Yes or No – SAR-21 Assault Rifle Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s weapon is the SAR-21, a slow-firing bullpup assault rifle for which I had quite
a number of requests. So should you be using the SAR-21, Yes or
No? Yes — and the SAR-21, despite its slow rate
of fire has some very attractive features that make it worth using. So let’s go over
those features now. The SAR-21 has some of the lowest recoil in
the game at .18 up, and .145 left and right. The upwards recoil per shot is actually the
least in the game among the automatic weapons. The first shot recoil multiplier is more typical
at 1.8 times, and the low rate of fire also helps in the recoil department. What this
translates to is one of the easiest, if not the easiest to control weapon in the game.
* Bullet Velocity – At 650 meters-per-second, the bullet velocity of the SAR-21 is one of
the highest among the automatics, and only just behind the AUG A3. Another nice feature
of the SAR-21, the velocity really gives it the ability to hang enemies out to dry at
long range. Combined with its maximum range of 975 meters, and you’ve got a weapon that
can reach out to snipers and DMR players. As a bullpup weapon, the SAR-21 has some distinct
advantages and disadvantages. The starting spread is somewhat higher, but it has better
on-the-move performance, which you’re really going to need with the SAR-21 up close. Paired
with a few other select attachments, the SAR-21 becomes quite powerful at hip-fire.
The weapon has the second-lowest spread-increase-per-shot in the game at .078 degrees per shot. Only
the U-100 is better, though at .078 the SAR-21 does tie with a few other weapons. Combined
with all the advantages I’ve already talked about, this essentially means that you can
take long bursts with this weapon and still come up with your target. There’s a ton of great features on the SAR-21
that make it a wonderful performer at long range. Essentially you’re shooting a laser.
But there is at least one disadvantage that you’ll want to be aware of. Though its low rate of fire is actually a
bit of an advantage for accuracy, it doesn’t help the weapon when it comes to pure damage
output. The minimum time for the SAR-21 to take down a target is 402 milliseconds. This
is the slowest killing rifle among the assault rifles, and among the automatics, it’s very
nearly the slowest. That’s a pretty big disadvantage, particularly if enemies are
pressing you or you’re trying to play very aggressively. That’s pretty much the only major drawback.
The weapon actually has a lot of advantages for its given role, and not a lot of drawbacks.
Even as a bullpup, the weapon reload speeds are surprisingly fast at 2.3 seconds for the
short and 3.4 seconds for the full empty. It’s not designed to be powerful at short
range, instead giving up that range for the long game instead. And even if it doesn’t
have a lot of damage output, it gets a lot more of that damage on target. I think this might be the easiest to control
weapon in the game. At least among the assault rifles and perhaps the automatics. The recoil
pattern of the SAR-21 is .18 up, and an even spread of .145 right and .145 left. The first
shot recoil multiplier of the weapon is only 1.8. So after an initial hiccup, this weapon
is going to go straight up. There’s a bit of deviation as time goes on, but again, it’s
not very significant. Easily enough, to counter this recoil, you’ll
want to pull straight down. There really isn’t much to countering this weapons extremely
weak recoil. If you’re interested in burst-firing the weapon, it requires at least five bullets
to kill your target, and when you’re firing this weapon at range, it’s going to take
quite a few more. Worry not though, as the SAR-21 still has one of the lowest spread
increases per shot. Despite its ease of control, the SAR-21 is
not a powerhouse weapon. It has some serious shortcomings in close quarters battles that
must be considered first and foremost. As a bullpup weapon, it does gain quite an advantage
to hip-fire. And I highly recommend you take advantage of this feature. My general rule for hip-fire is that if the
enemy is closer than 10 meters, I use the hip-fire of the weapon. Keep in mind that
if you’re moving while doing this, the spread does get more unpredictable than usual, and
I’ve had a few cases with the SAR-21 where I’ve been completely mystified as to how
none of my bullets managed to hit my target at close range. So the reason you’re going to need that
extra time at close range is because the SAR-21 is on average, a full 100 milliseconds slower
at killing. But you can make up this difference by not having to draw your weapon to your
sights. It generally takes around 200 milliseconds to draw to sights, so this is a huge savings
for the SAR-21 that it needs desperately. However, this only gets you on par with other
weapons, and only when they aim down sights. You’ll still generally lose to shotguns
and cqb weapons at close range. So I highly recommend bringing a close quarters
powerhouse secondary like the G18 or the Shorty. These two weapons have more than enough killing
power to put down anybody who gets into your personal space. Which actually happens quite
a bit with the SAR-21, and this is because those long-lasting slow-killing bursts tend
to put you on the minimap quite a bit more frequently and for more time. So definitely
get ready to swap if you feel threatened. Next, and most obviously, it’s very advantageous
to take long range shots on this weapon. The SAR-21 is exceptionally capable at long range
beyond 40 meters, and many shots that you might not hit with other weapons, you’ll
find land with the SAR-21. Now keep in mind if you’re shooting at a target that is close
to cover, they have plenty of time to get behind that cover. Essentially you’ll just
be making them mad. Finally, only bring out the SAR-21 on maps
where it makes sense. On a close quarters map like Pearl Market, you’re really only
just signing yourself up for a bad time, since the weapon is finely tuned for the long-range
game. Maps like Caspian Border, Firestorm, and Golmud play perfectly for the SAR-21. Low rate of fire weapons are not something
I typically use, so I did a bit of research on the SAR-21. Doing my usual cross-referencing
of leaderboards with Battlelog, I found that the top users of the SAR-21 tended
to prefer a bit of a varied set of attachments. Some liked short-range scopes, and others
long. It was really all over the place, and I’m honestly not surprised that a lot of
these players had lower scores per minute, as it’s suggestive of a weapon whose strength
is long-range, away from the objectives. But you don’t have to play that way. For my optic, I did something I never do,
and went for a longer-range scope. I threw on the ACOG sight and I never looked back.
Because of its low recoil, and negligible first shot recoil multiplier, the 4x ACOG
works wonders on the SAR-21. There was a very short learning curve as I had to get used
to never, ever use my aiming-down-sights at closer ranges, but the ACOG is absolutely
a great choice for getting the edge on the SAR-21’s best engagement ranges. Next, my laser sight of choice, I mean my
accessory of choice, was the laser sight. Usually I recommend turning off the laser
sight whenever you don’t need it, but the laser sight is pretty critical to the hip-fire
performance of the SAR-21 when you really, really need it. I found myself leaving the
laser on (even when I might not normally) as I shot down range. Why? Because a lot of
times enemies might come looking for me after that prolonged minimap exposure, and I needed
maximum hip-fire potential right away. Now for the barrel, I think it only makes
sense to pair such a low rate-of-fire weapon with the heavy barrel. It pairs particularly
well on the SAR-21 because of the low recoil. You’ll need to get accustomed to that initial
hiccup, especially with the 4x optic. But once you do, you’ll find the heavy barrel
is an exceptional pairing with this long range weapon. Finally, for the underbarrel I went with the
vertical grip. You could also use the ergo grip as they serve the same function. The
weapon is accurate enough as is, and the vertical grip in concert with the laser and bullpup
design, make the SAR-21 exceptionally effective at hip-fire. It makes up for the number one
shortcoming of this weapon in CQB in a way that feels just so right. Particularly if
you’re adept at knowing when to use hip-fire and when to aim-down-sights. The SAR-21 is probably one of my favorite
weapons that I’ve played with during this series. It performs well in its designed range
and feels very different from other weapons. It’s not a weapon I went to very often before
recording the footage for this episode, but I think I’ll find myself using it more afterwards.
It’s exceptionally capable on maps that call for range, and it can even hold its own
in close quarters. As long as you understand that it’s not good at everything, and use
it on the specific maps where it does well, the SAR-21 is a definite yes. Now if you find yourself liking the SAR-21,
you may also wish to consider another capable bullpup in the AUG A3. I did a Yes or No some
time ago on the AUG A3, and it trades a bit of that SAR-21 long-range power for better
performance at closer distances. If these slow-firing weapons aren’t your thing, you
could try the AN-94, which has great long-range performance and can be used to deadly effect
somewhat closer up with its 1200 round-per-minute burst. But keep in mind, as it is a burst
weapon, you do run the risk of jamming it. Especially at close range. Especially firing
it very quickly. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No.
If there’s something you think I missed, or if you have a particularly different take
on the SAR-21, please let me know in the comments below. If there’s a weapon you’d like
to see reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks
for watching, and I’ll see you next time, YouTube.

45 thoughts on “Yes or No – SAR-21 Assault Rifle Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. Lolz…………….yes………………. for the SAR-21, i can throw rocks faster than this gun fires. But seriously, its shit.
    I'd take the AUG over it any day of the week, 600rpm is just too slow, the Aug's 700rpm is slow but its enough to win in CQB.
    I've tried and tried to like the SAR but i PTFO which means CQB firefights around cap points and the RPM gets me killed so often.

  2. YES YES YES….just played with this Gun tonight after going through most of the assault gun recommendations by the web, and this is the most kills I've had in A TDM match….instant results…it's rate of fire is fair, however it is so accurate and easy to shoot with from short to long range. Highly recommend and fully agree with your assessment.

  3. You should've considered using an underbarrel shotgun instead of an ergo grip as I think trying to win hipfire duels against faster firing rifles is the wrong way to go and instead it would be better to equip the M26 MASS as your CQB weapon so you can have a versatile long and close range platform. Recoil decrease isn't a problem with this gun.

  4. sorry either im stupid or your maths is wrong?
    this gun shoots 600 rpm, so 600 bullets every 60 seconds so ten bullets a second. it takes 5 bullets to kill so the min ttk is 0.5 seconds? i know the 2 ms is for travel time though

  5. It's a pretty accurate Assult Rifle that is true. There is a lot of times it let's me down thou cuz it shoots so slow. But it is a fun weapon to try and do better with. See ya on the Battlefield !

  6. SAR-21; Suppresor; stubby grip(or potatoe); Chinese red dot. Best gun. Quick tap fire at long range. Full auto at short/medium

  7. Finally, A Vid with a Acog on the Assault Rifle, why don't more ppl play like THIS lol lol? I can't See Shit with the Red Dot/ Holo/ Coyote..

  8. I was able to get the SAR 21 to not have any recoil so when I fired it stayed completely still and was very accurate so I started using it for most of my medium range engagement and destroyed the my opponents.

  9. The reason why it's called sar 21 is because in singapore army we use that rifle and sar 21 stands for Singapore arm rifle 21.

  10. The reason of less draw back is that the SAR 21 is heavy,as the army of this country used the m16 before and the m16 is lighter so the m16 have more drawback

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