You Think This Is A Game Battlefield V?

He’s behind Yeah There’s a flood And it’s read it nice whoo That’s what I’m talking about you got to make those place is what I’m gonna revive Paulo lay smackeroonies I’m going in for the objective I Don’t even know what’s what anymore? I’m gonna tank I can use. Oh, wow, we have to plant a Our Tigers here Good game that’s what I’m talking about dude I just got tanked It’s right now it’s Beautiful check it I saw that You got a personal Yes there is the triple attract yes That mines up he’s gonna blow from it I got him disabled He’s on the Mount understand what are my niece’s Amano for you Don’t get do you coming up they’re coming up easier To Martin stairs I Love how many people are is destroyed Right away Why does he say I got hit from there, when it hit me here what the hell just gotta fix that? Getrekt kept in the health box seriously boys come on step up your game They’re upstairs oh wow it’s super sick yeah they went up Get shrekt it dude mg42 just for my heart There’s people behind behind behind good important yeah That’s a nifty ways, before crossing streets Jose Why can I not deploy so now sure you run crouched? Instead of Senate Just happening this guy try to burn My body look guys look there’s my body, my arms are over the air what happened poor people My arms don’t exist Dude look what I’ve dislocated my arms and gun? What’s going on dude? Is that my legs – that’s my late I’m gonna be the Kombi Did I love this gun this is by far my number like it’s one of my most favorite guns in the game Because there’s also other guns in the game I like this is Oh the Atlantis Ranbir me Why did I teleport it? There’s a lot of people here Oh Shotgun coming for you to them He’s gonna be looking for more of those, traces games it’s good Seriously guys I really appreciate those guys that drop a like and for those of you guys that really did watch this video to the end Let me know in the comments what weapon or loadout you’d like to see me use next but if you guys want to catch me live look at the description there’s a link to my facebook Livestream and I’d love to catch you guys there and I’ll catch you guys in the next episode

77 thoughts on “You Think This Is A Game Battlefield V?

  1. SaveTha Weak. bfv is a game but it's not a real bf. It`s,mix i dont know what bf is bf not this bfv, it's a long way from being a real bf.

  2. Suggestion: broken air Gunner
    VGO, recolver, fire grenade, ammo box, a.t. pistol
    Plane gets shot down, so you rip the gun out of it and trudge into the fray, focusing on stationary gunners

  3. Dude…
    Play the ZH-29…
    They have nerfed it from a 2 shot kill to a 3 shot kill after the recent patch…
    I want to verify that it isn't happening just to me… 😉

  4. Doom im a long time sub from talking tanks , shananigans even older vids , i have to say I lost intrest in watching youre vids these days becouse its all from streams clips, i think you noticed that youre wiew count got way to low compared to good old times. I understand its better to stream from twitch for subs etc. But missed good old edit format shananigans funny moment troll army , you need fresh ideas.
    Mabe 4 or more months i dont even click to watch youre vids couse i see that twitch clip and skip it.
    I remember Q&A when everyone thought youre dying from cancer you said you do it for the people, i would like to still believe that.

  5. The most amazing gun in the entire game, in my opinion. A combination between damage and fire rate that makes it have the higher DPS from the whole game, been balanced by the completely inaccuracy you have without the bipod planted, having, anyway, a hard recoil. Guys, this gun is probably the most powerful one in the right hands, but a trash in the wrong ones

  6. Great job as usual. Just a question. Why do reload your MG42 when you 186 to 212 rounds left in belt? You can't be afraid of running out.

  7. Every battlefield games after bf3 got hated on but after few patches everyone loved em bfv is the same people will buy it. Cant wait till xmass

  8. battlefield V sucks because it's basically the exact same gameplay as battlefield 1 but 10 years later, this game is boring and if i wanted the same expierience i could just play bf1

  9. I feel you're missing good kill opportunities when you take cover and reload when there's still 180 rounds on your belt. Not to mention it's dangerous with that long reload. But you're destroying shit dude 👍. I prefer the Selbstlader 1916 myself

  10. MMGs bipods are stupid and useless since you can't even bipod on most surfaces and whenever you do it kicks you out of it.

  11. So i tried shotguns last night anyone within 10m, fucked, anyone 15-20m, barely gets scratched, beyond that is a mosquito bite, this isnt how shotguns work dice the fuck




    Hope the compagny of BF sacks the developers of this shit to be launghed to the public gamers.

  13. I'd rather watch 2 hrs of your sniping skills than these 14 mins prone with an op Machine gun. They're unbalanced in the game.

  14. Y’know this game got a lot of hate because of the political aspect of it and the fact that it may have been rushed but I have to say that if you like this game and actually still play to support the devs by telling nicely that the game still has a few bug issues then keep on playing the game and see if they fixed it or not because as a game developer when making a game that has been rushed we hope for the players to not abandon it and tell us what is wrong but if the players do abandon it we have no choice but to scrap the hard work that we did and the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that we wasted and that hurts us so please do not abandon this game because this still has potential to be a great game and please make sure to tell the devs if you see any problems because we are open minded and experienced people that wants other people to have fun with other people on the platform.

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