Yoon for the Miss Dior – Love N’Roses Exhibition

miss dior is one of the most iconic
perfume and the house of Christian Dior the image is like come to my head when I
smell musty or is just feel the rose and I personally love roses and I can just
imagine like me running through them the Rose Garden in my new dress
my three favorite parts of the exhibition the first one would be the
dress Christian Dior paper is a started was very iconic and it really shows
where the story of perfume KMSP our second part is the contemporary art
section where all the stuff an artist’s work on different theme that also gonna
be body spirit of Miss Dior with a new eye the third one is this cafe I just
tried to think that a was really delicious
if I can summarize the whole exhibition in one word I would say in love and in
love describes him the passion comes from a place of love so everything that
you know all the ideas on things that you strike to me
sure that our passion so it’s everything this exhibition in Tokyo and just have

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