Yes or No – PKP Pecheneg Light Machine Gun Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield. Today’s weapon is the PKP Pecheneg [a]Light
Machine Gun, which I also lovingly refer to as the p’ching p’ching. The p’ching p’ching — er PKP is one of
the Battlefield big boys and dishes out a ton of damage fed by big Russian bullets. So the question today is should you be using
the PKP, Yes or No? Yes. And this is a pretty emphatic yes. The PKP is almost certainly one of the top
five LMGs in Battlefield 4, and its accuracy advantages over the M240B make me wonder just
who deserves the top LMG award. But enough of the upselling on this weapon,
let’s talk about the specifics of what makes the PKP a great weapon: With 33 damage up front and trailing to just
21.6 at a range of 65 meters, the PKP can kill in just four bullets on normalcore. When these bullets start flying, enemies will
scatter because just two will drop a foe with headshots. The damage per bullet is on par with the other
two big boys of Battlefield: the M60 and the M240B. The minimum time-to-kill of the PKP is just
302 milliseconds up close, 345 milliseconds at 25 meters, and 508 milliseconds at 60 meters. It’s not the fastest-killing LMG but it
is just slightly faster than average. It’s faster than the average automatic and
average LMG, and delivers a lot of damage even at medium-to-long range. One of the nicer features of the PKP is the
balanced left/right recoil — at .35 degrees left and right this makes it a relatively
easy weapon to control on console and PC. It’s balanced recoil makes it very controllable,
and in this way its performance even tops the M240B. With an otherwise average box magazine reserve
of 100 rounds, the PKP is the kind of gun you can bring into battle all week. While the SCAR-H is scary in bursts, the PKP
carries enough ammunition to dispatch an entire 32-man team. And then it just keeps shooting. * Low FSRM – The first-shot recoil multiplier
of the PKP is just 1.25. That means that after the first bullet, the
upwards kick will only be multiplied by 1.25. This makes the PKP a tap-fire beast, and considering
that it only needs 2-4 bullets to kill this is a very good pairing. Only the M60 is better in this respect. So that’s a lot of positives for the PKP
Pecheneg. It brings a ton of damage combined with a
good degree of accuracy and some nice feature pairings. If you want reliable big boy DPS, this is
certainly a good place to look once you’ve mastered basic recoil control in Battlefield
4. It was one of my early personal favorites
in Battlefield 4, though I’ve lately been playing a little more with the M240B and the
M60. But let’s look at what’s not so great
on the PKP: At just 600 rounds-per-minute, there isn’t
a whole lot of room for missed shots. It’s definitely on the low end for automatics,
but isn’t far below the average for the light machine guns of Battlefield 4. Thankfully the extreme bullet damage makes
up for this or it might be a much more sore spot. With a minimum and maximum time of 5.5 seconds
to reload the box magazine — you’re well behind the curve for automatic weapons. So pushing when you’re running low is definitely
out of the question. But compared to other box-fed LMGs, the PKP
is the fastest among them. Hybrids like the QBB and AWS are slightly
faster, but the PKP is far superior to both of them in many other respects. At 560 meters-per-second, the PKP Pecheneg
has the slowest bullets of all the LMGs. Despite what I said about the AWS, this weapon
takes the cake in this respect. Your big, slow bullets are going to mean a
lot of lead time on long-range targets and potentially a higher number of missed shots. The nice offset is that these bullets still
pack a punch even at long-range. So the PKP is a certifiable killing machine. It has some things that make it slightly below
average in the LMG category, and its long reloads offset its large ammo capacity. But otherwise it’s got a lot of characteristics
that make it a real stand-out. Let’s see how it stacks up against some
other LMGs. From these charts, we can see that the PKP
is definitely a leader, even against the M240B. The M240B is going to win in the extreme close
game of less than 10 meters, but most Battlefield engagements are going to occur from 15 meters
to roughly 35 meters. In that range the RPK is actually going to
be more accurate, but you’re going to have to be quite precise with your shots and you
also going to trade away half your magazine capacity. Even so, the PKP is still a super-respectable
gun and is definitely one of the top LMGs in Battlefield 4. The unlock requirements for the PKP p’ching
p’ching are pretty straightforward. It’s the third support weapon to be unlocked
and requires just 19,000 LMG Score. If you’re somehow new to Battlefield 4,
pretty much you just need to find a nice lane to post up on and start defending with the
two other LMGs available to you. Maps like Metro and Lockers usually provide
plenty of bodies for this purpose. Personally, if you’re going to use a bipod
the best spots are probably snow or the center on lockers. Just keep shooting. It’s pretty much that simple on those levels
— and probably why so many people grind them for unlocks. Now the PKP is not the hardest LMG in the
game to use effectively. It’s recoil model per bullet is .43 degrees
up, .35 left, and .35 right with a first shot recoil multiplier of just 1.25. This means that your bullets are going to
travel up in a roughly v-shape. Now the upwards recoil is probably the thing
that is going to concern you the most, so let’s try working against that. The nice thing about the PKP is that you’ll
only have to counter that upwards recoil. Pulling straight down should suffice on a
mouse. Obviously the longer you shoot, the wider
your spread of bullets is going to become. The PKP’s spread is not unusually large
at .104 degrees per shot — so this can also be managed by some careful bursting. Another nice feature of the PKP is that it
has a very low first shot recoil multiplier. This means that you can pretty much tap-fire
this weapon to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that kill shots with the PKP
are going to require you get two-to-four rounds into your target, so you may wish to generally
try for that many bullets. Otherwise, keep shooting until they fall over. The PKP is not the best weapon in Battlefield
4 to try and confront enemies in CQB — in fact you’re probably going to lose to a
laundry list of automatics and certainly to shotguns. You can definitely hold your own but if you
don’t get that initial shot in you’ll probably be at a disadvantage. Particularly because of the low rate-of-fire
if you’re surprised and start missing your shots, you’re going to be in a world of
hurt. With the PKP you’re going to want to try
and catch your enemies beyond 10 meters — so running with squadmates and keeping to cover
is certainly a viable option. Once you’re in battle, you’ve got more
than enough ammunition to deal with waves of enemies. But if you get caught in close range, you
still might want to keep a fast killing secondary like the G18 or Shorty handy. Realistically, you can treat the PKP like
it’s an assault rifle with crummy bullet velocity and big bullets. So in a way it’s not that much different
from the SCAR-H. Both have low rates of fire, do a lot of damage, and have low bullet velocity. The advantage for the PKP is that it has a
lot more bullets. The only catch of that ammo advantage is that
it also comes with a long reload at 5.5 seconds. If you find yourself reloading, it should
be in a lull in combat or behind a wall — but make sure you’re covered in either respect. Otherwise you’re pretty much free to run
amok with the PKP. It’s great in a lot of situations, and has
only a handful of things about it that are even slight detractions. It can even be great at range when you burst
fire and lead your targets effectively. The PKP can pretty readily pick up just about
any attachment you want to throw on it, but there are some definite advantages to be had
out there. As per usual I crossreferenced
leaderboards with Battlelog and I wasn’t too surprised. The top players with the PKP tended to prefer
the Red Dot Sight, a Target Detector, a Suppressor, and a multitude of different grips. That setup is fine on its own and the suppressor
does turn the PKP into a close-range killing machine, but it’s not my preferred loadout. So what did I end up using? For the optic, I went with the holo sight. Either the HD-33 or one of the others, whichever
is your preference. In general when I run holos I like to use
the HD-33 because it has slightly less visual clutter. As for the specific range, I think the PKP
does better beyond the CQB where a red dot might be best, and it’s really quite capable
at range when you burst fire. My favorite accessory for the PKP is the laser
sight. It’s going to give you a little bit more
power in the close game and combined with the high damage model, a little bit of hipfire
is going to put you on par with the close-range blasters. Getting surprised in CQB is not an advantage
of the PKP but you can even the field by using that laser. Just don’t plan to use that much beyond
immediate danger. For my barrel, I chose the heavy barrel. Now what this is going to do is give you a
little bit less spread per shot and a little bit better on-the-move-fire in exchange for
some more upwards recoil. Because your primary behavior with the PKP
should be bursting, and because of the damage model on this weapon, the compensator is not
quite as good of a pick. Plus the on-the-move benefit makes you even
more dangerous in close quarters. Finally, for the grip I ran with the vertical
or ergo grips. The low first shot recoil multiplier means
no angled or folding grips are necessary, and you could theoretically use the stubby
grip to give yourself a bit more aimed accuracy. But again, with the optimal burst fire of
this weapon there’s really no need for that. Pairing with the vertical or ergo grips will
help your hip-fire and on-the-move potential with the PKP and really just helps to eliminate
the up-close weak point on the PKP. So the PKP is one of the best LMGs in the
game, and it has serious positives in its corner that make it hard to top. I ended up enjoying a lot of my recent time
with the PKP, a weapon I hadn’t used much of since launch — as it does have some shortcomings
in the close quarters game. It’d be pretty hard to go wrong with the
PKP so it’s a really firm yes. If you’re looking for something similar
with a little bit better of a close game, you can always give the M240B a shot. The M240B is probably my favorite LMG just
because it has that little additional close-in advantage. And I’m definitely a fan of pressing into
enemies at close range. If you want an LMG with a bit more accuracy
than the PKP, you can go with the other powerful Russian LMG, the RPK. The RPK doesn’t do quite as much damage
up front, and has a unique damage model. But it does have better aimed accuracy and
can be exceptionally lethal in the hands of players who aren’t likely to miss very much. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the PKP, please let me know in the comments
below. If you’ve got a weapon you’d like me to
review for Battlefield, also leave a comment. If you like what you saw, be sure to force
choke that like button. If you’re new here, check out my channel
and consider sticking around with a subscribe. And as always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time YouTube. [a]Pech-eh-neg

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