Zusammenfassung: WCS Global Finals 2018 (Deutsche Untertitel)

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] there’s not much more I can say guys it’s a dream bracket coming into the 2018 global I could not make a better bracket than this every single match up I feel like it’s gonna be highly contested the three-time GSL champion going up against the two-time world champion SOS bliss gone are you that’s where these pylons are they helping out with the Rousseau neighbor there are six Dagestan he cuts down the night of X plans one miner gets absolutely no damage SOS is a hoofer Maru don’t Rihanna triple SOS Laura’s gonna get bunch of Rosie oh man yeah the war preserve is gonna help oh no the big upset here’s SOS get into the made at GG just like that the guardian of Guadalajara is going to go up against the aegis for Korea [Music] send a mortal on the south side should be able to push the rest of this away maybe he’s gonna get it the stalkers are next door any one site one high damage output in it so fix it in the steel battery at the last possible second but a purifying Nova’s welcome back Safford a round of eight match here and this the return of the world champion and he do the back to back [Music] decided that he is going to engage types of banelings wrong sir right now some very nice splits here by dy a lot of sea chinks left alive but so many miles this plague from rogue is overwhelming and it looks like that could be changing Rogue has done it and he sports like a seed that has already been written in the history books by sterile canny camp it off with a world championship and a lot of drones are dying but there was a pretty the door delayed for sterile trees gonna push this back the Queen these are getting the damage I know the learners excuse me will meet their maker there on the left side but JJ’s aryl complete the sweep he’s going to the top for Blizzcon it is time people around the world as well the round of fall begins now SOS goes up against us to find out who moves on to the grand final supplies favouring SOS as stats fight to this but even saves up to warp prism there’ll be no reinforcements here you might have to choose to recall up an SOS is gonna try to make something happen or the fetus you just pick up news that did Gigi’s called out we have our first grand finalists in stats the reigning global champion will face a kid from Finland looking to rewrite eSports history the abduction birthplace a plenty close together keep those fighters alive loses a couple of them another big crap that the road but the blinding clouds still coming in clutch for the finish tag then will be the last fight bro gazelle Cheryl wait a second Barriss old oaks out the window now it is time here for grand finals starts I want to hear you shake this place of foundations as we get ready seral just jumping on top of absolutely everything picking up one carry another carrier goes down will Cyril go for a big fight he’s actually picks up that other first death he’s got overwhelming the airplane [Music] your 2008 [Music]

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