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[Music] get ready for battle my friend the Omni crisis a global conflict between the forces of humanity and autonomous machines while some consider it in the distant past the fires of a second war are flaring up in Siberia Alexandra sorry yeah Nova was a star of the Russian athletics program until she rushed to enlist in the local defense forces after hostility erupted in her homeland now Daria serves her country proudly using her immense strength to protect the people in the nation that she loves Sariah is a ranged warrior who uses shields to absorb damage and convert it into energy that increases the strength of her attacks Zarya straight is energy whenever her shield abilities absorb damage she gains energy as her energy level increases so does the damage her abilities and attacks deal this increase is not permanent and the energy bonus decreases over time Zara’s first basic ability fires a particle grenade at a target location after a short travel time the blast deals damage to all enemies in the impact zone particle grenades damage increases based on saria’s current energy level activating her next ability personal barrier grants azaria a temporary shield that absorbs a set amount of damage before expiring similarly her shield a liability envelops a teammate in a protective shield the damage absorbed by both personal barrier and by shield Ally increases her energy total Sariah specializes in gravity manipulation and her first heroic is graviton surge shortly after being launched this gravity bombs impact draws enemy heroes towards its center her second heroic expulsion zone is the polar opposite upon impact this bomb creates a pulsing area of denial that pushes away enemies dealing damage and slowing Zaria is an expert in negating enemy attacks while using the resulting increase in her damage to punish her enemies all of her damage scales as her energy level increases including her basic attack and her damage dealing abilities at maximum charge Zaria gains a staggering increase to her damage if you want to reach her full potential identifying the right moments to use her shields is a must while personal barrier is the primary tools are you uses to tank damage and gain energy don’t underestimate shield Ally use it to save allies under heavy fire and snag a nice damage bonus as a reward I’m your shields carefully as area becomes vulnerable when her defenses are on cooldown Zara’s particle cannon fires a beam of energy that deals AoE damage to all enemies caught within it aim carefully and it can chew through enemy minions make sure to pay attention to your positioning of the beam track Cesare is targeting particle grenade is her main damage ability and holds multiple charges use it to poke groups of enemies from range or to take down the fleeing target early on Zaria is that her best wall paired with an ally when shielding both herself and a teammate Zarya will make the most of her abilities and their potential to increase her damage on the heroic side of things use graviton surge to draw enemies to a target point while your team unleashes heavy damage alternatively expulsion zone will not only keep your enemies away but when fully charged can deal a whole lot of damage Zaria will be deploying into the Nexus soon ready to protect her allies and overpower her enemies want to keep up to date on the latest reveals spotlights and overviews and make sure to subscribe to heroes of the storm here on YouTube thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the Nexus give me your best shot

100 thoughts on “Zarya Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

  1. I'd like to see Mercy or Ana on the Nexus. They would be awesome support characters. Also, Mei, Torbjorn or Bastion would be awesome for defending and winning team fights. But that's just my oppinion. 🙂

  2. This character alongside with Mai… imo, they are the only dislikeable overwatch characters. Just bland and uninteresting. Mai is also annoying at every level.

  3. I'm not playing this game, but i love when heroes die, they ragdoll out. Does this happen in game too? or just this spotlight?

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