Yes or No – UMP-45 PDW Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Yes or No, a weapon review series
where I give a clear and concise answer as to what weapons you should be using in Battlefield
4. Today’s weapon is the UMP-45, a weapon that
has been a staple in the Battlefield series since Battlefield 2. It’s the .45 caliber version of it’s little
brother, the UMP-9, a weapon I gave a no vote to a few months back. But how does the big brother UMP-45 compare? Should you use the UMP-45, yes or no? No. The UMP-45 is a PDW that’s a bit closer
to breaking even than its little brother, but it has several features that hold it back. It might have more life on consoles or in
hardcore, but on PC in normal it’s a definite No. Before I talk about why I voted that way,
let’s look at what is actually good about the UMP-45: At only .38 degrees up, .18 left, and .18
right, the UMP-45 has one of the most forgiving recoil patterns of the PDWs. It’s only beat by its little brother, the
UMP-9 and the PP-2000. Combine this with a forgiving first shot recoil
multiplier of only 1.65 and a rate of fire of only 600 rounds-per-minute, and you’ve
got yourself a very forgiving weapon. I could see this being a particular attraction
to console players and players going for headshots exclusively. At 30 maximum, 15.4 minimum, the UMP-45 puts
out the highest damage per-bullet of the PDWs. It’s enough to drop an enemy in two headshots
at less than 20 meters on normal, or just one on hardcore. If you can manage to hit nothing but headshots,
this alone might make the gun viable, but as I’ll talk about later, this becomes exceptionally
difficult at even midrange. At a blazing fast 1.85 seconds for the round-in-chamber
reload, and 2.5 seconds for the long empty reload, the UMP-45 is tied (with many weapons)
for the second fastest reload speed in the game. This comes in handy for extending a long killstreak
if the enemy hasn’t noticed you. It definitely helps lessen the detraction
of the small magazine size. Those are the major positives of the UMP-45. It’s a good deal better than its little
brother, the UMP-9, and I find that overall it stays fairly competitive if you can manage
headshots. Or if you happen to be on hardcore where you
need only shot to the head. In general, I think the UMP-45 is a decent
weapon for players who can’t control recoil or are maybe new to the game. But the UMP-45’s detractions are really
where it falls down, so let’s look at those now. The UMP-45 has nearly the worst bullet velocity
of non-silencer equipped weapons, at 340 meters-per-second. Being a machine pistol, even many of the sidearms
fire bullets at a higher velocity than the UMP-45. What this translates to is horrible performance
at range against moving targets. You’ll empty out whole magazines into enemies
beyond 30 meters and often hit nothing at all. This isn’t out of the ordinary for PDWs,
as they all have .4-to-.45 degrees of starting spread and have lower velocities. However, it pushes the UMP-45 into an engagement
envelope that is slightly shorter than 25 meters. Though it has high initial output, the low
rate of fire puts the UMP-45 near the back of the pack when it comes to damage output. At a minimum time to kill of 303 milliseconds,
the UMP-45 is in the back half of PDWs, and also behind many assault rifles and carbines. This then pushes that advantageous range of
the UMP-45 out of CQB. Which is a major problem because of the low
velocity I just mentioned. Like most of the rest of the PDWs, the UMP-45
falls off pretty hard at around 30-to-40 meters. If it had great performance in its CQB range,
it might be an acceptable tradeoff, but much beyond even 25 meters, you’re going to be
losing to pretty much everything. That sweet 30 damage drops to only 15.4 at
range, requiring 7-bullets to kill, which you’ll be hard pressed to land. Those are the big detractions. Like I said earlier, the small magazine is
offset by the fast reload, so it’s not really a negative. But overall the UMP-45 struggles to find an
identity. Is it supposed to be good in close quarters? Well it can’t really compete with a lot
of other options. Like other PDWs, it doesn’t do well at long
range, and the UMP-45 is particularly crippled by the exceptionally slow bullet velocity. There’s a very narrow band in the 10-20
meter range where the UMP-45 is at least okay — it’s not even the best in that range. Which is why on normal, it’s a No. It has no hot spot that it fills. Let’s take a look at its numbers when compared
to other weapons in its neighborhood. I chose the UMP-9, the P90, and the ACE 52
CQB. The UMP-45 has great accuracy, which helps
it compete with those weapons, but again, this falls off relatively early, around the
15-20 meter mark. There fails to be a spot where the UMP-45
is the best, and it really just achieves mediocrity when compared to these weapons. And I think that’s the biggest problem the
UMP-45 has, and it’s a problem that most of the PDWs have. There’s too many PDWs, and some like the
UMP-45 just don’t offer anything up close to make them worth using against their tradeoffs. They have to compete with Carbines and Shotguns
for the Engineer, and against the other PDWs. And many of the PDWs are better than the UMP-45. The only thing the UMP-45 has to offer is
headshot power. Which is great if you can consistently land
headshots, but hard to be consistent with. So let’s take a look at how you would go
about getting the most accuracy with the UMP-45. The UMP-45 is one of the easier PDWs to control,
if not one of the easiest weapons in Battlefield 4. It has a recoil pattern per shot of just .38
degrees up, .18 left, and .18 right. That balanced left/right recoil is a nice
advantage when trying to aim consistently. With a forgiving first shot recoil multiplier
of 1.65 times, the recoil pattern on the UMP-45 is going to take the weapon straight up and
outwards. To counter this recoil, you’ll simply need
to pull straight down. The spread increase per shot is pretty average
at .094 degrees per shot, and after some time the spread will get fairly large. The key to controlling the spread is simply
to burst the weapon. Something you’re going to have to do a lot
of at even moderate distances, thanks to the initial spread of .4 degrees. As the ideal range of the UMP-45 is around
10-20 meters, you’re going to want to go for bursts of 2-to-4 rounds for your killshots. Much more and the spread gets pretty bad,
particularly at range. One last thing, if you’re going for headshots
with this weapon, you may desire to put it into burst firing mode. This will fire three-round bursts, more than
enough to kill any target, and takes some of the burden off of firing in the right pattern. You’ll sacrifice some power, but gain a
bit more control. Being a PDW, the UMP-45 has quite a bit of
on-the-move power, and its natural hipfire spread is pretty tight. With the right attachments, you can make that
even better, but overall the UMP-45 has a lot of move-and-shoot power. You’ll need this if you get caught heads-up-with
other weapons as you lack the lasting power of rifles or carbines. Heads up, you’ll lose to almost everything. And in general, I found the best strategy
for the UMP-45 to be one where you outflank your enemies and come at them from the sides. You’ll want a suppressor if you’re using
this strategy, but in general the UMP-45 is at its strongest when tearing into enemy flanks. This is where having that blazing fast reload
can really come in handy. Another tactic that seemed to work pretty
well with the UMP-45 was to find a nice spot to duck out of attention and tear into the
enemies that way. It’s not a very assuming weapon when it’s
silenced, and it has a lot of surprise power, particularly at very close distances. If you can’t get into close distances, you’re
going to need to pull out a rocket launcher. For CQB blasters, I find that the SMAW and
SRAW tend to be the best complimentary rocket launchers for these weapons. You’re not going to have a prayer of hitting
most everything beyond 30 meters, and for those targets you’re going to want a reliable
and fast rocket launcher. I tended to run the AT field upgrade when
using the UMP-45 to give myself the maximum number of rockets. Since this is a PDW, I expected to see a pretty
wide variety of attachments preferred by the top users at I wasn’t disappointed, as nearly even splits
of players used different sights, different barrels, and different grips. But let’s talk about what I preferred on
my UMP-45. First up, for the sight I preferred the Coyote
sight. As the UMP-45 seems to offer the most somewhat
up-close, this pairs with what also tends to be my favorite CQB sight. It’s got the best visibility of the RDS
sights for CQB action. However, if you’re going for headshots,
I could see a preference for the holos. But for me it was the Coyote. Next, for my accessory I mostly ran with the
laser sight. There were a couple of times I ran with the
flashlight combo for kicks, but I mostly find the flashlight to be useless in Battlefield
4. The laser, on the other hand, gives you great
performance up close, which is where the UMP-45 needs to shine. For the barrel I preferred the suppressor. My preference was not to use the UMP-45 as
a headshot machine, and instead to turn it into a ninja assassin weapon. If you were going for headshots, you’d probably
want the heavy barrel. For me, I found that killstreaks would last
longer and in general the performance I’d have out of this weapon was far more bearable
with the suppressor. Additionally, you don’t lose a huge amount
of velocity by attaching a suppressor, as it takes the weapon from 340 meters-per-second
to just 270. Percentage-wise, that’s not a lot compared
to other guns that adopt a suppressor. Finally, for the underbarrel attachment, I
went with the vertical grip. Again, if you were going for accuracy, the
stubby was my other option here. But that vertical grip just gave me a great
on-the-move performance when paired with the laser from earlier. I feel like this setup was the best for hip-firing
away enemies that were just a bit too close to me, and allowing me to tear accurately
into enemies in the UMP-45’s quasi-sweet spot in the 10-20 meter range. Overall, there are better weapons for “beasting”
in close quarters, which is why the ninja approach seemed to be the best with the UMP-45. The UMP-45 is mediocre. The damage doesn’t defeat other CQB options
over time, the ranged performance is terrible, and the only saving graces are controllability
and headshot power (particularly on hardcore). If you’re playing on hardcore the UMP-45
might be a more viable option, but on normalcore the UMP-45 doesn’t have much to offer that
its competitors don’t already do better. Feel free to use it, as it is totally plausible
to have good rounds and fun with the UMP-45, it’s just that it doesn’t have a multiplicative
effect on good play. So that’s why I say “no.” If you want a much more reliable CQB blaster,
you may wish to consider the P90, which has stellar performance up-close and more than
enough ammunition to down an entire team. The P90 falls apart at longer ranges, but
that’s the tradeoff you make with that weapon. If you’re not cool with making trades, you
can instead use the ACE 52 CQB, which has great performance at a variety of ranges. As a carbine, it can also be used by every
class. That’s it for this episode of Yes or No. If there’s something you think I missed,
or if you have a particularly different take on the UMP-45, please let me know in the comments
below. If there’s a weapon you’d like to see
reviewed on this series, leave a comment indicating which weapon. As always, thanks for watching, and I’ll
see you next time, YouTube.

100 thoughts on “Yes or No – UMP-45 PDW Weapon Review – Battlefield 4 (BF4)

  1. I generally love the UMP-45, but for no particular reason aside from "just because" – it feels fun to use, has a great sound and it feels beefy for a PDW, that's about it. Also those headshots are pretty incredible when you do land them at close range.

  2. Once again, a great and insightful video. I really enjoy the way you put footage in the background that helps to illustrate your point – it must take a long time to sort footage and find those moments so I just want to say I appreciate it 🙂

  3. That reminded me of the SG553, the BF3 version its funny cuz on console i used that alot on PC…. never touched it. Guess its just in that same confusion spot that the BF4 version of the UMP45 is at.

  4. I'm frankly surprised, this is my 2nd favorite PDW and I was not aware that it held little strengths over the others; the .45 damage just felt so good.

  5. You are right. The UMP45 is more suited to console users. I'm pretty sure it's my top PDW, along with the P90. The recoil is so forgiving. (The P90 has so many bullets, you don't have to worry about recoil lol)

  6. The AN-94 would be a good weapon to review. It's very interesting, and I'd think you'd have fun! Remember to research it's burst-fire mechanics. ;p

  7. Just a small correction, the UMP-45 is not in Battlefield 2. It was in BF2: Modern Combat though, which is a different game. I know that's not important to the subject of the video, just wanted to mention this. Good video though, i like the UMP45 but it's not really that viable in BF4, which kinda sucks. I had a lot of fun with it in bf3, and bf4's feels much worse in comparison.

  8. Hey, Darth. Since you didn't approve of my loadout with the ACE 53 SV, I'd like you to review it and show everyone what you believe the best loadout is for it, please. Thank you.

  9. UMP-45 is better than UMP-9 now, I used to like it in BF3; but in 4, only PDWs usable today are AS Val, PDW-R, Groza-4, SR-2, MPX, P90 and CZ3-A1. UMP-45 is okay in damage output but its TTK is something left to be desired.

  10. just found this channel and was very impressed how well put together this was definently suprised me since u only have 10k subs. Im definently subscribing so keep up the good work

  11. Great video as ever, darth!

    I'm on console and quite like the UMP-45. It's certainly partly due to recoil control, although arguably at the ranges the UMP is good this is less of a concern. I also wonder whether aim assist slowdown contributes to the (relative) efficacy of this weapon on console. Since the sensitivity effectively reduces when the target is nearly in your sights you often find nearby moving targets hard to keep your sights on — bullet speed is not important when the sight is behind the target!

    I understand the need to get infantry kills for this sort of video, so you're running around as an engineer on Metro, Pearl Market and Lumphini. However, I think your recommendation of a fast rocket to complement the UMP-45 is highly situational — and possibly detrimental to situations when an engineer is meant to be most effective.

  12. UMP45SD is my favourite SMG in most games, but F DICE's suppressor mechanics! The .45 ACP is already subsonic, even post-patch muzzle velocity is still BS for the .45.

  13. Groza-1 next? It's the fastest-firing 4-shot KO carbine.

    The only gun that kills people faster is the AS-VAL, but that thing is only for the engie.

  14. PS4 player here, so other mileage may vary. UMP-45 was pretty beast in BF3 but feels pretty useless in BF4. I dunno if it's a stats change, or just that there's better weapons available now.

  15. can confirm, recently tried console playing, and fsm is a hge factor, arguably the biggest, as such having low vertical recoil and fsm is incredibly important(however controllability itself doesn't matter, which is why the scar-h feels good to use on console)

  16. using the ergo with anything other than the heavy barrel on pdws doesn't make sense, in both hipfire and ads you get a mere.1 bonus on the move, POINT ONE! using a stubby or angled or heck, nothing at all would be better in any case.

    edit: actually the bonus while hipfiring is about an average of .2, but at base 1.5, that's not much.

  17. My fav PDW is the p90 with the suppressor, laser sight and stubby. I just seem to do better with that gun and loadout then any other PDW. I do tend tward a sneaky ninja playstyle, which may be why.

  18. Ump is kind of mediocre they could have gave it 400 to 480 for a muzzle velocity It would be DECENT but still not effective Overall I hate this gun the PDW's I use are the SR-2,AS Val,MPX,MP7,CZ-3A1,MX4 and maybe P90.I would like to see you review the M240B or Ace 52

  19. At 1:16 you claim that the 2 headshot range of the UMP-45 is 20m. This is wrong. The actual range is somewhere between 26 and 27 metres. The headshot multiplier is 2.13, meaning that the minimum damage needed to do a 2 hit headshot is about 23.47. The UMP-45 damage profile doesn't drop off to this number until somewhere between 26 and 27 metres. All from Symthic.

    You also gave a negative to the UMP for it's slow bullet velocity. A trait which is shared by ALL PDWs. They all, with maybe the exception of the CBJ-MS have slow bullet velocities, making them less viable at long range. But that's the whole point. PDWs are supposed to be situational and you're not supposed to use them at long range, you have to close the distance. I've seen some of your yes or no videos on PDWs and you always seem to compare them to carbines and assault rifles, especially when talking about long range engagements, you even make a direct comparison at 2:59 and again at 6:26. You shouldn't be judging the UMP-45 based on how it is compared to say the M416, because they're completely different classes of weapons.

    You also made a mistake at 6:00. The UMP-45 burst mode fire 2-round bursts, not 3.

    Also, 7:05, I can understand the SRAW being a good launcher to use in CQB, but the SMAW? Really? It has the slowest reload of all the AT launchers. Not to mention it's worse than the RPG against armour if you do decide to shoot at a vehicle. The best CQB launchers are the SRAW and, if you want to go full scrub mode, the MBT LAW. They both have fast reloads. How you could say the SMAW is good in CQB is beyond me. Yes the velocity is one of the highest, but you explicitly stated CQB, so the flatter trajectory and higher speed when compared with the RPG doesn't matter.

  20. Damn not gonna lie this one made me sad. The ump45 was one of my favorite weapons when this game came out. Totally agree with your consensus, I just never thought much about its stats and had a good time with it. I guess I just like it a lot since I had like 20k kills with it in mw2.

  21. I have to say I think you really lowballed the ump-45 in my opinion. Its damage model plus the hip fire and the lightning quick reload times makes it very competitive at close range, while the controllability and low rate of fire makes it good for medium range as well. I'll agree that the damage dropoff and low muzzle velocity really hurt it at longer ranges, but the ump45 is one of the few pdws in the game that is both very powerful at close range while also being able to compete with carbines at medium range. You can't really say the same for many other pdws; some have high rof and recoil and are built exclusively for close range, while others have low rof and recoil and are built for medium range. Only the ump45 has both these traits, which is why I personally think the gun should have gotten a yes vote.

  22. This gun is great on console. Amazing hipfire, quick reload and very controllable. while it sucks outside close range, so do all pdws. At least with this, you can hit easily, even if the bullets are weak at mid range. Other high dps pdws are also weak at range and can't even land shots due to insane recoil (looking at you, P90). I was surprised to hear you say it sucks up close as I've rarely found that I lose to anything up close with except maybe very extreme weapons like the famas and cz3, both of which wouldn't hit shit outside close range.

  23. I think you should definitely be using this gun. In close quarters it has the efficiency of the RPK but with much better hip fire, out damaging a good number of other weapons. If you're any good st the game you shouldn't have a problem getting the first shot off. The rate of fire and low recoil combined with the high damage (for a PDW), gives me Carbine like performance. With a heavy barrel and/or stubby grip I have no problem keeping my shots on target. The extremely low bullet velocity does indeed make this more difficult. If you're a skilled player or you like to play aesthetically, this weapon is great. I wouldn't recommend it for newer players because it's definitely an underdog. But that's why I love it. A skill weapon to put my competence to a bit of a test but I manage to tear people apart with this gun. It's all about using it correctly.

  24. It was better in BF3 max damage was 34 which was a 3 shot kill within like 15 meters. I remember past 40 meters it was like completely useless though.

  25. That NO isn’t what i ecpected. What you think is a bad gun (ump 45) got me 300+ kills in 2hours…
    But anyway Great video, darth!

  26. This is my fav PDW. This is how to play with it (imo): Set it to burst fire mode, learn the fire rate, aim for the head. It requires that you aim well, but if you can do that it's awesome.

  27. I liked it with a holo sight, angled grip, and a compensator. Excellent at mid range, and you can use a laser sight at cqb. Also, it has surprising accuracy. You can hit at longer ranges if stationary and switch to semi auto. It’s comparable to carbines in that regard

  28. Honestly, it all just come down to the player. If the player is just spraying bullets and not knowing how to shoot thr UMP isn't for them. Me personally I'm excellent with this PDW, it's a great weapon honestly but it does have it's Pros and Cons don't get me wrong.

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