about control or running out of ammo at inopportune times.
If you like the FAMAS and want to try a weapon with similar speed, the CZ-3A1 PDW is a definite
possibility for engineers. Or, if you want a weapon with a fast TTK that
is far more controllable, and kinder to ammo conservation, consider the AEK-971. I consider
the AEK-971 generally superior because it can handle larger engagement varieties.
That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If you found this video helpful or insightful,
please leave it a like. If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a different
take on the FAMAS, please leave a comment below. Be sure to leave a comment if you have
a weapon you’d like to see in a future episode of Yes or No. If you’re new around here, check
out my channel, and please consider subscribing. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll see
you next time, YouTube.

80 thoughts on “Yes or No – FAMAS Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. My favorite gun earns a "no"?! *grabs pitchfork… "best for TDM and Dom" well as that is almost all I play… *puts pitchfork away. The thing is an absolute monster for domination. But yes I agree, for larger game modes you're better off using just about anything else

  2. I think that using a Deagle or a Shorty as your secondary really helps with the FAMAS because you're going to be using your secondary a lot, and both of them can hold their own against primaries point-blank. Sure, you'll be pretty gimped at range with a FAMAS/Shorty, but you probably shouldn't even be using a FAMAS if there's a good chance that you'll have to be doing long range shooting. It's definitely a Locker/Metro sort of gun, and I agree that the AEK or ACW-R are much safer picks even then.

  3. This gun is nice for 8v8 TDM or DOM. I have a good accuracy with it. Any other size its another gun that's suitable

  4. I am FAMAS user, it's one of my favorite guns in the game, so i'd like to give my opinion.
    The recoil is indimidating but not so hard to control with Compensator + Angled grip. In my experience, it performs as well as many other assault rifles at long range once you are able to micro-burst it properly.
    The biggest struggle with the FAMAS is the 25 rounds magazine and the painfully long reload, which, interestingly, makes it very dangereous to use where it is supposed to dominate, in close quarters.

    If I had to give one advice for this weapon to beginners, it would be "Do not hold the trigger, never" because this weapon kills ridiculously fast in CQ and you would just waste a ton of ammo, and at range it would become inaccurate after a few shots.

  5. I use the FAMAS as a training aid, helps me practice controlling my engagements when I feel myself getting a bit careless with other, more forgiving weapons. Then when I switch back I'm much more effective than before. But I don't think the FAMAS is a bad weapon in its own right, the reload just annoys me as someone who uses the M16A4 as my go-to assault rifle when I really want to tryhard.

  6. BIG yes, by far the best 1on1 gun u can have.
    it was the most used gun in ESL before it got banned.

    If u play smart and take your fights slow the reload wouldn't be an issue.

  7. No reason to use the Famas, AEK, CZ, or MTAR when the ACW-R has lightning fast reload speed and fires 880 rounds per second giving it an insanely fast kill time while still enabling you to easily drop medium range targets and even targets at long range (run angled foregrip w/ compensator to make up for it's recoil and side to side spread under long bursts for a medium/long range setup OR stubby grip w/ compensator for a close/medium range setup). Reload speed is key because it determines how long you're in the fight and how long you're out of the fight. If you want to maximize your beasting it's better to be in the fight more often than not. Enough said. (some may disagree with my setup and that's fine but everything else stands) BOOM! Nice video man!

  8. Great video, I'm really liking this series. But it would be good if you could review an LMG sometime. maybe the M240B? Wait…. who's that handsome devil at 1:52?

  9. With 5k kills and 28% accuracy, i can say that you are wrong. Is it hard? Yes. Should you use it? Of course. Why woulf you not want a challenge?

  10. Could you do a Yes or No on the Bulldog? It seems fairly similar to this gun in Time to Kill but it is a wildly different weapon

  11. Hello 🙂 IMO FAMAS is a big nope. I prefer something with bigger magazine and slower rate of fire but with higher damage 😉 although I thiknk that FAMAS is designed (in BF4) for CQB not for classic conquest on bigger maps

  12. Honestly i'd pick the F2000 over it any day, if i'd wanted a CQC Bullpup in BF4. Otherwise, as mentioned in the video, the AEK-971 is the real deal.

    I run the famas with the compensator and stubby grip for most of the time. 
    Good video and fair judgment!

  13. a bipod on this weapon is under-rated.  Being able to insta kill an enemy from hundreds of meters away is fun.

  14. I used to use the FAMAS but rarely take it now – I'd rather use the AEK or a PDW over the FAMAS. How about the CZ805 for yes or no? Used to use it insanely often but not as much anymore but I wanna see what you think of it. Love the Yes or No series, keep up the good work 🙂

  15. Odd you didnt mention that in burst  the Famas's two first shots land in the same position, thus making this a mid/long range beast. Arguably on burst it is also quite competitive  for a head hunter. The two will hit the chest, the kick from the third is pretty much always head.

    that being said I play HC so experiences differ.

  16. Famas takes a lot of discipline and positioning but it's devastating. Just because you can spray doesn't mean you should. Taking your time and being precise with your shots will reward you. It's also obviously a CQC only weapon, so don't look to hold down long lanes with it like you would the m416, look at getting a close as you can but still give yourself breathing room to run if you drop a shot. True, this gun has a lot of downsides, but it has to else it'll be unbalanced right? 🙂

  17. I personally like the challenge of the FAMAS, since most BF4 weapons has minimal recoil. When using this learning the recoil control was a new world to me. Though I wish it would get a slight buff in terms of the reload time (2.6s, 3.25s) to compete with other high rate of fire weapons.
    Thanks darthveda on another good review!

  18. Burst setting is under appreciated.  I like to run the FAMAS Ergo, 3.4x/4x optic, laser, and compensator.  Set that puppy to burst and it's easy to take carefully placed shots at a distance while still riddling close targets from the hip.

  19. I love the FAMAS. The FAMAS is born to kill on bf4. I have more than 10.000 kills with the FAMAS',,,,,,,,,,,,,
    (Very good refu keep it up)

  20. hey darthveda i just subscribed today but i don't play much bf4 so i'm very low leveled. I was a bit disappointed to not see some beginner weapons that you'd do Yes or No's with but nonetheless, great content. I'd just like to ask if you could do a review for the MX4 and AK 5C? I know they're given guns at the beginning but I'd like to know if they are worth using. Keep up the good content!

  21. Also if you wanna master the famas do headshots only. Your close quarters strafing (a really short strafe) will improve so will your long range strafing (long strafe). Which I would recommend doing a video about as well. I recommend using the G18 for sidearm.

  22. For me, it is the weapon that best defines the Assault class as such. It's the best weapon to frequently practice your sidearm as well 😀

  23. FAMAS is a "High risk, high reward" weapon in my book, if you can use it properly you are extremely deadly and almost untouchable, not even AEK, CZ3-A1 and shotgun fanatics can take you out at close range. (I saw some crazy dudes go 80-0 with this gun in Operation Locker, so yeah that's crazy) But if you can't, be ready for some terrible death streaks as you run out of the mag before the target dies or you are caught between reloads. I liked FAMAS in BF4, at least its a lot better than BF3 version, the FAMAS in that game is a wild loose cannon, serviceable but difficult to use.

  24. I have almost 5000 kills with the FAMAS.
    What you say about it is true, but I disagree with the burst fire mode comment.
    I have counter-sniped recons with burst fire mode, and dropped guys in CQB even faster.
    For everyone who has told me they do NOT like the FAMAS, I have told them to try it again in BURST FIRE MODE ONLY, and this TOTALLY changed their opinion of it.
    I totally agree with everything else you say about it, but I often play with a full squad in a platoon as their sole medic every time. This is often my saving grace, as I always have a fresh supply of ammo, and back-up when reloading. We are always playing the objective, which is why this gun works for me (always being in the action), and yet works great as a medic gun (as opposed to assault) where you can get close to finish the opposition and revive your buddies. As long as you recognize those MASSIVE weaknesses and communicate with your squad, the FAMAS can actually be devastating when in a squad.

  25. great video.. i play on 360 and am currently ranked 22nd in the world with the famas.. review is right on the money.. i run offensive with holo sight, suppressor, and angled.. easily this gun biggest drawback is the low magazine capacity combo'd with the slow reload time.. if u can hang back with a squad in close quarter situations to provide the necessary backup firepower upon engagement ull be left to sweep up the mess and revive any downed team mates.. this gun rewards the patient.. id love to see a review of the cz.. u might have one already.. ill go look.. happy gaming

  26. I'd love to see a quick version per class that says something like "Playing Support, I recommend x y or z for these situations." Just a quick burst of information, with links to the y/n videos you've already done! Alternatively I'd love to see the f2000 as a y/n video!

  27. The FAMAS interestingly is not a popular weapon since I am always the only assault guy using it when I do play BF4. When I started the multiplayer game I lost hope in trying to make the Assault Class work for me since I could not find the right weapon; so I went Recon or Support and did reasonably well with the SV-98 for sniping and the SPAS-12. Yep! I have to use different style weapons to make it through. In any case, the FAMAS is not that different for my case. It is extremely effective if I use right which is not hard to do. I do choose the BURST mode, the one with the two bullet bursts, to deal damage; and guess what? I have been doing more virtual slaying than virtual dying with this assault weapon. And this weapon, the FAMAS, has a unique and exotic quality about it … something speaking to me of Third World combat, jungles, deserts, and shanties in distant parts of the globe under the French flag. Indeed this thing does damage efficiently, if well managed. And it just works for a man like me. Over and out!

  28. To say that I love the FAMAS would be an understatement. For most matches on smaller maps, I use this gun and there are times I absolutely DOMINATE with it. I know its recoil is by far the highest for ARs, but I've never really had too much trouble taming it, probably because I almost never just hold down the trigger and dump an entire mag on someone: for me, bursts of 6-9 bullets work incredibly well. Also, I don't think that the slow reload times are necessarily bad for CQB in all situations, because I find that the reload times force me to spend more time behind cover (reloading) than I would with other weapons, and this actually helps keep me alive longer in CQB. My biggest issue with the weapon is the 25+1 mag size: I think this gun would be used much more if it had a standard 30+1 capacity, and I don't think 5 more bullets would screw up weapon balance — it would still have crazy recoil, very long reload times, high spread, lower ADS accuracy, a high first shot multiplier, etc.

  29. For TDM & Domination, this weapon is DEADLY especially on smaller maps. But for Conquest or Higher Player Count game modes this thing is a Piece of shit.

  30. remember how boss this thing was when it first came out on BF3? Man…I miss when it was actually decent rather than the overly nerfed gun that it is now. =(

  31. I love this gun aswell! I just run and gun, throw a 2x Hybrid and switch to Single fire allowing me to pick off medium range targets. if you have a good trigger finger! and the As-Val canted sights and a PSO-1 let's me get some good range targets then can switch to full auto and iron sights in CQC.

  32. I utilize a tap-fire playstyle. So I try for rapid successions of 2 shot bursts, because spread really begins to balloon on the third shot +. Specially with the Famas.

    I find the muzzle brake and the angle grip, can take the Famas out to 80-90 meters with this playstyle. Any further i switch to semi auto.

  33. Ironically I have among the highest accuracy rating using Famas considering how unruly the recoil is. the biggest drawback is slow reload.

  34. I love this weapon. It's to op.
    My load out was the famas iron sights and the glock 18 laser sight and ghost ring

  35. This is a headshot machine. If you have a secondary ready and know how to control the recoil, it's a good weapon to use. For me, it was easy to use when I picked it up, mainly at close ranges e.g. Operation Locker.

  36. I've found that the suppressor works extremely well on this weapon. Because of the low mag cap and long reload, while your reloading, people usually won't know where you are

  37. What a Nancy, learn the damn recoil
    I use a heavy barrel on this weapon.. recoil control on PC is not difficult in this game

  38. I have 35000 kills with famas it is a beast and if u can control the recoil the u can be a god in close quarters

  39. Heavy barrel + angled grip

    -don't micro burst at mid range cuse it have a slow spread decrease. So use slow 2 or 3 bursts
    – use 3 round burst if you having problems with recoil.
    – if you want long range effectiveness, use bipod + heavy barrel. Your mid range will be screwed up bc high recoil, but you will have a more versatile wepon.

  40. In the right hands, the Famas is an absolute death dealer.

    Your points are right for most cases, the reload time is insane, that's why, the accompanying side arm HAS to be G18. It maintains the high RPM, and you can kill almost just as quick in close range.

  41. Famas is the worst bullpup assault rifle. I prefer the Aug A3, L85A2, or the F2000 for bullpup assault rifles.

  42. Use it like a Halo battle rifle. PKA 3.4x, no barrel attach and laser sight. For the UB go with angled, none, or bipod. Use it only on burst and hipfire in close quarters.

    May not be the best, but it's really fucking fun.

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