Zero DPS CDR Support Monk Diablo III 2.06

This is a video showing my zero dps cdr support monk build. The following gears are used for this particular set-up. The Laws of Seph This provides a major source for spirit regeneration. Ashaera’s 3p, which is optional. Ring of Royal Grandeur. Compulsory. The Fist of Az’Turrasq. Compulsory But you still can play the build if you don’t have it yet. Captain Crimson’s 2p. Compulsory. Born’s 2p. Compulsory. Halcyon’s Ascent. Recommended. Strongarm Bracers. Recommended. Stone of Jordan with physical damage. Recommended. The Furnace. Recommended to swap this for bosses. BK’s Wedding Band. Swap this for bosses. The core stats for this build are: Cooldown reduction. This has the highest priority and you need to stack as much as you can. Health globe healing bonus. This improves Epiphany: Soothing Mist healing effect. +phys/elite damage for improving explosion damage from Exploding Palm. Defensive stats including armor, resistance and vitality etc. Resource cost reduction and attack speed allow you to spam more palms. Critical chance and damage are not needed. Now let’s have some action. This build focuses on cooldown reduction and maximizing group support, including various damage buffs, damage reduction, and healing. The following skills are used: Inner Sanctuary: Forbidden City. Cyclone Strike: Implosion. Mantra of Conviction: Annihilation. The rune gives movement speed between fights. Epiphany: Soothing Mist. With maximal CDR and HGHB, this consistently provides the group with enormous amount of healing. Left click. Exploding Palm: Flesh is Weak. Right click. Blinding Flash: Self Reflection. This provides consistent crowd control, neuralize most of the melee damage source, and constantly interrupt elite/bosses spell casting. The basic rotation of the skills are: Pull with CS, blind enemies and drop Inner Sanctuary, spam EP, teammates triggers the chain explosion, move on to the next pack. The passive abilities use here are: One with Everything. Compulsory. Resolve. Recommended. Beacon of Ytar. Compulsory. Fleet Footed. Recommended. In summary, this set-up of zero dps build provides the basic utility of an EP pulling monk. In addition, the build provides the team with a substantial amount of support, including damage buffs, damage reduction, movement speed, crowd control, and healing. Thanks for watching. And I hope you can find the information in this video useful.

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