Zbrrojovka exhibition Race 2018!

Hi guys today we got Race competition in Brno its Exhibition race which means its not important who wins or who is the fastest guy but to show people what drone racing is I hope I got everything so we can go … Im back at home dirty and sweaty but the event, as alwas, was amazing Big thanks to Rotorama for that Those events are always awesome I suggest you to go and see it or even compete I was flying with my setup about which I recorded a video Something about the race … It was in tough environment There was a lot of dirt and dust and mainly iron dirt which is problematic for motors So motors needs to be cleaned system of the race was little bit different everyone was racing against each of the pilots pretty interesting I was pretty succesfull crashed only once So I managed to be first which is great I hope you liked the video And see you in the next video, Bye

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