Yes or No – M16A4 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s weapon is the M16A4, one of the
burst-only weapons of Battlefield 4. Like it’s cousin the M4, it has some benefits
and detractions related to its burst mechanic. But should you be using the M16A4, yes or
no? Yes. But it depends on your playstyle. Don’t get me wrong, the M16A4 has some good
things going for it, and it closely competes to the Three Amigos of the M416, ACE 23, and
L85A2. However, those weapons are for the most part,
going to beat the M16A4 heads-up. I think this is one weapon I leave to your
discretion after I lay out what the M16A4 has to offer. At 800 rounds-per-minute, the M16A4 has the
ideal rate of fire. It makes for a great combination of killing
speed and controllability. There’s a caveat here that you’ll not
always be able to achieve that rate without discipline. Fire too fast, the weapon is going to jam. Fire too slowly, and you’re going to be
missing out. You can get almost 900 rounds-per-minute out
of the M16A4, but it’s going to jam. With that higher fire rate, you usually see
weapons have much higher combined recoil totals. Not so with the M16A4: at only .28 up, .17
left, and .28 right, the weapon has some lower-than-usual recoil. The real kicker – or lack thereof – is that
the burst fire on this weapon transfers the first shot recoil multiplier to the third
shot instead of the first. That means that the first three bullets of
the M16A4 are slightly more accurate than even the AR-160. Land a headshot with that initial volley,
and your target isn’t getting back up. At 650 meters-per-second, the M16A4 is tied
for the second-highest bullet velocity of the assault rifles. This pairs nicely with its accuracy to provide
a weapon that is quite capable of landing shots at medium to long range. It’s part of the reason why I call the M16A4
a DMR in disguise. At 1.8 seconds, the M16A4 is the fastest reloading
assault rifle in the game. In fact, it’s the fastest reloading automatic
in the game. Many come close, but this weapon is the king
of reloading in a hurry. At 2.3 seconds for the empty reload, the M16A4’s
long reload is actually faster than many rifles short reload time. Only the secondaries are faster. Other than that, the M16A4 is a pretty middle-of-the-road
weapon. The time-to-kill is just slightly above average
for the assault rifles. It’s a relatively stable platform with not
a whole lot of detractions. But let’s talk about those detractions now. Without a doubt, the number one thing that
this weapon will fail you on is the jamming. This happens when you fire the weapon too
quickly. It’s possible to get the M16A4 to fire faster
than its advertised 800 round-per-minute rate of fire. But what’s going to happen is that you’re
not going to be able to fire another round for a few moments. When you’re heads-up in CQB, it’ll happen
more frequently because of panic fire. The on-the-move performance of the M16A4 is
relatively poor. Thanks to the unbalanced left/right recoil,
burst fire requirements, and standard assault rifle model, the M16A4 does not do well when
moving and shooting. Thankfully, this is a detraction that can
be mitigated with discipline. The first shot recoil multiplier of the M16A4
is a pretty steep 2.3 times multiplier. Though there is some silver lining I’ve
already mentioned. That multiplier isn’t actually applied until
the third bullet instead of the first. Meaning your first three bullets are far easier
to control. If you can turn this into a three-round headshot,
the recoil multiplier won’t much matter. That’s it for the detractions on the M16A4. It’s a solid rifle that acts more like a
DMR than an assault rifle. So something to consider when choosing the
M16A4 over other possibilities is your playstyle. Do you stop and shoot, or are you more likely
to be on the move or in CQB? I took a look at some alternatives to the
M16A4: the AN-94, M4 Carbine, and the ACE 23. The AN-94 is better in the long game, and
the M4 falls off in performance after about 20 meters. But the ACE 23 and M16A4 stay relatively close
through the ranges. At long ranges, the M16A4 becomes about a
frame better in time-to-kill. This is where you have to figure out what
you’re going for. If you want a weapon that is going to be better
in CQB, the ACE 23 is probably going to be more reliable as it will not jam. In the long game, you might be better with
the AN-94. But because a majority of engagements happen
at less than 35 meters, there is this strange middle-ground between 10 and 25 meters where
the M16A4 is probably going to be your best bet. Particularly if you’re adept at aiming for
heads, where the accuracy bonus of the M16A4 is really going to help. So let’s talk about controlling this weapon. The M16A4 is a limiting weapon. The burst fire is going to mess with your
normal control patterns if you’re used to automatic weapons. But I consider it a good weapon to learn how
to correctly burst fire. First, let’s look at the recoil pattern. It’s a .28 up, .17 left, and .28 right with
a first shot recoil multiplier of 2.3 times. Remember that it’s actually a third-shot
recoil multiplier because of how the burst mechanics work. The more you fire, the more this weapon is
going to go up and to the right. To compensate on longer bursts, you can pull
down and to the left. You’ll have to get into a rhythm here as
an uneven firing cadence is going to shake up your aim. Jamming will throw your compensation off even
further. An alternative is to fire your burst and let
your weapon reset before firing a second burst. This will give you the laser-like accuracy
every time with this weapon. This is great for longer ranges, but not always
an option closer up. You sacrifice quite a bit of time-to-kill
by letting your weapon reset between shots. The M16A4 is one of those weapons that can
do okay in close quarters, but it’s not the strength of the weapon. I’d recommend not choosing the M16A4 on
CQB maps like conquest Lockers, Metro, or Pearl Market and instead going for something
a bit more consistent on those maps. TDM is a bit of a tossup, but I think the
M16A4 is better suited to mid-range engagements, so keep that in mind when picking this weapon. Next, the thing you’re going to have to
do is play to its accuracy strength in mid-range. That means sticking to cover and letting enemies
expose themselves to fire. The M16A4 is strongest when you can plant
your feet, stop moving, and take your shot. In that way it is quite like a DMR. You can rush enemies with the M16A4, but more
often than not you’re going to be in a lot of trouble if you find that there is more
than one enemy in close proximity. The M16A4 does not have panic power, and will
jam when you try to overplay it up close. If you find yourself in this situation, having
a solid secondary like the G18 or Shorty is going to be probably a bit more reliable for
those ranges. It’s kind of hard to beat having a pocket
AEK with the G18. Switching between a powerful CQB secondary
and the better-suited-to-mid-range M16A4 is actually a pretty solid strategy if you can’t
get the tempo of the M16A4 down in close quarters. The M16A4 is fairly compatible with a lot
of attachments. Its first shot recoil multiplier is not to
be trifled with at 2.3 times, the burst mechanics make it less reliable in close quarters, and
the on-the-move capability is somewhat lacking. I’ve seen stubby grips, angled grips, and
vertical grips be modestly successful on the M16A4. When looking at the top M16A4 users on,
I found that they generally preferred an RDS matched with a heavy barrel and the angled
or stubby grips. I had two setups that were slightly varied. For the sight, I prefer the HD-33. I tried a number of different optics, and
while I think they are all pretty suitable, I like the idea of having a slightly higher
magnification to attempt to land those headshots. However, because of the high recoil multiplier
on the M16A4, I think anything beyond 1x is going to produce really lackluster results. If you prefer an RDS over the holos, I don’t
think you’ll be missing out. My accessory is pretty standard at this point:
the laser sight. I ran with green, I ran with red. Whichever you prefer, though I did note most
M16A4 players tended to run without a laser. If you’re disciplined enough to turn it
off when you’re not in close quarters, the laser is just fine. Otherwise, leave it off and pull up your secondary
to go hunting in CQB. Now, for the grip and barrels I had two preferred
setups. I’ll talk about the strengths of both. Let’s start with the more accurate of the
two that plays to the M16A4’s strength. The first combination is the heavy barrel
and stubby grip. The heavy barrel halves the starting spread,
and gives slightly better on-the-move fire. I think this is a no brainer for the M16A4
in particular. Making those first three shots as accurate
as possible is a major power multiplying effect for the M16A4. Land those three shots on a head and it’s
lights out at any range. Matching this to the stubby grip just makes
sense, as the grip improves your aimed accuracy and decreases the spread increase per shot. Again, turning those first three bullets into
impressive lasers. My second combination is a bit more forgiving
of missed shots. This combination is the angled grip and suppressor. For whatever reason, I found that enemies
seemed to be particularly drawn to the sound of my 5.56 millimeter burst fire. In those situations, I ended up throwing on
the suppressor. This greatly reduces the effective range of
the M16A4, but I found that when enemies were pressing me hard it didn’t much matter that
I lost a good amount of bullet velocity. I made up for it in survivability. You could keep on the stubby grip if you like,
but while learning the M16A4 I found the angled grip to be slightly more appealing. It reduces the effect of the shot multiplier,
making follow-up rounds slightly easier to keep on target. Once you get more accustomed to the M16A4,
I’d definitely recommend running with the first of these two setups. The M16A4 is definitely a unique weapon. It’s a weapon I advise people try if they
want to get into the habit of burst-firing weapons. It’s not particularly well suited to undisciplined
play, and will punish overaggressive or spammy players. And I don’t think it’s a top-tier weapon
when the difference between players comes down to time-to-kill. But it is still a yes. If you find yourself enjoying burst-fire weapons
and want to try something a bit more suited to the long-range game, give the AN-94 a try. It’s got a very unique two-burst pattern
that can provide some of the highest accuracy fire in the game, particularly for players
adept at landing headshots. If you need something reliable in every situation,
you can’t go wrong with the M416. A personal favorite of mine, the M416 combines
accuracy, lethality, and reliability into a very average package. It does everything pretty much average. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the M16A4, please let me know in the comments
below. If there’s a weapon you’d like to see
reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – M16A4 Assault Rifle Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. +darthveda actually dice said that both the an-94 and m16a4, were designed to be some kind of long range battle rifle of a dmr assault rifle, but they compensated this with the atocious auto fire of the an-94 (but awesome burst fire, for all of you who played bf3, you know what i am talking), and the m16a4 having the lowest ttk over range, and better positional reward on the use of this weapon, as its a beast in mid range, it can be turned into a headshot machine once mastered (i´m still on it, but i can nail an entire burst in the head in extreme close quarters, so jamming, sorry do i even know this?), and with great cycling rate and rhythm, can become into the best and most accurate assault rifle, not the most viable do to the burst nature, but the highest skill/highest reward one!

  2. still insiting that the green laser sight is best, with data that support that, alos you can train with the 93r, i have already mastered it, and this one just doesnt jam, i have measured an aporximate 1000rpm with it, thats nuts, it literally shreds at close range and trurns into a chainsaw, giving you double to triple kills in a blink, also is the best dps and dps on target pistol, as the damage of the glock 18 is (ironically 18) and this one is 22.5, sick man

  3. I like reflex + Ls + hb+vertical/ergo grip. it maintains its capabilities at range but actually is quite easy to use when startled at <10meters

  4. The damage value from BF3 to 4 for the M16A4, are they the same minus the first short negation to the third shot.. etc?

  5. ACW-R is one I've been battling with for a while, would love to see what attachments work best for you and how you use it.

  6. its rare, but I've played against guys, with +++ service stars with the 16a4, and those players are extremely tough to kill one on one. great vid as always Darth

  7. M16A4 is similar to its BF3 counterpart, it feels more like KH2002 in my opinion, which I like to see. Although it has "jamming" issue and steep learning curve, M16A4 is recommended if you want to be better at recoil control and trigger discipline in hot situations. I used PKA-S or Kobra, Heavy Barrel and Stubby grip. Avoid point blank range combat and you should be doing okay.

  8. A funny/dumb setup is comp+stubby . idk why, but it feels
    right on the m16a4. I know, that hb+stubby is better,and I never thought that I would recommend something after "felling".

  9. FNHR Loadout(Infantry killer)
    P90, Reflex.
    standard barrel
    no laser or anything else
    Secondary: Five7
    radical dot, nothing else

    equipment: rpg, repair tool
    Grenade: V40 mini
    perks are what you pick(Depends on SPM)/(player Skill)

  10. Definetely my favorite AR. Can pretty much run all the underbarrels, depending on what you want to do. Plus, it looks amazingly sexy with the vertical grip.

  11. Well, i almost exclusively use the m16. If you master the burst control, you can win almost every firefight

  12. I miss the KH2002.
    Still surprised the M16 got a yes and the Famas got a no.
    I have no problem destroying on ANY map with the Famas, cant say the same for the M16.

  13. You also said "Yes, but…" for your M4 review as well. Also, maybe it was just that situation in your vid but the IRNV seemed to work really well for this gun, I will definitely try that out.

  14. M4/m16 are among my favorites. For CQB a rapid double tap equals a chain of 6 rds, pulling slightly down. Mid, triple tap just as the recoil recovers. Long, fire at similar rate to your video guide until targets drop. I found the probability of kill to be enough to switch targets as soon as the fire sequence is finished.
    I'd like to record and measure frames but I feel properly chained the first 6 fires over 900rpmand on console is jam free.

  15. I rather use the M4, yea the M16 is better at the long range, but I feel the M4 is Better on the move and you can still kind of hit targets at range but not as effective as its longer barrel brother

  16. In BF3 I generally loved all burst-fire guns, especially the KH-2002 but in BF4 I just can't get into them. Worst of all is how poorly ACOG and other higher magnification sights perform even on something like DMRs, I'm still better off now using a Coyote for long range than any real scope, it's really aggravating.

  17. if you are patient and you dont run and gun then you can do very good. and soon the hackusations fly in and you will be accused to be using trigger script :D. i use hb, ergo grip and laser. works for me.

  18. On my anti armor loadout I love using a p90 with a .44 magnum x3 scope as my sidearm. Sounds silly I know but works very well for me. That and killing snipers 1 v 1 with my .44 never gets old(do that more then you would think)

  19. I compared the M16A4's 800 RPM with the A91's 800 RPM frame by frame and if I can recall my calculations the highest RPM that you can get with the M16A4 without jamming is 746.5 or 746.67, I can't remember exactly. I thought that this can't be true, so I compared it with M416's RPM and I got the same results. The M16A4 fires 53-ish RPM slower than advertised, yet somehow I still manage to do well with it and it is my most used gun 😀

  20. I just tryed this weapon . Wow not bad just gotta get it down . Meaning the burst fire . I'm also gonna try the M4 since it's burst fire also maybe I'll get it down .

  21. Here is an hour video on the history and evolution of the M16, very good watch.

  22. I run the M16A4 with underbarrel M26 Dart on Metro. Very lethal combination! The M16A4 is so much better on Hardcore.

  23. Try it with iron sights, standard barrel, angled of folding grip, and laser sight. This got me through many matches at the top of the board.

  24. If you play BF 4 anymore try this with muzzle break & angled grip red dot of ur choice . Muzzle break don't really affect this weapon because of its burst fire. Give it a try see what you think .

  25. this gun dose not jam in game, if you ever shot a rifle pistol ,shotgun. you know what a jam is. but good video overall, besides the wrong word jam.

  26. You just need an potato grip and a red/coyote sight and this gun it's letal if you know how to use it.Using heavy barrel or an muzzle break, etc,it's useless just messing with the recoil of the gun,,,,maybe an flash hider it,s OK,nothing else.

  27. Pair this thing with an ACOG, laser/light of your choice, heavy barrel and stubby grip. Play in hardcore and you're golden

  28. One of the best weapons in this game…. played the A4 in BF3 aswell. Has the same rythm in BF3, so no adapting there and i never wanted something else in cqb, but maybe thats just me. Some odd things happen with burst weapons in FPS. Shots connecting after you are already dead XD

  29. Booted up bf4 again recently, and there was this ultra aggressive guy doing this Bunny hop and owning my team on Operation Lockers. Looked him up, and he had something like 25k kills with it.

  30. 2018?

    This gun is amazing, And you can shoot down pilots easily and if you use 4.0× scopes you have burst sniper.
    4:50 And what was that reloading?

  31. The M16A4 is good but the HK416 is better because you can fire it alot faster without jamming. The FN F2000 is a really good gun don't get me wrong because you can fire it while you are on the move. The F2000 is an excellent assault rifle at cqb because you can kill hostiles at close quarters much easier. The HK416 and FN F2000 are my favorite assault rifles in Battlefield 4 because they are both excellent at close quarter battle and can be fired on the move and it will not jammed if you fire it alot quicker.

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